Aug 15 2016


By Jerry O’Brien 8-14-16 Proctot, MN
Almost lost in all the hullabaloo generated by the annual Race Against Cancer
event and it’s $1000 grand prize drawing was the fact that it was also WISSOTA
PolyDome Products Dirt Track Series Race of Champions qualifiers with the
winner of each race invited to compete in their respective R. O. C race at the 2016
The car turnout for the last weekly race before Championship night was pretty
thin with a total of 77 cars in competition. The Midwest Modifieds drew the most
with 22 in attendance.
First up was the 15 lap feature for the Midwest Modifieds that saw 21 of 22
cars start, only Danny Vang did not answer the bell. It turned out to be a rough one
as six caution flags flew. Tyler Kintner jumped to the front from the outside pole
hounded by Skeeter Estey. A four car crash in turn four involving Craig Lofdahl,
Josh Danielson, Cole Chjernosky and Dale Soumala, Jr brought things to a halt.
Chernosky went off on the hook. The next time a lap was completed before the
caution flew for debris in turn four from the car of Michael Bevins. The restart
saw Kintner to the lead with Sketer Estey still dogging his tracks, Brady Jokinen,
Cody Carlson and pole sitter Andrew Inman followed. Kintner set a torid pace and
Estey tried to make the pass but failed to do so. Kevin Eder soon made his
presence felt in the top five. The top five held their positions for several laps as
John Kallas and Deven VanHouse ran sixth and seventh. Just about half way the
third caution flag flew as Craig Lofdahl and Josh Danielson were involved in turn
four. The restart saw Estey try for the lead and fail again but Carlson got a great
restart and took third. Two laps later Jeremy Lindquist slapped the front stretch
wall bringing out caution number four. The order was Kintner, Estey, Carlson,
VanHouse; Eder then Kallas and Davis Simpson. Once again there was a caution,
number five as Kallas slowed and stopped on the top of turn four. At the green
flag Kintner maintained his lead but Carlson got a great jump and took second
away from Estey. As Eder grabbed fourth with VanHouse fifth. A couiple of new
players moved into contention as Dan Kingsley and Simpson closed in.
Unfortunately Carlson’s strong move went for naught aas he suddenly slowed and
stopped on the back stretch just out of turn two, his night finished. This was the
sixth and final caution flag.kintner went on to take the win, his second of the
season at Proctor. Eder finished a strong second ahead of Kingsley and VanHouse.
Willie Johnsen, Jr jumped from his outside front row starting spot into the lead
at the green flag of the WISSOTA Super Stock main event. Jim Campbell slid into
second ahead of Kevin Burdick, Kyle Oman, Nick Oreskovich and Scott
Lawrence. Those six would be the major players the entire 20 lap distance. Three
caution flags let the combatants race unimpeded for several laps each time. The
battle between the first five was intense at times Johnsen was dominant while
Campbell ran well in second for a number of laps. Kyle Oman was forth behind
Burdick while Oreskovich had fifth but was hounded by Lawrence. Oman ran a
nice race until he spun in turn four while running sixth bringing out the first
yellow flag. Two laps later, with Johnsen in control, the caution lights blinked on
as Adam Shinn and Pat Heikkinen tangled in turn four. On the restart, Johnsen led
Burdick, Campbell, Oreskovich and Lawrence. Lawrence got by Oreskovich and
the front five stayed the same for several laps until, just at the half way mark, a
three car incident involving DJ Keeler, Brian carl and Pat Heikkinen took place
this time in turn one. The restart turned sour right away as Heikkinen stalled on the
back stretch necessitating another caution flag. From there on it was cleaar sailing
for Johnsen as he won his third straight feature at the speedway. Burdick was
second ahead of a strong running Campbell. Oreskovich got back around
Lawrence and that is the way the front five finished. Don Myzzy and Ronnie
Malecki were sixth and seventh, Oman got back to eighth and strong runs were
turned in by Keith Koski and Brian Carl in the top ten.
Next they trotted out the 20 lap ten car Modified feature. Johnny Broking broke
from the front row to lead Danny Vang, Jeff Lien, Jr. Kevin Eder and Jody
Bellefeuille. Early on Vang got past Johnny Broking, then Eder made the pass to
second and Johnny Broking suddenly had to deal with Lien, Jr. Vang looked to
have the race well in hand but a caution flag flew when Paul Wrazidlo slowed and
Neil Balduc ran into the back of him. At the same time Lien, Jr rolled into the
infield. There were 13 laps remaining at the restart which saw Johnny Broking
attempt a wild slide job in turn four that was gutsy enough for him to take back the
point. Vang dogged his tire tracks but there was a collision between him and
Bobby Broking that saw Vang knocked up and off the track. He was charged with
the incident and perhaps, sustained enough damage that he pulled off the track.
From there on it was all Johnny Brokimg. The family reunion in victory lane was
broken up when Eder finished second. A determined Darrell Nelson raced up from
row four to get by Bellefeuille to fourth. It was Jonny Broking’s second feature
win of the season here.
