May 09 2016


By Jerry O’Brien Proctor, MN 5-7-16
For the first time ever the Proctor Speedway has all six of it’s divisions under WISSOTA sanction as the Pure Stocks and Hornets join the other four classes. A total of 83 cars showed up for the season opener. A really hardy crowd of race fans faced into the brisk east wind off Lake Superior on Mother’s Day.
The Midwest Modifieds had the largest turnout bringing 22 cars into competition. Dan Wheeler, Dan Kingsley and Deven VanHouse won qualifying heats. In the Super Stocks a nice field of 16 cars saw kevin Burdick and Nick Oreskovich take the heat wins. Jody Bellefeuille and Johnny Broking took Modified heats and Darrell Nelson and Jeff Massingill topped the Late Model heats. In the two newest WISSOTA divisions, brothers Mike Blevins and Matt Cunha won Pure Stock heats and David Beckwith won the single Hornet qualifying heat.
Officials tried to hurry the show along but the first feature event, 15 laps for the Midwest Modifieds failed to cooperate. Starting with a non start due to a tangle between rookie driver Gunnar Peterson and Mike Jacques in turn four reset the field. That initial try was followed by Mack Estey being tagged for jumping the start. Yet another try say Peterson spin on his own in turn one. Another try, another caution just two laps in occurred when Tyler Kintner’s mount broke and he was unable to get far enough off the track. A couple more restarts took place but there was some racing in between caution flags. Deven vanHouse had the early lead chased by Skeeter Estey and Mack Estey along with John Kallas and Kintner. Skeeter Estey finally captured the point after a caution flag and the chase was on. By the mid point Skeeter Estey led VanHouse, brother Mack, Kallas and Dan Kingsley who supplanted the departed Kintner in fifth. Dan Wheeler, Josh Heavirland came next but yet another caution flag for the solo spin of Cole Chernosky in turn two. Officials set the field in single file order for the restart with eight laps to go. The order up front remained the same for six more laps before a final caution caused by the spining car of Peterson off turn two. The field was set to go on a green/white/checkered finish and Skeeter Estey maintained his lead to the checkered flag. VanHouse, Mack Estey, Kallas and Kingsley stayed in the top five to the end. Estey turned the fasted lap of the race with an 18.037 74.8 mph circuit.
Nick Oreskovich and Brian Carl were the front row for the 20 lap Super Stock main event. It was Carl who got the jump and raced out to a four car length lead over Oreskovich, Dexton Koch, Jeff Klopstine, Jr, Andy Labarge, Kevin Burdick and Scott Lawrence. Carl maintained his lead while the rest fought it out in a bunch. Carl and Oreskovich broke away from the pack and raced out to a big lead until debris on the track slowed the action. Oreskovich got the jump on Carl at the green flag while Lawrence surged to third behind Carl who began to lose positions. Oreskovich was almost unmatchable but the misfortune of rookie Super Stock driver Matt Hammitt who’s car erupted in a huge cloud of steam brought the field together for an eight lap shootout. Oreskovich was still king of the hill but now had defending track champion Lawrence was on his tail and the pair pulled away from Koch Pat Heikkinen, DJ Keeler and Klopstein, Jr. Unfortunately Klopstein, Jr stalled on the back stretch with five laps remaining. Oreskovich was up to the task and sealed the win over Lawrence, Koch, Heikkinen and Keeler. Oreskovich turned the fastest lap during the event with a lap of 18.377 seconds for an average of 73.5
