Kids Club

ü       Must have membership card present to participate on Sundays and receive prizes. Lost cards will be replaced by contacting PSKC coordinator.

ü       Rain Days = events planned for that Sunday will roll to the next race day Sunday at Proctor Speedway

ü       Watch your calendar for events and contests!

  • Event Night
    • Participate in the event scheduled for that Sunday
    • Receive a prize

  • Contest Nights (Bicycle Decorating & Giant Poster Contests)
    • Complete the registration slip completely (name/age/name of contest item)
    • Display contest item
    • Contest item to be judged by Proctor Speedway Kids Club judges
    • Winner(s) will be announced that night
    • Judge prizes will be awarded to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places

    2012 RULE CHANGE:  Registration to be a PSKC Member will be Sundays starting June 3RD through July 29th.  THERE WILL BE NO REGISTRATION ALLOWED ON THE SUNDAY OF THE GREAT BICYCLE GIVE-AWAY! We are hoping to make this fair for all children this year and cut back on the commotion that comes with this exciting event. Thank You for your understanding.


    ~Volunteers to help with PSKC needed, call Lindsey (218)590-9578~

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