It was 25 laps for the small field of WISSOTA Late Models with Darrell
Nelson on the outside pole, an optimum starting spot as all features had been led
from the start from that spot. This race would go the entire distance with only one
leader, Nelson who proved his dominance by lapping all the way up to fifth place.
With no caution flags from start to finish and plenty of time to maneuver. Some
great strides were made. Robbie Cooper turned in a great run running in second
for a few laps and ultimately finishing fifth. Harry Hanson started in the third row
and battled with Jeff Massingill and Aaron Lillo for much of the contest. In the
closing circuits Hanson took it to his younger rivals battling his way up to second
but had no chance to catch Nelson who was three quarters of a lap ahead.
Massingill, A. Lillo and Cooper finished top five on the lead lap.
The evening wrapped up with features for the WISSOTA Pure Stocks and the
WISSOTA Hornets. To no one’s surprise Dustin Follett swept the division again
over Matt Cuhna who returned after a lengthy absence. Early leader Jon Hammitt
driving sister Annika’s #19A finished third, Matt Deragon fourth and sensational
rookie Dylan Shelton was fifth.
Paul George once again dominated the 10 lap Hornet feature completing the
sweep with the heat win. Kaleb Dallmann, Wally Ament, David Beckwith and Ken
Hapy finished in the top five. Beckwith’s fourth place finish was enough to give
him the championship in 2016.
Johnsen, Jr; J. Broking, Follett, Nelson, Kintner and George are now eligible to
run their respective divisions’ Race of Champions at the WISSOTA 100
Results Proctor Speedway 8-14-16
WISSOTA Late Model
Feature (25 laps)
Darrell Nelson Hermantown; Harry Hanson eveleth; Jeff Massingill Keewatin;
Aaron Lillo Proctor; Robbie Cooper South range; Terry Lillo Duluth; Tim
McMann Rice Lake, MN; Scott Herrick Proctor DNF: Tim Lillo Superior; Kevin
Carlson Hermantown; Trevor Wilson Superior
Heat 1; Hanson; Cooper; Terry Lillo; Herrick; Tim Lillo DNS: Carlson
Heat 2: Massingill; Nelson; McMann; A. Lillo; Wilson
WISSOTA Modified
Feature (20 laps)
Johnny Broking Grand Rapids; Kevin Eder Ashland; Bob Broking Grand Rapids;
Darrell Nelson Hermantown; Jody Bellefeuille Duluth; Neil Balduc Bessemer
DNF: Paul Wrazidlo Duluth; Danny Vang Deerwood; Jeff Lien, Jr Mora; Devin
VanHouse Silver Bay
Heat 1: Bellefeuille; J. Broking; VanHouse; Balduc DNF: Wrazidlo
Heat 2; Nelson; Vang; Lien, Jr; Eder; B. Broking
Super Stock
Willie Johnsen, Jr Superior; Kevin Burdick Proctor; Jim Campbell Two Harbors;
Nick Oreskovich Mason; Scott Lawrence Superior; Don Muzzy Ironwood; Ronnie
Malecki Superior; Kyle Oman Chisholm; Keith Koski Hibbing; Brian Carl Duluth;
Adam Shinn Duluth DNF: Keeler; Heikkinen; M. Hammitt DNS: Kevin Salin
Heat 1: Johnsen, Jr; Campbell; Burdick; Salin; Muzzy; Heikkinen; Keeler; Carl
Heat 2: Lawrence; Oman; Oreskovich; Malecki; Koski; M. Hammitt; Shinn
WISSOTA Midwest Modified
Feature (15 laps)
Feature: Tyler Kintner Hibbing; Skeeter Estey Kelly Lake; Kevin eder Ashland;
Dan Kingsley Superior; Deven VanHouse Silver Bay; David Simpson Thunder
Bay; Brady Jokinen Mellen; Josh Heavirland Cloquet; Josh Danielson Carlton;
Dale Suomala Hermantown; Mike Jacques Thunder Bay; Mack Estey Hibbing;
Gunnar Peterson Cable DNF: Craig Lofdahl Duluth; Branden Copp Brule; Cody
Carlson Superior; John Kallas Hurley; Jeremy Lindquist Ashland; Mike Blevins
Hibbing; Andrew Inman Hermantown; Cole Chernosky Thunder Bay DNS: Danny
Vang Deerwood
Heat 1; Carlson; Kintner; Eder; Simpson; Chernosky; Lindquist; Kingsley DNF:
Heat 2: S. Estey; Kallas; Inman; Copp; Jacques; Peterson DNF: Vang
Heat 3; Jokinen; Llofdahl; VanHouse; Blevins; Danielson DNF M. Estey;
WISSOTA Pure Stocks
Feature Dustin Follett Cloquet; Matt Cunha Hibbing; Jon Hammitt Cloquet; Matt
Deragon Ashland; Dylan Shelton Wrenshall; Andrew Hanson Iron River; Al Rapp
Saginaw; Carter Nelson Hermantown DNF: Luke Chalberg Barnum; Andy Poll
Two Harbors
Heat 1: Follett; Hanson; Shelton; Cunha; Nelson
Heat 2: J. Hammitt; Deragon; Rapp; Poll DNF: Chalberg
Feature Paul George Princeton; Kaleb Dallmann Brookston; Wally Ament
Carlton; David Beckwith Duluth; Ken Hapy Duluth; Don Popoe Superior DNF:
Josh Carlson Duluth Hietala Cloquet DNS: Hunter McDougall Duluth
Heat: George; Beckwith; Dallmann; Ament; Hapy; Carlson; Popoe DNF:
McDougall; Hietala

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Aug 01 2016


By Jerry O’Brien 7-29-16 Proctor, MN
It was a very rare Friday night event at the Proctor Speedway as the OneMain
Financial Late Model Challenge Series began a three race three day swing through
the Northland. Dubbed “Fender Friday”, all divisions were those who have four
fenders headed by the WISSOTA PolyDome Dirt Track Series Late Models. Also
on the card were the WISSOTA Super Stocks, Pure Stocks and a visit from the
ABC Raceway Six Cylinder division. It may have been the first time that the
Proctor Speedway had raced on a Friday night since the early days back in the
The speedway changed nights with AMSOIL Speedway as they will have the
annual Twin Ports Twin 25’s on Sunday night featuring twin 25 lap features for
the Late Models one of which will count as a Challenge Series event. Racing will
start early Sunday with hot laps at 5 p.m. and racing at 5:30.