Next up it was 20 laps for the Modifieds and once again a first lap incident caused a restart. This time it was Neil Balduc who went for a spin. No laps were scored and, at the green, outside pole sitter Jody Bellefeuille got the best start and took the point followed by Kevin Eder, Darrell Nelson, Johnny Broking and Bob Broking. Bellefeuille and eder raced off to a huge lead over Nelson. At this point almost the entire 14 car field was racing in the top groove and pretty spread out. At the half way point Bellefeuille led Eder, Nelson, the Brokings Johnny and Bob, Deven VanHouse, Kelly Estey, Paul Wrazidlo, Balduc and Danny Vang in the top ten. Eder closed on Bellefeuille and claimed the lead with tree laps remaining to take the win. Bellefeuille, Nelson and the Brokings finished in the top five. Bellefeuille turned the fastest lap with an 18.106 second for a 74.6 mph average.
The outside groove seemed to be the hot setup for starts and restarts as outside pole sitter Darrell Nelson drove to the lead pulling Harry Hanson with him from the second row. Terry Lillo, Scott Herrick and Jeff Massingill were top five runners in the early going. Nelson raced out to a huge lead over Hanson but Hanson is not one to give up and patiently began use the 25 laps to cut into Nelson’s lead. Before the half way point Hanson had moved to within a couple car lengths of Nelson’s bumper. An encounter with a lapped car enabled Hanson to make a run at Nelson but he was unable to make the pass. By the halfway point it was Nelson, Hanson, Massingill, Terry Lillo and Peterlin. Nelson was then able to pull away from Hanson b y four car Lengths. The race settled into prettymuch single file to the checkerd flag as Nelson takes the opening night event. Hanson turned fastest lap while in persuit of Nelson with a 17.693 76.3 mph lap.
Al Rapp jumped his 33R Pure Stock to the early lead in the 15 lap main event ahead of Jon Hammitt and Mike Blevins. Dustin Follett, Devin Reynolds and Andy Poll were early players as they all chased Rapp. Matt Cunha quickly joined Brother Mike Blevins and the two raced past Rapp and batteled each other for the lead. The mid point was quickly reached, the two exchanged the lead before Blevins secured the point. The first caution flew shortly thereafter when Rookie Tyler Carlson flew off the first turn and nearly went into the woods but recovered by himself. The restart came with seven to go. Unfortunately Cunha retired to the pits as Reynolds took aa turn racing with Blevins before going off turn three to bring out a caution flag just as the white flag was about to appear. Another Green/white/checkered finish ensued and blevins was able to ha ng on for the win.
