By Jerry O’Brien

8-25-13 Proctor, MN

Sunday night August 25th was not supposed to be on the Proctor Speedway Schedule as they

rarely race the Sunday prior to Thursday’s Silver 1000 which, this year, is the 41st edition.

Officials in cooperation with United Midwest Sprint Series scheduled the UMSS rained out event

for that open date. Also racing Sunday for no track or national points were the Super Stocks,

Midwest Modified and Pure Stock division. Track championships had been wrapped up the

previous Sunday. Consequently, the three divisions were sparsely populated. UMSS brought two

divisions, their “Traditional” non winged sprints and the Winged Sprints. A total of 21 sprints

were in attendance on a sweltering late August afternoon where the thermometer flirted with the

90 degree mark.

There were a pair of heat races in the Pure Stocks as well as the Midwest Modifieds while the

Super Stocks could muster only enough cars for a single heat. The UMSS Traditional sprints ran

a pair of heats, the same eight cars in each while the Winged Sprints, as is their procedure ran

two heat races then ran two of what are called Challenge races. Their feature lineups are set by

Passing Points while the rest of the divisions adhered to the usual point average lineups.

The Midwest Modifeds began the feature action with 13 cars taking the green flag. Deven

VanHouse went for the lead at the green with Jake Gondik, 2013 track champion Danny Vang

and Dan kingsley in his wake. With one lap in the caution flag flew for Ross Siiter who had slid

off turn three. The restart boiled down to a three car battle between VanHouse, Gondik and Vang

as Skeeter Estey raced forward to join in the fun. Kingsley fell back to fifth as VanHouse and

Vang moved to the high groove and got past Gondik. Estey got past Gondik into third as the laps

flew by. At the mid point VanHouse and Vang were side by side for the lead and Vang got past

as Estey moved to second. VanHouse slipped back to fourth while Gondik was fifth. A bit later

the caution flag flew when Josh Overn spun off turn two. On the restart VanHouse slowed on the

back stretch bringing out another caution. VanHouse stayed in the race for another circuit but

then left the track. Vang held the point ahead of Estey and Kingsley in a three car battle for the

lead which lasted for a couple of laps before Vang took control. Estey began to make up come

ground on Vang but ran out of laps. Vang was the winner over Estey, Kingsley, Gondik and jesse

Ogston in the top five.

Next it was the Super Stock feature and, at the green flag Joe Oliver surprisedĀ  everyone with

a strong run off turn two on the high side to take a commanding lead. 2013 track champion Scott

Lawrence broke free and set out in pursuit of Oliver. The race went flag to flag and Lawrence

spent the entire time trying to gain ground on the leader. In the final laps he had a run but could

get no closer than a car length. Oliver won his second main event at the speedway this season.

Donnie Lofdahl, Dan Yrjanson, Ronnie Malecki and Ronnie Malecki finished in the top five.

The Traditional Sprints took to the track for their 20 lap feature with Brian VanMevern

leading the way from the pole. Outside pole sitter Johnny Parsons the third quickly raced to the

front while VanMevern fell into the clutcjes of Rob Caho, Jr in a skirmish for second. The

caution flag flew with five laps in when Jesse Tripp spun in turn one. The green flag flew and

Parsons now had Caho to contend with. Barely a lap had gone by when another caution flag

appeared when Lucas Milz took a spin off turn one. The restart saw Caho take a big lead over

Parsons who then led the rest of the way for his sixth feature win of the season. Caho was the

2012 UMSS champion and cemented his claim on the 2013 crown with the win. Parsons, Rookie

of the year Mike Mueller, Milz and Katrina Sautbine rounded out the top five.

Next the Winged Sprints moved onto the track for 20 laps of competition. A false start was

called on the field on the first try and the pack formed up for another try. This one was successful

and Chris Graf bolted from the pole to the lead over Josh Tostenson, Tony Norem, Cody Hahn

and Brooke Tatnell. Most of the 13 car field went to the top shelf looking for that elusive Proctor

cushion. Graf held a huge lead as Tostenson, Jerry Richert, Jr and Tatnell went at it for position.

Ten laps went by quickly and the half way point was reached. The caution flag flew for the first

time just past the mid point when Norem was turned around in turn four. The restart saw Graf

able to hold onto the lead over Tostenson, Tatnell, Richert and Hahn in the top five. Rick kobe,

Leigh Thomas, Mike young, Neil Matuska and Norem ran in the top ten. Tatnell moved into

second as the caution flag flew again when Young spun in turn two. The caution flag came with

13 of 20 circuits complete. Tatnell had Graf right where he wanted him on the restart and blew

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