May 25 2012

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By Jerry O’Brien

Rob Weber prevailed in the 15 lap WISSOTA Midwest Modified feature

hanging around near the front until a lap past the mid point when he took over the

lead from Neil Balduc who had led from the initial green flag. Balduc grabbed the

lead from the outside pole over Jeff Pohjonen followed by Dan Kingsley, Taylor

Leuthner and Cody Carlson. Leuthner and Pohjonen battled with Leuthner to

second. Meanwhile Balduc moved out to an eight car length lead as Leuthner an

pohjonen ran sise by side for second. Loren Inman joined up and the top four ran

in a pack as Cody Wolkowski was ten car lengths back in fifth. At the half way

point the order was Balduc, Inman, Pohjonen and Leuthner but this where Weber

made his move and came by the flag stand in the lead the next time by. Pohjonen

ran second and Wolkowski was closing on Leuthner for fourth. Inman fell off the

pace and out of the event as Weber put a lap on last week’s winner Deven

VanHouse. The event went flag to flag and was Weber’s first Midwest Modified

feature win at the speedway. Second place finisher Jeff Pohjonen’s car failed post

race inspection and he was disqualified moving Leuthner to second, Balduc to

third, Wolkowski fourth and Carlson fifth.

The 20 lap WISSOTA Super Stock feature saw Mike Bellefeuille take the lead

from the pole but he couldn’t shake Keith Kern and Trevor Wilson as the three ran

in a tight group early on. It soon became evident that Wilson was going to be the

man to beat as her drove to the front towing Scott Lawrence along. Bellefeuille

fell to third ahead of last week’s winner Dave Flynn and Kern in the top five.

Wilson and Lawrence staged a break away as Flynn leapfrogged to third and

began to close on the lead duo. Wilson began to pull away from Lawrence as

Flynn inched closer to Lawrence. Bellefeulille won the skirmish for fourth over

Kern and Jim Campbell. Wilson had a good lead at the half way point over

Lawrence but began to show some smoke from the #87. Lawrence hooked a rut in

turn two and Flynn sailed into second but the next time through turn two Flynn

hooked perhaps the same rut and gave second back to Lawrence. Meanwhile

Wilson’s only worry was the smoke which was increasing. The event went green

to checkered with Wilson taking the top spot over Lawrence, Flynn, Campbell and

Andy Davey in the top five.

Next it was time to trot out the WISSOTA Modifieds for their 20 lap event. At

the green Jeff Tardy took the #67 to the point shadowed by Rick Rivord, Rick

Niemi, Steve Lavasseur and Al Uotinen. Rivord hauled the mail past Tardy for

the lead and Niemi followed him past Tardy who dropped to third as Scott

Hudack and Uotinen ran in the top five. After dropping to the back of the pack at

the start, Kelly Estey brought out the first feature caution flag as he stopped at the

pit exit. At the half way mark Hudack was chasing Rivord for the lead but Niemi

came bouncing through turns three and four making the pass on Rivord for the

lead. Niemi, Hudack, Tardy and Rivord arrived at turn three at the same time and

when the wrecking was done only Niemi survived. At the restart Niemi got the

jump on Uotinen who was second and proceeded to fly around the high groove to

the checkered flag and his first career feature win. Uotinen Ross Lightner,

Lavasseur, E. J. Hietala and Nikki Wrazidlo were the only survivors. Of interest

was the fact that veteran racer Al Uotinen completed his 500th consecutive feature

lap at the AMSOIL Speedway dating back to June 12 2009 encompassing 24

consecutive feature events.

Gregg Hill jumped out to the early lead in the WISSOTA Late Model feature

but by lap two Todd Frank took the lead over Tommy Waseleski, Jr., Terry Lillo,

Don Shaw and Aaron Lillo. The battle fro second between T. Lillo, Waseleski and

Shaw was a good one but Frank was long gone and, without a caution flag, the

race continued to be for second. Frank stayed the course for the victory over Shaw,

Zach Wohlers and Scott Herrick the only cars to finish. Apparently T. Lillo and

Waseleski,Jr didn’t realize they were on the white flag lap and pulled into the

infield and were counted and DNF’s.

