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April 4, 2018 - Proctor Speedway 2018 Season Housekeeping Notes

ATTENTION DRIVERS: Here are a few housekeeping tasks to help our opening night run as smooth as possible!

  • As noted previously we will be doing a trial run at paying our purse in cash form. Please complete the “Cash Payment Contract” and bring with you to the track. Click Here for the printable form.
  • Please complete a W9 for 2018 and bring to the track with you. Click Here for the printable form.
  • If your address has changed from last year, PLEASE complete a new registration form online at Wissota. Drivers who are changing classes, car numbers, car owners or are new to the Speedway, PLEASE complete a registration form online. If nothing has changed for you since last year, you will NOT need to enter new registration information.
  • Wissota licenses must be purchased at and are required to do so online, there will be a $25 additional charge to purchase the Wissota license at the track or by check/CC thru the WISSOTA Office." SAVE $25 and purchase online
  • If you complete the Cash Payment Contract and W9 prior to opener they can also be emailed to: and they can be entered electronically.
Open Practice
Sunday, May 6, 2018