2014 Pure Stocks

  1. Main cage must be a minimum of 1 1/2 inch O.D., .095 Mild steel tubing or .062 chrome moly tubing. DOM tubing recommended. All cages must be arc welded.
  2. Must be a ¾ to full width roll cage. No ½ cages.
  3. All welded joints must be properly notched. No collapsing, hammering or smashing of the tubing to join them. All tubing must include full radius weld.
  4. All cages must have a minimum of a 1 ½ inch diameter tubing extending vertically from where thefront pillar bar and halo meet, down to the topdoor bar on the driver’s side of car. The same is recommended on the passenger’s side.
  5. All cages must have a main roll bar X – braced. All halos must have one cross  bar of at least 1 ½ inch tubing.
  6. Minimum of three door bars on the left side door (driver’s side door), excluding the frame, a fourth door bar is strongly recommended. A minimum of 16ga steel plate must be welded from top door bar extending down to at least the bottom door bar, extending length of the drivers compartment. Minimum of two door bars in the right side door (passenger side) excluding the frame.
  7. Roll cages must be frame mounted in at least six (6) places. If side rails are used they must be flush with the body.
  8. The side door bars must be welded to the front and rear of the roll cage members.


  1. The      exhaust system must be mounted securely and any joints between the pipes      and/or the muffler must be welded (no clamps).
  2. Exhaust      system must also be mounted in such a way as to direct spent gases away      from the driver’s compartment and away from areas of possible fuel      spillage.
  3. Stock      cast iron rear dump exhaust manifolds only. No center dump exhausts      manifolds or headers.
  4. Heat      risers may be removed.


  1. All      cars must have a complete factory production stock (steel) body. No      handmade body parts allowed. Stock steel replacement door panels allowed.
  2. Body      must match frame. No intermarriage between manufacturers (GM to GM, etc.).      External body must be stock and in stock location. No after-market bodies.      No boxed in cockpits.
  3. Fire      walls must remain stock and in stock location. Front must have factory      stock mounts and must match mounting holes in frame. Floorboards may only      be cut to receive cage with a maximum clearance of 2 inches. Any excess      material removed must be replaced with sheet steel only. Trunk area must      remain stock. (No aluminum or plastic, etc.).
  4. ½ of      the windshield area will be covered with mesh, and three (3) securely      mounted steel bars, minimum 3/8 solid steel.
  5. Anything      you can unbolt you can remove.
  6. No      plastic parts.
  7. Rear      inner fender wells may be separated from the fenders, but cannot be removed.
  8. Wheel      wells may be trimmed, but must remain stock appearing.
  9. Rear      Nerf bars cannot extend outside the body.
  10. Rub      bars are not allowed.
  11. Headlight      and taillight openings may be covered with steel.
  12. No      ground effects, skirts or spoilers allowed.
  13. Nose      cones are allowed.
  14. No      tube bumpers. May use square stock behind factory steel cover.
  15. Stock      bumpers from other makes/models allowed.
  16. Bumper      ends must be rounded. No jagged or sharp ends.


  1. Any      American made full-framed car, with a minimum of 108-inch wheelbase.      (Tolerance 1” side to side)
  2. No      four wheel drives, no front wheel drives.
  3. Two      chains per bumper must be mounted to the frame to secure front and rear      bumper.
  4. 110-inch      minimum wheel base sub-framed cars permitted for Ford and Mopar. No GM      unibodies. Sub-frames must be tied together.
  5. No      independent rear suspension cars

  1. All      Pure Stocks must weigh a minimum of 3200 pounds including the driver,      after the race.


1. No mirrors or radios of any kind allowed in the vehicle at any time.


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