Jun 09 2014

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By Jerry O’Brien
Proctor, MN

It was night number three for the Proctor Speedway as the 2014 season

has finally gotten under way as we head for the first day of summer. A total

of 73 cars were in action. Preliminary qualifying heats set the feature lineups.

There were three heats in the Midwest Modified division with Mack Estey,

Mark Kangas and Deven VanHouse posting wins. Single heats for the Super

Stocks and Late Models were won by Scott Lawrence and Tim McMann

respectively while Dustin Follett and Austin Blom took the Pure Stock heats.

With heat action complete and after the Kid’s Bike Races the Midwest

Modified 20 lap feature moved into starting position. The first attempt at a

start did not go well as John Kallas and Andy Inman tangled in the first turn

causing several cars to pile up behind them. The crash eliminated Justin

Madsen and Mack Estey. Kallas was tagged with the incident. The second try

at a start went better and Mark Kangas rolled into the lead. Cody Carlson,

Deven VanHouse, Inman and Danny Vang followed. Vang vaulted to third

and the top four pulled out a lead on Dan Kingsley who had moved into the

top five. Vang, who runs very well at Proctor was on the charge and soon ran

second. He closed on Kangas and moved past to the point at the half way

mark. Vang was the leader over Kangas, VanHouse, Carlson and Kingsley in

the top five. Bill Matzdorf, Jake Gondik, Inman, Kallas and Tyler Luger ran

in the top ten. Vang was in control and drove off into the distance as

VanHouse took second from Kangas. A pitched battle took place behind the

leaders and Gondik won that one holding off Matzdorf for sixth. Kallas,

Inman and Chris Bretting rounded out the top ten.

At the start of the 20 lap Super Stock feature Kevin Salin led early from

the front row. Shawn McFadden, Nick Oreskovich, Kevin Burdick, pole

sitter Dan Yrjanson and Scott Lawrence were all in contention. McFadden

overtook Salin for the lead and raced away from the field serving notice he

would not give it up. Yrjanson was soon out of the picture as Oreskovich,

Salin, Burdick and Lawrence battled for second. That was the order as the

mid point was reached. The first of two caution flags flew for a spin by Pat

Heikkinen in the first turn. There was another hiccup shortly after the restart

when the caution flag again flew. The field lined up single file for a green

white checkered finish and McFadden had little trouble staying out front for

his second straight feature win at the speedway. Oreskovich, Burdick,

Lawrence and Salin finished out the top five.

Then the Late Models rolled out to do battle for 20 laps. The father son

duo of Terry and Aaron Lillo led the pack to the green. Aaron led Dad att he

start with Darrell Nelson Tim McMann and Kyle Peterlin in hot pursuit.

McMann appeared to get tangled up with marker tires in turn four. Though

he may have had help the call went against him and he went to the rear. There

was another caution flag right away after the restart for a spin by Josh

Johnson a Late Model Rookie who just days previously was racing a Pure

Stock. The next restart was a good one and Nelson took over the lead after

tussling with Arron Lillo for several laps. An excursion off turn four by

Johnson brought out still another caution flag. At the restart Nelson got the

jump and took over at the head of the field as Peterlin drove to second.

Further back there was a good skirmish for position between Aaron Lillo,

Harry Hanson and Terry Lillo. Nelson easily stayed in front to the checkered

flag for his first Late Model win of the feature at the speedway.

Fifteen Modifieds were scheduled to start the 20 lap feature but heat

winner Neil Balduc failed to answer the call. Pole sitter Nick Musel bolted to

the front with Cory Jorgenson, Deven VanHouse, Brian Mikkonen and Jeff

Broking in hot pursuit. VanHouse whipped by Jorgenson, closed on Musel

and sailed by him on the back stretch to the front. Broking ran alone in third

and Jorgenson became very busy trying to hold off Jody Bellefeuille,

Mikkonen and Darrell Nelson for fourth. By the ten lap mark VanHouse had

raced out to a huge lead while Broking took second. Bellefeuille got by

Jorgenson then Musel into fourth. As the laps diminished VanHouse began to

lap cars at the back of the pack. Musel bested Jorgenson to finish fifth as

VanHouse took the checkers for his first feature win at the speedway in the

“Big” Mods.

