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Enduro Rules



1. Only rear wheel drive or front wheel drive vehicles allowed. Four wheel drive or all wheel drive vehicles can be used as long as one driveshaft is removed. No full size trucks or vans.

2. All glass, moldings, door handles, headlights, tail lights and exterior chrome must be removed. Including headlight mount panels. Anything that can fall off on the track must be removed. No foreign objects attached to the roof. Roof number plates must be collapsible if used.

3. Fuel tanks cannot remain under the vehicle. All tanks shall be securely strapped into the trunk or rearmost portion of the vehicle. Must be fastened with at least 2, 1/8”X1” flat steel straps and 4, ½” bolts. No plumbers strap, fabric, or chains.


4. Batteries can be in stock position or moved as long as they are mounted with steel straps and bolts. All batteries must be covered!

5. Radiator must remain in stock position. Tranny coolers must not be mounted in passenger compartment.

6. Front and rear bumpers are mandatory and must be securely mounted. Collapsible shocks can be welded, do not reinforce bumper. All bumpers must be chained with two chains so they can not fall off on the track.

7. No mud, snow or all-terrain type tires on the drive axle.

8. Each person must wear an approved helmet with eye protection and also wear a functional seat belt.

9. Rubbing and hugging allowed. No intentional hits, violators will receive penalty.

10. No person will exit from any vehicle during the event unless a red or yellow flag has been displayed by officials. If vehicle is dead on a red or yellow flag you may exit your vehicle only to go to the pits. No repairs of any kind on red or yellow flags. Vehicles may be worked on at half time. If vehicle is running Stay in it and keep your helmet and seat belt fastened.

11. Each vehicle is responsible for providing a lap counter. This person shall work in the main grandstand and score each lap using a system approved by judging staff.

12. Any unsportsmanlike or disruptive conduct will result in immediate disqualification with no refund of entry fee.


12. No alcohol beverages of any kind in the pits!

13. Any vehicle not in compliance with these rules will not be allowed to compete. All vehicles will be inspected by technical staff and their decisions are final.

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