The final event of the evening was a ten lap feature for the Hornets. David Beckwith pulled off the sweep winning the non stopped race over Derek Ament and Logan hapy.
Results Opening Night Proctor Speedway 5-7-16
WISSOTA Late Model (11 cars)
Feature (25 Laps) Darrell Nelson Hermandown; Harry Hanson Eveleth; Jeff Massingill Keewatin; Terry Lillo Duluth; Kyle Peterlin Hibbing; Aaron Lillo Proctor; Tim McMann Duluth; Scott herrick Proctor; Kevin Carlson Hermantown; Tim Lillo Superior DNS: Robbie Cooper South Range
Heat 1: Nelson; Peterlin; Hanson; McMann; Carlson; T. Lillo
Heat 2: Massingill; Terry Lillo; A. Lillo;Herrick DNF: Cooper
WISSOTA Modified (14 cars)
Feature (20 laps: Kevin Eder Ashland; Jody Bellefeuille Duluth; Darrell Nelson Hermantown; Johnny Broking Grand Rapids; Bob Broking Grand Rapids; Deven van House Silver Bay; Kelly Estey Kelly Lake; Neil Balduc Bessemer; Paul Wrazidlo Duluth; Danny Vang Brainerd; E. J. Heitala Cloquet; Scott Heikkinen Eveleth; DNF: Paul Schultz Grand Rapids DNS: Chet Atkinson
Heat 1: Bellefeuille; Nelson; Heitala; Balduc; VanHouse; Schultz DNF Atkinson
Heat 2; J. Broking; Eder; Estey; Wrazidlo; Heikkinen DNS: Vang
WISSOTA Super Stock (16 cars)
Feature (20 laps) Nick Oreskovich Mason; Scott Lawrence Superior; Dexton Koch Rice; Pat Heikkinen Eveleth; DJ Keeler Superior; Andy LaBarge Keewatin; ronnie Malecki Superior; Michael Trombly; Keith Koski Hibbing; Kevin Salin Iron; Colton Vernon Ashland; Brian Carl Duluth; Jeff Klopstein, Jr DNF: Jeff Klopstein, Jr; Kevin Burdick Proctor DNS: Dustin Follett Cloquet
Heat 1: Burdick; Koch; Lawrence; Malecki; Keeleer; Koski; Salin; Hammitt
Heat 2: Oreskovich; Klopstein; LaBarge; Carl; Trombly; Vernon DNF: Heikkinen DNS: Follett
WISSOTA Midwest Modified (22 cars)
Feature (15 laps) Skeeter estey Kelly Lake; Deven vanHouse Silver bay; Mack Estey Hibbing; John Kallas Hurley; Dan Kingsley Superior; Dan Wheeler Savage; Josh Havirland Cloquet; Tyler Vernon Ashland; Jeremy Lindquist Ashland; Junior Anderson Duluth; Adam Martinson; Ross Siiter Duluth; Dan Doran Duluth; Alex O’Dell Chisholm; Mike Jacques Thunder Bay DNF Gunnar Peterson Drummond; Cole Chernosky Thunder Bay; Jeff Forseen Mt. Iron; Craig Lofdahl; Tyler kintner Hibbing DNS: Robert Hyde Ashland
Heat 1; Wheeler; Kintner; Lindquist; Siiter; O’Dell; Peterson DNF: Jacques
Heat 2: Kingsley; M. Estey; Vernon; Dunbar; Heavirland; Martinson; Hyde
Heat 3: VanHouse; S. Estey; Kallas; Anderson; Doran; Chernosky
Pure Stock (13 cars)
Feature (15 laps) Mike Blevins Hibbing; Dustin Follett cloquet; Al Rapp Saginaw; Andy Poll Two Harbors; Jon Hammitt Cloquet; Dylan Shelton; Casey hartshorn Duluth; Devin Reynolds Cloquet; Jason Simonson Superior; Carter Nelson Hermantown DNF: Matt Cunha Hibbing; Tyler carlson Cloquet; Andrew hanson Iron River
Heat 1; Blevins; Follett; Hammitt; Poll; Shelton; Hartshorn; Carlson
Heat 2; Cunha; Rapp; Reynolds; Hanson; Simonson; Nelson
Hornets (9 cars)
Feature (10 laps) David Beckwith Duluth; Derek Ament Mahtowa; Logan Hapy; Richard Loucks Wrenshall; Kaleb Dallmann Brookston; Don Popoe DNF hunter McDougall; Kyle House Clloquet; Ken Hapy Duluth
Heat:Beckwith; Ament; Loucks; L. Hapy; K. Hapy