The evening’s competition finished up with 15 laps for the Pure Stocks.

All 18 cars reported for the main event but the race did not begin well for

new driver Jeff Schleski as his number eight dug into the track in the first

turn, stood on it’s nose and slammed down on it’s roof bringing out the red

flag. After a bit the driver emerged from the wreck apparently okay. There

were thirteen laps remaining when action resumed and Dustin Follett got the

jump on the field at the green. Austin Blom, Ryan Savoy, Josh Loucks,

Glenn Dammer and Mike Blevins were soon in the top six. The only yellow

flag of the event flew as Jason Calhoun’s car stalled on the back stretch. He

retreated to the work area, changed a tire and rejoined the race as the field

came across the back stretch looking for the green with 11 pals remaining.

Follett battled with Savoy and Loucks as the three put some distance a battle

between Blom, Savoy, Dammer, Blevins and Matt Hammitt. At the half way

mark Follett, Savoy and Loucks were way out in front Blom in fourth and

Blevins who had secured fifth at this point. Follett led the rest of the way to

secure his first feature win at Proctor Speedway this season. Savoy, Loucks

and Dammer made moves to finish second through fourth and tenth starting

Matt Deragon finished fifth.

Results Proctor Speedway 6-8-14 (73 cars)

WISSOTA Late Models (9 cars)

Feature (20 laps) Darrell Nelson Hermantown; Kyle Peterlin Hibbing; Aaron

Lillo Proctor; Harry Hanson Eveleth; Terry Lillo Duluth; Kevin carlson

Hermantown; Cory Jorgenson Hermantown DNF: josh Johnson superior;

Tim McMann Duluth

Heat (8 laps) McMann; Hanson; A. Lillo; T. Lillo; Carlson; Jorgenson;

Johnson DNF: Peterlin

WISSOTA Modified ( 15 cars)

Feature (20 laps) Deven VanHouse Silver Bay; Jeff Broking Grand rapids;

Jody Bellefeuille Duluth; Darrell Nelson Hermantown; Nick Musel Duluth;

Cory Jorgenson Hermantown; Brian Mikkonen iron River; Cory Sersha

Eveleth; E. J. Hietala Cloquet; Rick Niemi Eveleth; Kevin Eder Ashland;

Nikki Wrazidlo Duluth; Scott Heikkinen Eveleth DNF: Kelly Estey Kelly

Lake DNS: Neil Balduc Bessemer

Heat 1 (8 laps) Balduc; Broking; VanHouse; Jorgenson; Eder; Sersha;

Hietala DNF: Estey

Heat 2 (8 laps) Bellefeuille; Nelson; Mikkonen; Musel; Heikkinen; Wrazidlo

DNF: Niemi

WISSOTA Super Stock (9 cars)

Feature (20 Laps) Shawn McFadden Ashland; Nick Oreskovich Mason;

Kevin Burdick Proctor; Scott Lawrence Superior; Kevin Salin Iron; Brian

Carl Duluth; Dan Yrjanson Carlton; Ronnie Malecki Superior D NF: Pat

Heikkinen Eveleth

Heat (8 laps) Lawrence; McFadden; Burdick; Salin; Yrjanson; Oreskovich;

Carl DNF: Malecki DNS: Heikkinen

Pure Stock (18 cars)

Feature (15 laps) Dustin Follett cloquet; Ryan Savoy Superior; Josh Loucks

Carlton; Glenn Dammer Hermantown; Matt Deragon Ashland; Austin Blom

Saginaw; Lucas Carlson cloquet; Mike Blevins Hibbing; Brandle Pupp

Ashland; Annika Hammitt Cloquet; Jeremy Theisen; Mark Korte Duluth;

Matt Hammitt Cloquet; Matt Cunha Hibbing; Jason Calhoun Barnum; Shaina

Rapp Saginaw DNF: Jon Hammitt Cloquet; Jeff Schleski Superior

Heat 1 (8 laps) Follett; Loucks; J. Hammitt; Savoy; Blevins; A. Hammitt;

Korte; Rapp DNF: M. Hammitt

Heat 2 (8 laps) Blom; Dammer; Pupp; Calhoun; Deragon; Carlson; Theisen;

Cunha; Schleski

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