A nice field of cars were on hand for the event with 75 cars in competition
including 29 Late Models. Heat races were run in all divisions, but in the Late
Models passing points were used and the top eight used the Frisbee draw to
determine the first four rows for the main event. The final six drivers were
determined in a B Feature and one driver was added as a promoters choice.
The Challenge Series feature was set for 40 laps with a 25 car field led by Hall
of Fame driver Harry Hanson and Jeff Massingill on the front row. At the green
Hanson shot into the lead with Massingill, Darrell Nelson, Steve Laursen, also a
Hall of Fame member and Series point leader Jeff Provinzino in the top five. Jeff
Wildung, Travis Budiaslovich and Chad Mahder were close behind. As Hanson
continued to lead, Laursen got by Massingill as Nelson held off Provinzino. Five
laps in Laursen got a good run on Hanson and took the lead. But. On that lap the
first caution flag flew when Terry Lillo, Marshall Fegers and John Toppozini
tangled in turn two. All cars were able to continue but Fegers was charged with the
incident and sent to the back. The restart did not go well as Nelson and Provinzino
crashed at the exit of turn two with Nelson’s car ending on Provinzino’s hood.
Provinzino got the ticket and retreated to the back of the pack. Laursen again got a
run on the restart and grabbed the lead from Hanson. Massingill also got by as did
Nelson with Budisalovich ensconced in fifth. Laursen was in control at this point
and Hanson got around Nelson into third. Wildung was in sixth battling with
Lance Matthees and Pat Doar. Laursen maintained the lead for several more
circuits as Massingill, Hanson and Nelson raced each other while trying to track
down the leader. Matthees slid into the top five past Budisalovich as Doar, Chad
Mahder and Wildung gained ground. Laursen hit lapped traffic and the third
caution flag appeared when Todd Gehl’s car experienced apparent mechanical
problems and slowed drastically causing Scott Herrick to run into the back of
Gehl’s car. As luck would have it, the incident occurred just as Laursen was
attempting to lap them and he collided with Herrick. Gehl’s night was done as was
Herrick’s but Laursen’s ride, though showing front end damage, was able to
continue. The restart came with 24 laps remaining and Laursen kept the point at
the green as Hanson captured second with Massingill third and nelson fourth.
Hanson retook the lead a lap later and Matthees found himself in fifth. The fourth
caution flag flew for a scary incident in turn four as Dave Esse’s throttle stuck and
he flew off the track. He was not injured but the car was unable to continue. At the
half way Hanson was in control and widened his lead over first Laursen, then
Massingill while Budiaslovich made his way past Nelson to fourth. Matthees,
Mahder and Doar ran in the front seven and were soon joined by John Kaanta and
Tim McMann. Nelson began his charge and got into second with three laps left
and pulled up to Hanson’s bumper. Nelson got the run off the fourth turn and stole
the win from Hanson at the line. Maasingill, Laursen and Budiaslovich finished in
the top five. Matthees, Mhader, Kaanta, Wildung and Doar rounded out the top
ten. Aaron Lillo captured the hard charger award with a run from 24th to 13th.
In other action, Nick Oreskovich won his second Super Stock feature win, his
first since back in May on opening night. Scott Lawrence started from the pole and
tried for the lead at the outset only to clash with Willie Johnsen, Jr and was sent
spinning off the top of turn two. Johnsen was judged at fault and sent to the rear.
Lawrence then grabbed the lead with Kyle Oman in second, Jim Campbell, Keith
Koski and Dalton Carlson in the top five. Lawrence widened his lead and nothing
much changed in the top five as Oman, Campbell, Koski and Carlson stayed in the
top five in that order. Oreskovich languished just outside the front five until, just
past half way on lap 11 Campbell spun around in turn four bringing out the
caution. This erased Lawrence’s lead and the restart saw Oreskovich restart third
behind Oman with Carlson fourth and Andy Grymala cracking the top five.
