Sep 02 2016

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By Jerry O’Brien 9-1-16 Proctor, MN
Darrell Nelson continued his dominance of the area WISSOTA PolyDome Dirt
Track Series Late Models and Modifieds as he won both ends of the 44th Annual
Silver 1000 Thursday September 1st at the Proctor Speedway. In doing so he
became the only driver in the history of the event to perform the feat twice. It was
ten years ago in 2006 when he became the first to do so.
A huge crowd of fans came to the speedway for the event on a cloudy and
windy September first with no precipitation in sight. The car count was stout in the
Modified division with 40 drivers in competition. The Late Models mustered a
strong field of cars numbering 27 for a total of 67 in the two divisions.
The Modifieds were first up with five heat races and a pair of B Features along
with a provisional starter for a 25 car feature field. A pole dash was on tap for the
division to set the top five rows of the 30 lap event.
Kevin Adams, Deven VanHouse, Cory Bruggeman, Jason Miller and Bob
Broking were heat winners. The top four in each heat advanced to the feature and
the top two advanced to the pole dash. Paul Wrazidlo won and Johnny Broking
finished second and would comprise the front row for the main event.
On the Late Model side, three heats were on tap with the top five in each
advancing to the feature. Chad Mahder, John Kaanta and Jeff Massingill captured
heat wins and Kaanta won the dash with Darrell Nelson second. The duo would
make up the front row for the 40 lap feature.
The first to take to the track were the Modifieds and at the green flag, Johnny
Broking used the outside line to grab the lead. Wrazidlo, Darrell Nelson. Bob
Broking and Jason Miller ran in the early top five. With one lap complete Jody
Bellefeuille hit the cement at the exit of turn four and scraped along the wall
bringing out the first caution flag. Bellefeuille’s car sustained heavy damage and
he became the second casualty of the event joining Kevin Eder who had blown the
engine in his heat race and did not start the main event. At the green flag Johnny
Broking led Nelson, Wrazidlo and Bob Broking while the battle was for fifth with
Cory Bruggeman leading Kevin Adams. Neldon closed up on Broking, made the
pass and began to pull away. As the laps reeled off, several drivers began to make
their way forward including Ashley Anderson, Kelly Estey, Jeff Tardy, Al Uotinen
and Dave Cain all of whom had started deep in the field. Just past half way Adams
encountered problems and spun in turn three while running sixth bringing out the
second caution flag and ending his race. The restart came with fourteen laps to go
and Nelson retained the lead, Wrazidlo got past Johnny Broking and Bruggeman
was fourth. Johnny Broking got back around Wrazidlo and a lap later the caution
flag again appeared when Steve Stuart got turned around at the bottom turns three
and four. Racing resumed with a dozen circuits remaining and the restart saw
Nelson still in control over Johnny Broking and Wrazidlo. Almost unnoticed,
Ashley Anderson had been flying up through the field and arrived in fourth from
his 20th starting spot. The fourth caution flag flew for a spinning Bruggeman in
turn four who was tagged by Schultz. Ryan Aho driving the #92 was tagged with
the incident and sent to the rear. There were eleven laps remaining when the green
flag flew. Nelson was in control, Broking was firmly in second, Wrazidlo third,
Ashley Anderson in fourth as Mike Anderson, Estey and Jeff Tardy battled for
fifth. The fifth and final caution flag occurred when drbris was spotted on the front
stretch. The restart came with five laps remaining with Nelson headed for another
Silver 1000 Modified feature win. Johnny Broking had been stellar in the top two
the entire race and finished a strong second. Ashley Anderson’s heroic drive from
20th to third came to an end a few yards from the checkered flag when he spun in
turn four. The checkered flag was already in the air and there was no caution
called. He managed to cross the line but in a disappointing 19th place. Mike
Anderson was third while Wrazidlo and Bob Broking also had great runs to finish
fourth and fifth respectively. Estey’s run from deep in the field resulted in a sixth
place finish, Bruggeman held on for seventh, Tardy was eighth, Uotinen was ninth
and Dave Cain came from the 12th row to finish tenth.
Nelson defended his 2015 Modified Silver 1000 title and Johnny Broking
turned the fastest lap at 17.143 seconds. It was Nelson’s seventh Silver 1000 win
over all.
