Aug 11 2014

2014 42nd Silver 1000

2014 Silver 1000

Thursday, August 28th

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Jul 14 2014


By Jerry O’Brien
7-13-14 Proctor MN

The South St. Louis County Fair wrapped up Sunday July 13 and the final

act was a night of stock car racing. A total of 79 cars the best total of the

season were in competition and a good crowd of fans were in attendance.

The track turned into one where high groove momentum would rule the day,

a situation that can be dangerous as it forces drivers to run a line that can lead

to disaster with just a tiny error.

The first round of qualifying heats were complete by 6:30 and, after a

brief intermission for track grooming it was time for the five feature events to

begin. Read the rest of this entry »

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Jul 07 2014


By Jerry O’Brien 7-6-14 Proctor, MN

It was Open Wheel night at the Proctor Speedway Sunday night featuring

Upper Midwest Sprint Series (UMSS)Traditional and Winged Sprint Cars

along with WISSOTA Modifieds and Midwest Modifieds. A large crowd of

fans crowded into the speedway grandstands for the event on a hot July night.

After all of the qualifying heat races were complete and the track was

groomed, it was time to go racing. The UMSS features were sandwiched in

between the Midwest Modified and Modified features so the first event up

was 20 laps for the Midwest Modifieds. Read the rest of this entry »

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Jun 30 2014


By Jerry O’Brien 6-29-14

For the first time this racing season at the Proctor Speedway the

temperature matched the sunny and windy skies. The track crew did a

yeoman job reclaiming the track surface f rom the torrential rains that had

fallen during the night.

Cory Jorgenson of Hermantown was looking to nail down a Late Model

feature win in the 25 lap WISSOTA Late Model feature but first time visitor

Brent Larson of Lake Elmo, MN had other ideas. Larson mentioned that he

and his crew have been driving all over the area “chasing rain storms”

looking for someplace to race. The search took him to the Proctor Speedway

Sunday evening and paid off for him. Jorgenson led early on from the pole

and was hounded for several laps by Zach Wohlers, Larson, Kevin Carlson

and Terry Lillo. A couple of caution flags aided Larson who was in second

by the ten lap mark and pressuring Jorgenson enough that he spun around at

the top of turn one. The call went against Jorgenson leaving Larson sitting in

front ahead of Wohlers, Carlson, Harry Hanson and Tim McMann. The top

five would finish in that order except for Hanson who encountered trouble

and slipped back giving over fifth place to Kyle Peterlin. Larson turned the

fastest lap with a scorcher at 16.903 seconds for an average speed of 79.9

mph. Read the rest of this entry »

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Jun 27 2014

Lakehead Racing Association Memberships

June 30, 2013 is the last day to purchase point fund memberships and general memberships from Lakehead Racing Association.

General Memberships will be sold by Joann O’Brian on the front stretch at both race tracks or by Jess Bellefeuille in the pits at AMSOIL or the draw booth at Proctor.  ($10)

AMSOIL Point Fund Memberships will be sold by Dennis at the Pit Gate. ($20/CLASS)

Proctor Point Fund Memberships will be sold at the draw booth on Sunday. ($20/CLASS)

If you are unable to purchase memberships at these places please contact prior to June 30th!

SO remember to buy your 2014 association memberships before June 30th to vote in the 2015 board elections on Wednesday October 1st, 2014. Point Fund memberships are voting memberships, too. One vote per driver.

There are 5 spots up for re-election/election. You MUST have a membership to be considered eligible in the election.

Lakehead Racing Association manages both Proctor Speedway and AMSOIL Speedway. BOTH Tracks are effected by this election.

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