Oreskovich rapidly closed on Lawrence and pulled off the last lap pass for the
Rookie driver Dylan Shelton took the early lead in the 15 lap Pure Stock Main
event but it was Dustin Follett who took the lead early on after two back to back
caution flags, then survived two more caution periods and a late race red flag for a
mess in turn four. He ran away form Andrew Hanson on a green/white/checkered
finish for his third win at the speedway this season. Hanson, Shelton, Al Rapp and
Sterling Knaeble finished in the top five.
Tiffany Hudack the 2014 Six Cylinder track champion at the ABC Raceway in
Ashland swept the Six Cylinders winning both heat and feature. Veteran Scott
Ovaska finished second in both. DeJay Jareki, Dalton Truchon and Cole Vernon
finished in the top five.
Results OneMain Financial PolyDome Dirt Track Series Challenge Series (29
Feature (40 laps)
Darrell Nelson Hermantown; Harry Hanson Eveleth; Jeff Massingill Keewatin;
Steve Laursen Cumberland; Travis Budiaslovich Minneapolis; Lance Matthees
Winona, MN; Chad Mahder Eau Claire; John Kaanta Elk Mound; Jeff Wildung
Nassau, MN; Pat Doar New Richmond; Tim McMann Rice Lake, MN; Jake
Redetzke Eau Claire; Aaron Lillo Proctor; Jeff Provinzino Hibbing; Marshall
Fegers Savage; Justin Fegers Minnetonka, MN; Kevin Carlson Hermantown; Joh
Toppozini Thunder Bay; Nate Beyenhof Rock Rapids, IA; Robbie Cooper South
Range DNF: Terry Lillo Duluth; Dave Esse Cloquet; Todd Gehl Solon Springs;
Zach Wohlers Hibbing
Heat 1: Hanson; Wohlers; Nelson; McMann; Redetzke; T. Lillo; Kaanta;
Bunkelman; Dave Smith; A. Lillo
Heat 2: Gehl; Laursen; Wildung; Doar; Mahder; Cooper; Beyenhof; Hill; Tim
Heat 3: Massingill; Provinzino; Budiaslovich; M. Fegers; Matthees; J. Fegers;
Toppozini; Carlson; Herrick
B Feature: J. Fegers; Beyenhoff; Carlson; Cooper; Esse; Scott Herrick Proctor
DNF: David Smith Edmonton, AB; Robbie Bunkelman Abbotsfort, WI; Tim Lillo
WISSOTA Super Stock
Feature (20 laps)
Nick Oreskovich Masson; Scott Lawrence Superior; Kyle Oman Chisholm; Dalton
Carlson Cohasset, MN; Andy Grymala Superior; Dan Severson crosby, MN; Keith
Koski chisholm; Willie Johnsen, Jr Superior; Jim Campbell Two Harbors; Brian
Carl Duluth; Pat Heikkinen Eveleth; Jean Fortin Thunder Bay DNF: Ronnie
Malecki Superior; Adam Shinn Duluth; Matt Hammitt Cloquet DNS: Kevin
Burdick Proctor.
Heat 1: Johnsen; Jr; Grymala; Oman; Koski; Heikkinen; Severson DNF: Hammitt;
Heat 2: Campbell; Carlson; Lawrence; Oreskovich; Carl; Shinn; Malecki; Fortin
Pure Stock
Feature (15 laps)
Dustin Follett Cloquet; Andrew Hanson Iron River; Dylan Shelton Wrenshall; Al
Rapp Saginaw; Sterling Knaeble Bemidji; Glenn Dammer Duluth; Kade Leeper
Bemidji; Kevin Baumgarner Deer River; Jon Hammitt Cloquet; Josh Berg
Bemidji; Austin Carlson Cohasset; John Kallas Hurley; Carter Nelson
Hermantown; Andy Poll Two harbors DNF: Annika Hammitt Cloquet; Mackinzie
Bjorkland Sandstone; Devin Reynolds Cloquet; Matt Deragon Ashland DNS:
Cory Jorgenson Hermantown
Heat 1: Knaeble; Reynolds; Hanson; Shelton; J. Hammitt; Poll; baumgarner;
Nelson; Bjorkland DNF: Deragon
Heat 2: Rapp; Follett; A. Hammitt; Carlson; Leeper; Kallas; Dammer DNF: Berg;
ABC Raceway Six Cylinders
Feature (15 laps)
Tiffany Hudack Ashland; Scott Ovaska Marengo, WI; DeJay Jarecki Ashland;
Dalton Truchon Ashland; Cole Vernon Ashland; Josh Sanders Spooner, WI; Bella
Bretting Washburn, WI DNF: Jeremy Lindquist Ashland DNS: Bubba Anderson
Trego, WI
Heat: Hudack; Ovaska; Truchon; Jarecki; Vefrnon; Lindquist; Sanders; Bretting
DNF: Anderson

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Jul 28 2016

Fender Friday – Late Models Spotlight!

Fender Friday

One Main Financial Challenge Series Late Models to highlight Fender Friday July 29th at Proctor Speedway. In action also will be WISSOTA Super Stocks, WISSOTA Pure Stocks, and for their first appearance at Proctor the ABC Raceway Six Cylinders. Hot laps at 6:30 with racing at 7:00.