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May 09 2016


By Jerry O’Brien 5-4-16
The annual “Northern Tier” of WISSOTA sanctioned race tracks held their annual Media Day and Car Show Wednesday may 4th at the Powerhouse bar & Grill in Proctor, MN. Our thanks to Dick and Cookie owners of the Powerhouse for the use of their business for the event and for furnishing the Pizzas enjoyed by all.
The “Northern Tier” of WISSOTA tracks includes the Grand Rapids Speedway, Grand Rapids, MN running on Thursday nights; the Hibbing Raceway, Hibbing, Mn racing on Saturday Nights; the Proctor Speedway racing on Sunday Nights; the AMSOIL Speedway, Superior, WI racing on Friday nights and the ABC Raceway, Ashland, WI racing on Saturday nights.
For the first time in some years all five of the tracks were able to break a representative loose to attend the Media Day and speak to the assembled media about their respective tracks and give a brief synopses of their upcoming seasons.
On hand from the ABC Raceway was Announcer/Publicist/Board member Nick Gima. Some of the highlights included special events for all their divisions on weekly racing nights with enhanced purses for the featured divisions. Some of these events are the Midwest Modified Madness on June 11th; June 25th the Six Cylinder Summer Sizzler; July 16th the Wissota Super Stock Fast Lane Motorsports Challenge; July 30th the Modified Mayhem and August 20th the Pure Excitement Pure Stock 25. Their season will end with the 44th annual Red Clay Classic featuring WISSOTA Late Models, Modifieds and Midwest Modifieds on September 30 & October 1st.
Joe Stariha one of the promotion team at AMSOIL Speedway spoke next and mentioned that they would not be opening on may 6th as unforseen circumstances made it impossible to have the facility ready. Instead the opener was reset for Friday may 13th. Some of the events scheduled for the speedway include a visit from the Advantage RV Modified Tour on Friday June 10th; the inaugural Great Lakes Border Battle featuring WISSOTA Modifieds, Midwest Modifieds and Pure Stocks (Now also WISSOTA Sanctioned) June 30 through July 2nd.; Friday July 31 is another leg of the Fast Lane Motorsports Super Stock Challenge; Sunday July 31st will see the annual AMSOIL Twin Ports Twin 25’s with one of the twin 25 lap features a One Main Financial WISSOTA Late Model Challenge Series race. On Wednesday August 10th the United States Modified Touring Series (USMTS) will pay the speedway a visit and on September 9th & 10th the season ending special the Northern Nationals is on tap featuring a visit from the IRA 410 Ourlaw Sprints.
New president of the Hibbing Raceway Jim Cappo presented some highlights for his 2016 season. June 11th they will host the Advantage RV Modified Tour; July 14th the raceway will host a visit from the National World of Outlaws Late Model Series; ending their season with the annual Labor Day Shootout featuring a One Main Financial Late Model Challenge Series doubleheader on September 3rd & 4th.
Tim Carlson president of the Grand Rapids Speedway they, too will have an Advantage RV Modified Tour event at their track on June 9th and their Itasca County Fair races will run three days August 17th, 18th & 19th with racing of one form or another each night. The popular season ending WISSOTA Classic wil wind up the regular season on September 2nd leading into the labor Day Shootout at Hibbing.
Finally Proctor Speedway president Dennis McCauley spoke about the upcoming season which is set to start on Sunday May 8th with all classes racing. Other special events included a visit from the Advantage RV Modified Tour in conjunction with the second annual King On The Hill event; Friday and Saturday June 17th & 18th is a Monster Truck show featuring the popular Bigfoot truck and several others. Sunday July 17th the Fast Lane Super Stock Challenge is in town and Friday July 29th is “Fender Friday” featuring the WISSOTA Challenge Series Late Models, Super Stocks Sixes and Pure Stocks. Saturday August 6th is the Mid Summer Night of Mayhem with Bus, Trailer races Hornets & more. Thursday September 1st is the season ending Silver 1000 featuring Late Models and Modifieds.
There were at least one example of every division we run on hand as we thank those drivers who brought their cars for display. Darrell Nelson and Terry and Aaron Lillo brought their WISSOTA Late Models; Shaina Rapp and Casey Hartshorn brought Pure Stocks; Ronnie Malecki and Brian Carl brought their Super Stocks; Craig Lofdahl brought a Midwest Modified and a Hornet for display.
Thanks go out to Dennis McCauley, Tammy Lofdahl and family, Mark Fleischer for acting as emcee and all who helped make the event run. A special thanks to Jim Cappo and Tim Carlson for making the trek from the Iron Range.

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May 02 2016


That’s right we are on schedule for our Season Opener Sunday May 8th with Hot Laps at 5:00 Racing at 5:30. Our practice session went off without a hitch and the track looks great to begin the season! We will be having our annual Media Day at the Powerhouse Bar in Proctor on Wednesday May 4th, come on out and check out the cars in the area, say Hi to Dick, and be part of the crowd to announce all of the events planned at the local tracks, Grand Rapids, AMSOIL, ABC, Hibbing, and Proctor will all be in attendance. See you at the races!!

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Mar 25 2016

Northland Tracks to Again Host Super Stock Series

Northland Tracks to Again Host Super Stock Series

by Nick Gima

Ashland, WI — When the FastLane Motorsports Northland Super Stock Series cranks up for its second edition in mid-July, the call will again be made to the drivers of one of WISSOTA’s most competitive classes to try their hand at a chance for some very generous payouts.

The Series, which enjoyed a successful and popular initial run last summer, is scheduled for three successive nights in July at three tracks close in proximity and well known for hosting strong weekly WISSOTA Super Stock fields.

The Series will start with a Friday night kick-off at the AmsOil Speedway in Superior on July 15, then continue on to the ABC Raceway in Ashland on Saturday, July 16, before concluding on Sunday night, July 17 at the Proctor (MN) Speedway.

