2014 Pure Stocks

  1. 307      Olds, 305 Chev, 302 Ford, and 318 Mopar. All motors must be stock OEM. No      intermarriage.
  2. No      fuel injection/turbo.
  3. No HP      stamped motors (HP=228.305).
  4. Stock      or stock replacement, cast dished pistons. No cutting dishes in flat tops.
  5. No      performance enhancing work on heads and block. Heads and crank may be      trued .010 only maximum one time only.
  6. No      grinding of castings, including block. Exceptions see ENGINES # 5.
  7. No      vortex heads/ intakes.
  8. No      interchanging of rocker arms, ratios.
  9. No      shaving or grinding of engine block.
  10. Degreeing      of cams and offset key in crank is allowed.
  11. Double      roller timing chain allowed.
  12. No      screw in studs.
  13. Pinning      of studs allowed for repair. Max of 6 per head.
  14. Stock      length push rods 5/16 diameter only. Ball tips OK.
  15. No      balancing motors.
  16. Factory      Cast Iron or aluminum intakes only. Number must match CID of motor.
  17. Stock      OEM replacement ignitions only. No vacuum advance lockout. After market      plug wires allowed.
  18. Any      copper or aluminum radiators allowed.
  19. Must      have coolant overflow tank, and must be mounted within the engine      compartment.
  20. After      market gaskets allowed. After market bolts allowed.
  21. After      market air filters allowed.
  22. Harmonic      balancers must be at least 6 ¾ diameter.
  23. HI-volume      oil pumps OK. Pickups can be bolted or welded. Stock oil pans only, no      baffling, no trap doors.
  24. Valve      shims are allowed.

Disallowed if not allowed.

If the rules do not specifically allow a part or component, or do not allow specific alterations or modifications to a part or component than that part component or modification is disallowed.





Any race car competing in the feature event, which: Has a driver who executes a protest with a board member or track official prior to the start of the feature race and has tendered the required protest fee in cash.


$100.00 for the top end or $250.00 for both top and bottom end.

$100.00 for the transmission. $100.00 for the suspension or driveline. Two(2), items only.

The upper end teardown includes, but is not limited to, the removal of the carburetor, gaskets, valve covers, intake manifold, exhaust manifold, valve train components and heads.

The lower end teardown includes, but is not limited to, removal of oil pan, crankshaft, rods and pistons.  Fee for both upper and lower would apply.

Suspension and drive train includes but is not limited to drive shaft, springs, front and rear, rear end and all suspension parts and components.


If, after teardown, the engine or racecar is found to be legal, 100% of the protest fee will be paid to the protested driver. If after the teardown, the engine or racecar is found to be illegal, 100% of the protest fee will be returned to the protesting driver.


After the feature race, a track official will notify the driver of the relevant racecar that his racecar has been protested. The protested driver shall then proceed directly to the designated area for inspection and teardown pursuant to the protest. Track officials and allowed representatives will then proceed, in accordance with the class protest, to tear down the engine or suspension of the protested racecar.



A driver may only protest one car per race. Any driver protesting a car within the last 3 weeks of the regular scheduled season will match the tear down with his own car. Example: If you protest shock and springs, motor, etc. You will remove yours for inspection also.

Only the Board of Directors has the final word on the legality of the racecars involved in a protest. No alcoholic beverages allowed during teardown.

The Proctor Speedway/Amsoil Speedway and the Board of Directors reserve the right to inspect, teardown and enforce the Pure Stock rules at any time prior, during or after the race program and retain the right to enforce all the rules and penalties herein written.

No person shall prevent or interfere with the protest procedure.


Proctor Speedway/Amsoil Speedway reserves the right to impound any or all parts of the protested racecar.


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