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Jul 25 2016


By Jerry O’Brien 7-24-16 Proctor, MN
It was a busy schedule Sunday night a the Proctor Speedway. Besides a full six
WISSOTA division slate it was Meet the Drivers night as well as Kid’s Bike
A nice crowd was on hand and a fair field on race cars totaling 76 came up
Thompson Hill to race beneath the Proctor City Water Tower. There was also a
full field of Bike Racers on hand.
After hot laps the racers brought their cars onto the front stretch and it became
“Halloween in July” as kids and adults alike mingled with the racers collecting
pictures, autographs, candy, etc.
With that portion of the festivities finished it was time for qualifying heats.
There were enough cars in each division for a pair of heats in each. Even the new
Hornet class brought double digit numbers.
Heats began with the Midwest Modifieds. Deven VanHouse and Craig Lofdahl
won those. It was the first ever win in the division for the inaugural Hornet
Champ. Super stock heats went to Kevin Burdick and Tim Johnson. Darrell
Nelson and Jody Bellefeuille won Modified heats and Harry Hanson and Jeff
Massingill captured Late Model qualifiers. Devin Reynolds and Dustin Follett
won Pure Stock heats and Paul George and Derek Ament won the Hornet heats.
First up it was 15 laps for the Midwest Modifieds led to the start by joh Kallas
and Craig Lofdahl. Kallas stayed in front for the first circuit but Lofdahl got a
good run to take over. He stayed out there while Kallas annexed second. In the
mix were KevinEder, Dale Suomala, Deven VanHouse and Jeremy Lindquist.
VanHouse soon began to make his move as he picked off cars one by one on his
way to the front. Four laps in he was in third and made the pass into second past
Kallas. He wasn’t gaining much territory on Lofdahl who looked to, perhaps,
headed toward his first Midwest Modified win in his rookie season not mention a
possible sweep. Eder was fourth and Suomala fifth. The race was humming along
nicely when Norm Anderson’s #31 began failing and head headed off toward the
pits. Unfortunately, though he cleared the racing surface, the car stalled on the pit
road in a dangerous spot forcing the only caution flag of the race. The restart did
not go so well for Lofdahl as he was overwhelmed and VanHouse took the point.
By the final lap Lofdahl had slipped to fourth as Kallas and Eder moved past to
second and third respectively and Soumala rounded out the top five. It was
VanHouse’s second Middwest Modified main event win of the season at the
Next up it was 20 laps for the Super Stocks with 14 cars headed for Al
McDougall’s green flag. Jim Campbell who has been running very well this
season, grabbed the lead from outside the front row ahead of Keith Koski, Willie
Johnsen, Scott Lawrence and Kevin Burdick a murder’s row if there ever was one.
Johnsen soon moved to second along with Lawrence and Tim Johnson on the
move from the fourth row. Campbell held on for five laps before Johnsen got the
run to the front. Back further the best race on the track was between Johnson and
Burdick for fourth. Lawrence settled for third until just before the mid point when
he slid past to second. At this point Johnson had won the battle for fourth. The
front five or six quickly distanced themselves from the hotly contested sixth palce
skirmish between Keith Koski and Destin Koch. The top three stayed the same as
the laps clicked off with nary a sighting of a yellow flag. Johnsen has everything
under control as Lawrence struggled to make up any ground on the leader.
Campbell was firmly ensconced in third battling with Burdick and Johnson.
Johnsen won with ease over Lawrence, Burdick who got by Campbell on the last
lap and Johnson in the top five. It was Johnsen’s second feature win of the
Then it was 25 laps for the “Big Iron” WISSOTA Late Models. Todd Gehl
grabbed the lead at the outset over Aaron Lillo, Jeff Massingill, Scott Herrick and
Terry Lillo. A. Lillo muscled his way into the lead where he would stay for the
next seven laps with Gehl dogging his tracks. Massingill and T. Lillo were joined
by Darrell Nelson. Those five moved away from the battle for sixth waged
between T. J. Adams, Tim McMann and Harry Hanson. Gehl suddenly slowed and
stopped on the track bringing out the caution flag. The restart came with 16 laps to
go and Nelson was the one who got the jump at the green over A. Lillo who soon
lost second to Massingill. At the same moment Hanson arrived in the top five and
began making his way forward. Once out front Nelson pulled away and won his
fourth Late Model feature at the speedway this season. Massingill fended off
Hanson for second, A. Lillo stayed ahead of T. Lillo in the top five.
Danny Vang had been searching for his first Modified feature win after moving
from the Midwest Modifieds and found it the previous Sunday at Proctor. His
outside pole gave him a good spot to get it done and he took the lead at the green.
Kevin Eder got from the second row to second spot positioning himself for the win
if Vang should falter. Tim Johnson made his way to third, Deven VanHouse to
fourth and Jody Bellefeuille to fifth which became status quo with Darrell Nelson
loitering in sixth looking for a break. It was just past half way with no caution
flags in sight when there was some movement in the line as VanHouse struggled
his way past a reluctant Johnson to third. Nothing else changed it the front bunch
and it looked as though Vang would get thwet second feature. Then, Zach Pagels
slipped off the top of turns one and two just as the last three laps were to be run.