On any given regular race night, each of these tracks consistently hosts stout fields of Super Stocks. But add to that a healthy number of visiting cream-of-the-crop drivers chasing the generous purses and prize money to be offered by the Series, and you have the makings of a premier race event crammed into three action-packed nights.

Forty-two drivers participated in the inaugural Northland Super Stock Series, of which 16 competed in all three races. The Series paid out $10,700 in points money, and the participating tracks added over $10,000 in purse, including winner’s payouts of $600 at Superior and Ashland and $500 at Proctor.

Unfortunately for 41 of the drivers, Curt Myers of Cameron was running about as strong as anyone in the land at the time and took home the lion’s share of the overall fund – and then some. Myers never lost a race that he had entered during the Series and collected over $4,500 in purse and points fund cash for his three nights of work. He continued on to a dream season that culminated in the 2015 WISSOTA Super Stock national championship.

Following Myers in the top-ten in the Series’ final standings were Andy Davey of Hibbing, MN; Scott Lawrence of Superior; Jeff Klopstein, Jr, of Tomahawk; Nick Oreskovich of Mason; Kevin Burdick of Proctor, MN; Shane Kisling of Park Falls; Willie Johnson, Jr, of Superior; Andy Grymala of Superior; and Cory Casari of Montreal.

For this year’s edition, the Series will again cash out to those drivers finishing in the top ten in final points, as well as paying a “sweep” bonus to any driver who, like Myers last year, can claim feature wins in all three Series events. A “participant non-qualifier” bonus will also be paid to any driver finishing outside of the top ten in points but competing in all three events. And finally, “hard charger” bonuses will be paid out to the drivers that gain the most positions in the running order from the beginning to the end of each of the three feature races, as well as the one driver who gains the most positions cumulatively during all three features.

In the 2015 Series, participant non-qualifier bonuses were handed out to Shawn McFadden, Jr, of Ashland; Dave Flynn of Superior; Patrick Beeksma of Ironwood, MI; DJ Keeler of Superior; Spencer Sorenson of Duluth, MN; and Don Muzzy of Ironwood, MI.

Hard charger awards last year went to Klopstein, Sorenson and Kisling at the individual events, and to Casari for his overall effort.

FastLane Motorsports & Custom Powder Coating of Ashland has once again signed on as the title sponsor for the event, while Lulich Implement of Mason has agreed to be a contributing sponsor. Dennis & Cathy Pattee will generously provide the Hard Charger bonuses again this year.

If one of this year’s events is canceled due to inclement weather, that night’s Series show will take place at the next regularly-scheduled night during which the Super Stocks race at that track.

Series organizer and Proctor Speedway president Dennis McCauley stated recently that he was thrilled with the outstanding support of the Series shown by drivers, fans and sponsors, and he feels that the 2016 version could be even more exciting and have more to offer for the drivers and fans. He also hinted that more sponsors are coming on board for the 2016 Series and will be announced soon.

The AmsOil Speedway is situated on Tower Avenue just south of downtown Superior, at the Head of the Lakes Fairgrounds. The ABC Raceway is located 3-1/2 miles south of Ashland off State Highway 13 on Butterworth Road. The Proctor Speedway is located within the South St Louis County Fairgrounds on North Boundary Avenue in Proctor.

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Mar 16 2016

Proctor to Host Advantage RV Modified Tour

The “Race to the Hill” of the Advantage RV Modified Tour
The Advantage RV Modified Tour looks to make its first ever trip to the Proctor Speedway in Proctor, MN in 2016. On Thursday, June 9th the RV Modified Tour looks to begin the weekends festivities up at the Grand Rapids Speedway, the tour then makes its way up north to the AMSOIL Speedway on Friday, back up to the Hibbing Raceway on Saturday, and will cap off at your very own Proctor Speedway on Sunday, June 12th. The Advantage RV Series travelers will bring in the best modified drivers in WISSOTA with names like Dave Cain, Mike Stearns, and Matt Gilbertson to compete with your local stars Darrell Nelson and Jody Bellefeuille for the race to see who can be new “King on the Hill”. In 2015 the rain dated event saw just over 30 Modifieds with Matt Leer taking home the victory, Matt will try and defend the name to be “King on the Hill” in 2016.

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