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Enduro Rules

ENDURO RULES   1. Only rear wheel drive or front wheel drive vehicles allowed. Four wheel drive or all wheel drive vehicles can be used as long as one driveshaft is removed. No full size trucks or vans. 2. All glass, moldings, door handles, headlights, tail lights and exterior chrome must be removed. Including headlight …

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Track Rules

DEFINITIONS        Board The Board of Directors of LAKEHEAD RACING ASSOCIATION, duly elected at its annual meeting.   O.E.M.  Means and refers to original equipment manufacturer.   Stock Means the way that something came from the original equipment manufacturer and used as intended by original equipment manufacturer.   Participant Each and every driver, car owner, …

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2016 Pure Stocks

Pure stocks at Proctor Speedway are now sanctioned by WISSOTA so please refer to the WISSOTA RULES.

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