He sat there in a dangerous place forcing a caution flag and a
green/white/checkered finish. With the field bunched up behind him, the same
thing occurred as in the Midwest Modified feature, he was a sitting duck for Eder
who lead only the final circuit for the win. A disappointed Vang settled for second
followed by VanHouse, Bellefeuille and Nelson in the top five.
The program was moving along quite nicely. With the few caution flags races
were heading toward a conclusion rapidly. The WISSOTA Pure Stocks took to the
track 16 strong with 15 laps to pound out a winner. Veteran Al Rapp put the #33r
out front from that outside front row that worked so well for others. He kept it out
front as Carter nelson, Andrew Hanson, Dylan Shelton, Jon Hammit and Dustin
Follett contested for position. Follett wasted little time moving up to second
chasing Rapp. It almost seemed inevitable that Follett would get the “Grocery
Getter” green and fuchsia station wagon to the front. Again, no caution flags
sullied the run and Follett took the top money back to Cloquet, MN. Rapp held
onto second, Hanson third, Rayn Savoy from eighth to fourth and last week’s
winner Devin Reynolds in fifth.
It would be ten laps for the WISSOTA Hornets and, apparently a couple of
caution flags were reserved for their main event. Outside pole sitter Tate Niehaus
took the lead over…everyone, as the pack stayed together. Derek Ament Kaleb
Dallmann and point leader David Beckwith all made their way past on the back
stretch the next time around but Beckwith spun in the middle of turn three with
help and Niehaus drove straight off the corner into the wilds. On the restart Ament
took control after a short battle with Paul George. At the five lap mark Ament was
comfortably in the lead over George, Beckwith, Dallmann and Hunter McDougall.
Dallmann’s car quit in the middle of the track at the exit of turn two and was
narrowly missed by Josh Carlson and Neihous bringing out the last caution flag.
Ament maintained his lead to the checkered flag for his third feature win and
second consecutive one. George, Beckwith, Mcdougall and Wally Ament finished
top five.
Results Proctor Speedway 7-24-16 (76 cars)
WISSOTA Late Model
Feature (25 laps)
Darrell Nelson Hermantown; Jeff Massingill Keewatin; Harry Hanson eveleth;
Aaron Lillo Proctor; Terry Lillo Duluth; Tim McMann Duluth; Kevin Carlson
Hermantown; Robbie Cooper South Range; T. J. Adams Hayward; Scott Herrick
Proctor DNF: Todd Gehl Solon Springs
Heat 1: Hanson; A. Lillo; T. Lillo; Gehl; Carlson; Cooper
Heat 2; Massingill; Nelson; McMann; Herrick; Adams
WISSOTA Modified
Feature (20 laps)
Kevin Eder Ashland; Danny Vang Deerwood; Deven VanHouse Silver Bay; Jody
Bellefeuille Duluth; Darrell Nelson Hermantown; Tim Johnson Brainerd; Neil
Balduc Bessemer; Scott Heikkinen Eveleth DNF: Zach Pagels Ashland; E. J.
Hietala Cloquet DNS: Jeffery Lien, Jr Mora
Heat 1: Nelson; Vang; Eder; VanHouse; Heikkinen DNS: Lien, jr
Heat 2: Bellefeulle; Balduc; Johnson; Hietala; Pagels
Super Stock
Feature (20 laps)
Willie Johnsen, Jr Superior; Scott Lawrence Superior; Kevin Burdick Proctor; Jim
Campbell Two Harbors; Tim Johnson Brainerd; Dexton Koch Sartell; Pat
Heikkinen Eveleth; Keith Koski Chisholm; Andy Grymala Superior; Andy
LaBarge Keewatin; Ronnie Malecki Superior; Matt Hammitt Cloquet; Brian Carl
Duluth; Adam Shinn Duluth
Heat 1: Burdick; Johnsen, Jr; Koch; Lawrence; Malecki; Heikkinen; Carl
Heat 2: Johnson; Campbell; Koski; Grymala; LaBarge; Shinnl Hammitt
WISSOTA Midwest Modified
Feature (15 laps)
Deven VanHouse; John Kallas Hurley; Kevin Eder Ashland; Craig Lofdahl Duluth;
Dale Suomala, Jr Hermantown; Jeremy Lindquist Ashland; Dan Kingsley Superior;
Andrew Inman Hermantown; Ross Siiter Cloquet; Zach Benson Princeton; Gunnar
Peterson Cable DNF: Norm Anderson Duluth DNS: Josh Haverlind Cloquet
Heat 1: VanHouse; Eder; Kingsley; Suomala; Inman; Peterson DNF: Havirland
Heat 2: Lofdahl; Kallas; Lindquist; Anderson; Siiter
WISSOTA Pure Stock
Feature (15)
Dustin Follett Cloquet; Al Rapp Saginaw; Andrew Hanson Iron River; Ryan Savoy
Superior; Devin Reynolds Cloquet; Jon Hammitt Cloquet; Justin Madsen Foxboro;
Chad Nikstad Superior; Carter Nelson Hermantown; Annika Hammitt Cloquet;
Jared Akervik Superior; Ashley Roninette Pine City; Josh Kallas Hurley;
Mackinzie Bjorkland Sandstone; Andy Poll Two Harbors DNF: Dylan Shelton
Heat 1: Reynolds; Savoy; Shelton; Nelson; Nikstad; Akervik DNF: Bjorkland; Poll
