By Jerry O’Brien

7-28-13 Proctor, MN

A gloomy start to the day turned into a perfect night for racing Sunday night July 28th at the

Proctor Speedway. A nice crowd of fans and a seasons high car count made for an interesting and

exciting night of action. A total of 97 cars were on hand in the five divisions. A total of 23

vintage racers from the Northern Vintage Stockcar Racers club were also in attendance.

Feature racing began with the Midwest Modifieds with 24 of the 25 cars starting the 20 lap

main event. Lance Solem of Duluth was the only non starter after a heat race incident. Mark

Kangas took the lead at the initial green flag from the pole with Jake Gondik, Cody Carlson and

Dan Kingsley following. Kangas and Gondik Pulled away from the rest in the early going but

lurking deeper in the field and working their way forward were Deven VanHouse and Danny

Vang. Kangas broke away while VanHouse and Vang came forward from the fourth row.

VanHouse worried at Gondik’s bumper for second while Vang arrived in fourth. A tangle in the

first turn involving Jori Hughes, Justin Bassa and Cory Ziebol brought out the caution flag.

Ziebol and Bassa were out of the event and Hughes was banished to the back of the pack. The

restart saw Kangas still with the lead but VanHouse and Vang ran second and third. Kangas kept

out front using the high side momentum while VanHouse and Vang were occupied with the

battle for second. Gondik and Kingsley continued in the top five. VanHouse captured second and

closed up on Kangas as the two went at it for the lead with Vang looking for an opening.

VanHouse went into the lead and Vang worked on Kangas for second as an excitiong battle raged

for the lead. Kingsley was still fourth while Jesse Ogsten moved into fifth. Another incident in

the first turn involving Adam Shinn and Dale Soumala brought out caution flag number two with

six laps remaining. Shinn was charged and sent to the rear. At the green VanHouse retained the

lead over Vang, Kangas, Kingsley and Gondik. Ogston, Carlson, Jeff Forseen, Chris Bretting and

Tyler Luger ran in the top ten. On the restart lap there was a crash in turn one that saw Forseen

get turned over ending up on the passenger side bringing out the red flag. Forseen was okay but

out of the race. The restart saw Vang dive under VanHouse and took the lead but this time the

accident was in the third turn involving Carlson and Gondik. Both were out of the event. A lap

had not been completed so the restart put VanHouse back out front. This time he was able to hold

Vang back and lead the last few circuits for the win. Vang, Kangas and Kingsley finished in that

order while Luger took the fifth spot.

The next feature to take to the rack was for the Late Models for a 25 lap feature. Scott Herrick

and Terry Lillo started on the front row with Lillo getting the jump on the field at the green. Zach

Wohlers wedged himself into the battle between Lillo and Herrick and was soon joined by Kyle

Peterlin. Lillo held on to the lead as Herrick went to second ahead of Peterlin in third. Peterlin

used the high groove to take second but Tim Lillo spun in turn one bringing out the first caution

flag. At the restart Terry Lillo held onto the lead but Peterlin blasted around the high side and

sailed off turn four into the lead. Terry Lillo was left to fend off Wohlers as Darrell Nelson

entered the picture and skirmished with Herrick for fourth. The caution flag once again flew as

Dave Esse and Aaron Lillo tangled in turn one. At the green Peterlin had the lead as Wohlers

went to second ahead of Nelson and Terry Lillo and Nelson while Jeff Massingill took over fifth

after starting 11th. Peterlin was unchallenged in the lead and the order stayed the same for several

laps. Massingill and Terry Lillo battled for fourth but both were joined by Harry Hanson who had

rebounded after dropping back in the early going. As the white flag appeared Nelson got by

Wohlers into second and Hanson took fourth. Peterlin went on to take hi second straight feasture

win at the speedway with Nelson, Wohlers, Hanson and Terry Lillo rounding out the top five.

Next up were the Pure Stocks with 24 cars set to go 15 laps. Dustin Follett grabbed the lead at

the initial green flag and used the high groove momentum to move out by a couple of car lengths.

Esten Nelson, pole sitter Jon Hammitt, Mitch Cannata and Craig Horak followed. Follett and

Nelson pulled away from the pack while Cannata broke free into third. Glenn Dammer moved up

and battled with Horak in the top five. The caution flag flew when Cannata rolled off a front tire

and stopped in turn one. There were six laps recorded at this point, and at the green flag Follett

led but Dammer surged to second and went for the lead but Follett was able to hold him off.

Team mates Nelson and Horak battled for third as ninth starting Mike Blevins joined that

skirmish. Dammer took over the top spot as Horak qued up to try for second. Dammer won his

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