Chad Carlson survived a dozen laps of Pure Stock action that came down to a

green/white/checkered flag finish. Carlson led from the pole all twelve laps and

survived three caution flags and a charge by opening night winner Justin Madsen

to take the win. Dustin Follett, Steve Udeen and Chad Nikstad finished in the top

five. Eleven of the 24 starters were running at the end including Rita Anderson

from the B Feature.

Results AMSOIL Speedway 5-25-12

WISSOTA Late Models (12 cars)

Feature (20 laps) Todd Frank; Don Shar; Zach Wohlers; Scott Herrick DNF: Terry

Lillo; Tommy Waseleski, Jr; Aaron Lillo; Kevin Carlson; Mark Heinle; Gregg

Hill; Todd Gehl; Tim McMann

Heat 1 (10 laps): Frank; Waseleski, Jr; Shaw; A. Lillo; Heinle DNF McMann

Heat 2: (10 laps): T. Lillo; Carlson; Wohlers; Hill; Herrick; Gehl

WISSOTA Modified (14 cars)

Feature (20 laps): Rick Niemi; Al Uotinen; Ross Lightner; Steve Lavasseur; E. J.

Hietala; Nikki Wrazidlo DNF: Jeff Tardy; Skeeter Estey; Scott Hudack; Jody

Bellefeuille; Rick Rivord; Kelly Estey; Scott Heikkinen; Cory Sersha

Heat 1 (10 laps): Rivord; K. Estey; Lavasseur; Heikkinen; Sersha; Wrazidlo; S.


Heat 2 (10 laps): Uotinen; Niemi; Bellefeuille; Tardy; Hudack; Lightner; Hietala

WISSOTA Super Stock (18 cars)

Feature (20 laps) Trevor Wilson; Scott Lawrence; Dave Flynn; Jim campbell;

Andy Davey; Keith kern; Tan Toucheri; Marcus Simonsen; Al Rapp; Pat

Heikkinen; Andy Grymala DNF: Ashley Smith; Nick Oreskovich; Mike

Bellefeuille; Joe Oliver; Ronnie Maleski; Matt Madsen DNS Willie Johnsen

Heat 1 (10 laps): Flynn; Davey; Wilson; Bellefeuille; P. Heikkinen; Smith DNF

Johnsen; Simonsen; DNS: Joe Olson

Heat 2 (10 laps): Campbell; Lawrence; Kern; Rapp; Tocheri; Madsen; Oreskovich;

Malecki DNF Grymala

WISSOTA Midwest Modified (14 cars)

Feature (15 laps) Rob Weber; Taylor Leuthner; Neil Balduc; Cody Wolkowski;

Cody Carlson; Chris Bretting; Don Craig; Tyler Luger; Deven VanHouse; Norm

Anderson; Brian Youderin; Dan Kingsley DNF: Loren Inman DQ Jeff Pohjonen

Heat 1 (8 laps): Inman; Balduc; Leuthner; Carlson; Luger; Anderson DNF


Heat 2 (8 laps): Weber; Wolkowski; Pohjonen; Kingsley; Craig; Bretting;


AMSOIL Speedway Pure Stocks (30 cars)

Feature (15 laps): Chad Carlson; Justin Madsen; Dustin Follett; Steve Udeen;

Chad Nikstad; Jeff Engelmeier; Rita Anderson; Josh Johnson; Andy Udeen; Jefff

Christman; Travis Zembo

DNF: Josh Overen; Dale Reynolds; Gavin Campbell; Shaina Rapp; Scott Shober;

Tim Carlson; Derek Ament; Randy lonetto; Gary Campbell; Jon Hammitt; Justin

Bassa; Mark Korte

B Feature (8 laps): Gary Campbell, Jr.; Rita Anderson; Kodi Oliver; Ament;

Shober; Lonetto; Rapp; Mike Dahle; Kayla Anderson DNF: Joel Klints DNS:

Mark Smith; Andrew Leino

Heat 1 (8 laps): Follett; Korte; Christman; Campbell, Sr.; Reynolds; A. Udeen;

Campbell, Jr.; Oliver DNF Leino; K. Anderson

Heat 2 (8 laps): Madsen; S. Udeen; Engelmeier; Overen; Zembo; Johnson; R.

Anderson; Lonetto DNF Smith DQ Dahle

Heat 3 (8 laps): Nikstad; C. Carlson; T. Carlson; Bassa; Hammitt; G. Campbell;

Klints; Shober; Ament; Rapp.

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