Heat 2; Follett; Hanson; Rapp; J. Hammitt; A. Hammitt; Madsen; Robinette; Kallas
WISSOTA Hornet (10 laps)
Feature (10 laps)
Derek Ament Barnum; Paul George Princeton; David Beckwith Duluth; Hunter
McDougall Duluth; Wally Ament Carlton; Josh Carlson Duluth; Nate Niehaus
Alborn DNF: Kaleb Dallmann Brookston; Rick Hietala Cloquet DNS: Don Popoe
Heat 1; George; Kallmann; W. Ament; Hietala DNS Popoe
Heat 2: D. Ament; Beckwith; McDougall; Niehaus; Carlson

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Jul 18 2016


By Jerry O’Brien 7-17-16 Proctor, MN
Sunday night the Northland Fast Lane Motorsport Super Stock Challenge Series
wrapped up with a 25 lap main event. On the line was a $500 payday for the
feature winner and a $900 plus bonus for sweeping all three features. In line for
the bonus was Mason WI’s Nick Oreskovich as the “Flyin’ Farmer” had won at
AMSOIL Speedway on Friday and backed it up with a narrow win over
Ironwood’s Patrick Beeksma. Going into the Sunday night action at the Proctor
Speedway Oreskovich looked to be the odds on favorite to emulate the inaugural
series’ feat. Curt Myers of Cameron, WI swept all three events. Oreskovich’s third
place in his heat saw him set to start the feature in ninth. As the 21 car field rolled
out onto the Proctor Speedway track surface, disaster struck down Oreskovich’s
high hopes as the 21F pulled up with a flat right front tire forcing him to the pits
for a change. Rules state that if you have to go back to the work area for any
reason you must return at the back of the field. Previous to this incident he had
only to finish seventh in the feature to win the championship. Now he was facing
the task of having to get close to Jeff Klopstein, Jr in order to win. Klopstein was
set to start on the outside pole.
So the field was set ang the green flag flew and so did Willie Johnsen, Jr from
the second row to the lead with Shawn McFadden and Kyle Oman trailing.
Johnsen raced off to a long lead but Adam Shinn’s #14s slid off the top of turn two
and backed into the ditch bringing out the caution flag. Johnsen led the pack to the
green while Oreskovich was in 16th. McFadden, Klopstein, Oman, Shane Kisling
and Keith Kern were in the mix. The caution flag quickly reappeared when Scott
Lawrence was booted off the top of turn two in nearly the same place as Shinn.
Lawrence was restored to his spot and Andy LaBarge was sent to the rear for
causing the yellow flag. The restart came with 22 laps remaining and the order was
Johnsen still in charge, McFadden, Oman, Kisling, Lawrence and Klopstein. The
caution flag again flew for debris in turn one as Lawrence’s right rear quarter
panel came adrift after being knocked loose in the previous incident. The green
light flashed on with 19 laps to go and Johnsen quickly raced away from the pack
as McFadden held onto second battling with Kisling. Johnsen was on cruise
control as Kisling went to second followed by Oman, McFadden, Lawrence and
Beeksma. If the race had ended at this point Klopstein and Beeksma would have
been tied. Johnsen’s superiority was such that he appeared to be in a different time
zone with more than a half lap bulge on the rest. With half the event complete
Johnsen led and began to encounter lapped traffic but the huge lead evaporated
when Kern and Beeksma tangled and Beeksma caught the ticket to the rear. The
restart came with eight laps to go and 16 cars still in competition. Kisling made an
attempt to take the lead on the restart but Johnsen was too strong and steadily
pulled away. Oman was third, Burdick fourth and Lawrence fifth. Lawrence
managed to get to third, Jim Campbell surged into fourth moving Oman back to
fifth. As the laps ticked off, Burdick got past Oman to fifth and the order remained
the same to the checkered flag. Oman finished sixth, a good run for a driver that
seldom races here and Klopstein finished seventh. The rest of the top ten included
Kern, Jared Zimpel and Andy LaBarge.
After all the tabulating was done, the surprise series winner was Scott
Lawrence of Superior who, incidently, is the defending Proctor Speedway
champion by one single point. Kevin Burdick picked up the hard charger award
for the race coming from 17th to fifth and also the over all hard charger for the
series. Johnsen dedicated the feature win to his father Willie Johnsen, Sr who
passed away in May of this year. Oreskovich dropped from competition late
finishing 20th and dropping to fifth in the final series point tabulation.
In other action, Aaron Lillo ran away from Darrell Nelson in the WISSOTA
Late Model 25 lap feature for his first feature win of the season. Terry Lillo, Harry
Hanson and Jason Schill finished in the top five. Danny Vang led from the green
flag in the WISSOTA Modified main event for his first feature win since
switching from the Midwest Modified ranks this season. Neil Balduc passed
Darrell Nelson for second, Paul Wrazidlo and Deven VanHouse rounded out the
top five. Dan Kingsley of Superior passed Skeeter Estey in the late going to take
his first feature of the season. Finishing in the top five were Deven VanHouse,
Craig Lofdahl and Josh Heavirland. Devin Reynolds won his first career Pure
Stock feature over Sterling Knaeble. The win broke Dustin Follett’s stranglehold
on the Pure Stock division. Jon Hammitt was fourth and Cory Jorgenson fifth. The
Casey Hartshorn car has been sold and former Late Model competitor Jorgenson
was helping in setup work. Derek Ament won his second WISSOTA Hornet
feature of the season.
Results Proctor Speedway 7-17-16
Championship round of the Northland Fast Lane Motorsports Super Stock
Challenge Series.
Feature (25 laps)
Willie Johnsen Jr. Superior; Shane Kisling Park Falls; Scott Lawrence Superior;
Jim Campbell Two harbors; Kevin Burdick Proctor; Kyle Oman Chisolm; Jeff
Klopstein, Jr. Tomahawk, WI; Keith Kern Superior; Jared Zimpel Isle, MN; Andy
LaBarge Keewatin; Keith Koski Chisholm; Josh Zimpel Isle; Pat Heikkinen
Elevelth; Ronnie Malecki Superior DNF: Matt Hammitt; Kevin Salin Iron; Shawn
McFadden, Jr. Ashland; Mike Vajdal Chisolm; Brian Carl Duluth; Nick
Oreskovich Mason; Adam Shinn Hermantown
Heat 1: Kisling; Kern; Oreskovich; Vajdal; J Zempel; Koski DNF: Shinn; Salin
Heat 2: Johnsen, Jr; Oman; Klopstein Jr; Burdick; M. Hammitt
Heat 3: Lawrence; Josh Zimpfel; McFadden; LaBarge; Malecki DNF: Carl;
WISSOTA Late Model
Feature (25 laps)
Aaron Lillo Proctor; Darrell Nelson Hermantown; Terry Lillo Duluth; Harry
Hanson Eveleth; Jason Schill Centuria, WI; Tim McMann Duluth; Kevin Carlson
Hermantown; Trevor Wilson Superior; Robbie Cooper South Range; Scott Herrick
Proctor DNF: Tim Lillo Superior
Heat 1: T. Lillo; Nelson; A. Lillo; Carlson; Cooper; Tim Lillo
Heat 2: Hanson; Schill; McMann; Herrick; Wilson
WISSOTA Modified
Feature (20 laps)
Danny Vang Deerwood, MN; Neil Balduc Bessemer; Darrell Nelson Hermantown;
Paul Wrazidlo Duluth; Deven VanHouse Silver Bay; Scott Heikkinen Eveleth
DNF: Johnny Broking Grand Rapids; Bob Broking Grand Rapids; Jody
Bellefeuille Duluth; Zach Jackson Bemidji
Heat 1: Bellefeuille; Nelson; Balduc; Wrazidlo; Jackson
Heat 2: J. Broking; B. Broking; Vang; VanHouse; Heikkinen
WISSOTTA Midwest Modified
Feature (15 laps)
Dan Kingsley Superior; Skeeter Estey Kelly Lake; Deven VanHouse Silver Bay;
Craig Lofdahl Duluth; Josh Heavirland Cloquet; Jeremy Lindquist Ashland; John
Kallas Hurley; Andrew Inman Hermantown DNF: Brandon Copp Brule; David
Kivi Thunder Bay; Ross Siiter Cloquet; Eric Anderson Chisholm
Heat 1: VanHouse; Inman; Kallas; Lindquist; Kivi
Heat 2; S. Estey; Kingsley; Lofdahl; Siiter; Anderson; Copp
WISSOTA Pure Stock
Feature (15 laps)
Devin Reynolds Cloquet (First career win); Sterling Knaeble Bemidji; Dustin
Follett Cloquet; Jon Hammitt Cloquet; Josh Berg Bemidji; Justin Weinberger Park
Falls; Dylan Shelton Wrenshall; Annika Hammitt Cloquet; Kevin Baumgarner
Deer River; Tyler Carlson Cloquet; Andy Poll Two Harbors; Carter Nelson
Hermantown DNF: Mike Blevins Hibbing; Andrew Hanson Iron River; Al Rapp
Heat 1: Blevins; Knaeble; Baumgarner; J. Hammitt; A. Hammitt; Follett; Nelson
DQ: Shelton
Heat 2: Berg; Jorgenson; Hanson; Reynolds; Rapp; Carlson; Poll; Weinberger
Feature (10 laps)
Derek Ament Barnum; Paul George Princeton; David Beckwith Duluth; Hunter
McDougall Duluth; Kaleb Dallmann Brookston; Tate Niehaus Alborn DNF: Wally
Ament Carlton; Don Popoe Superior DNS: Ken Hapy Duluth
Heat: D. Ament; Dallmann; George; W. Ament; Beckwith; McDougall; Niehaus
DNF: Hapy

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