The 44th Late Model main event was set for the traditional 40 laps with John
Kaanta and Darrell Nelson leading the 27 car field to the green. Kaanta got the
jump at the start over Nelson, Pat Doar, Chad Mahder and Jeff Massingill. After a
lap Nelson got by Kaanta to the lead with Doar, Mahder and Massingill in the top
five. Kevin Carlson encountered some problems with his #79 and pulled into the
infield in the first turn but was unable to get out of harms way bringing out the
first caution flag. On the restart nelson led but Doar slipped past Kaantaa to
second while Massingill took fourth and Jesse Glenz worried at Mahder’s bumper
for fifth. As the laps flew by without further incident, Nelson clung to the point
with Doar inching closer. New players joined the battles as the leaders commenced
lapping in heavy traffic. Joining in the rush toward the leaders were Steve Laursen
and Harry Hanson along with Jake Redetzke who was quietly moving forward
from his 14th starting slot. Tim McMann spun at the bottom of the fourth turn
bringing out the second caution flag. The restart came with 22 laps remaining and
nelson still on top. Doar stayed close as the green flag flew and, at the half way
point, got the run he was looking for and zipped past Nelson into the lead. Doar
continued to lead over Nelson, Kaanta and Massingill in the leasd five while
Hanson, Laursen and Glenz kept close to the front runners. With no caution flags
flying, the leaders soon found themselves in heavy traffic again at the rear of the
field. This enabled those further back to inch closer as the laps wound down. Doar
still clung to the lead with five laps remaining but Nelson found the opening he
had been looking for and drove past on the final circuit for the win. Doar, Glenz,
Kaanta and Massingill completed the top five. Laursen, Hanson, Redsetzke,
Kintner and Kyle Peterlin finished in the top ten. It was third Late Model win in
the Silver 1000 and completed his second sweep of the event. Nelson also turned
the fastest lap of the race 16.264 seconds.
Results 44th Annual Silver 1000
WISSOTA PolyDome Dirt Track Series Late Models (27 cars)
Feature (40 laps)
Darrell Nelson Hermantown; Pat Doar New Richmond; Jesse Glenz Cadott; John
Kaanta Elk Mound; Jeff Massingill Keewatin; Steve Laursen Cumberland; Harry
Hanson Eveleth; Jake Redetzke Eau Claire; Jay Kintner Hibbing; Kyle Peterlin
Hibbing; Travis Budisalovich Minneapolis; Aaron Lillo Proctor; A. J. Diemel Elk
Mound; Zach Wohlers Kelly Lake; Jeff Provinzino Hibbing; Chad Mahder Eau
Claire; Terry Lillo Duluth; Tim McMann Duluth; Don Frider Hibbing; Dave Esse
Cloquet Todd Gehl Solon Springs; Scott Herrick Proctor; Gregg Hill Eveleth;
George Ledin Britt DNF: Tim Lillo Superior; Robbie Cooper South Range; Kevin
Carlson Hermantown
Heat 1: Mahder; nelson; Kintner; Laursen; Terry lillo; McMann; Gehl; Ledin;
Heat 2: Kaanta; Doar; A. Lillo; Peterlin; Redetzke; Wohlers; Hi;;’ Carlson;
Heat 3: Massingill; Glenz; Hanson; Budisalovich; Provinzino; Diemel; Frideer;
Cooper; Tim Lillo
WISSOTA PolyDome Dirt Track Series Modifieds (40 cars)
Feature (30 laps)
Darrell Nelson Hermantown; Johnny Broking Grand Rapids; Mike Anderson
Colfax; Paul Wrazidlo Duluth; Bob Broking Grand Rapids; Kelly Estey Kelly
Lake; cory Bruggeman Stillwater; Jeff Tardy Hibbing; Al uotinen Superior; Dave
Cain Corcoran; Jason Miller Osceola; Joey Jensen Harris; Ryan Aho Chisholm;
Paul Schultz Grand Rapids; Pat Cook Washburn; Gavin Paull Ft. Frances, Ont;
Devden VanHouse Silver Bay; Cody Wolkowski Thunder Bay DNF: Neil Balduc
Bessemer; Steve Stuart Ashland; Kevin Adams cameron; Jeff Massingill
Keewatin; Jody Bellefeuille Duluth DNS: Kevin Eder Ashland
B Feature #1: A. Anderson; Cain; Schultz; Cory Sersha Grand Rapids; Ken
Mostoller Warba; Rick Rivord Superior; Matt DePiero Ft. Frances; Brody
Strachan Emo, Ont; Brian Mikkonen Iron River; Steve Hallquist Eau Claire
B Feature #2: Jensen; Stuart; Rick Niemi Eveleth; Jeff Broking Grand Rapids; Jeff
Spacek Phillips; Al Stettner Newport, MN; Donnie Lofdahl Duluth; Ken Hron
Nashwauk; Bill Byholm Glidden; Jeffery Wood Chisholm
Heat 1: Adams; Nelson; Eder; Uotinen; Schultz; Jensen; Sersha; Stettner;
Heat 2: VanHouse; Wrazidlo; Paull; Massingill; Jeff Broking; Hallquist; Stuart;
Heat 3: Bruggeman; Johnny Broking; Aho; Balduc; A. Anderson; Byholm;
Rivord; Wood
Heat 4: Miller; M. Anderson; Cook’ Estey; Hron; Cain; Spacek; DePiero
Heat 5: B. Broking; Bellefeuille; Tardy; Wolkowski’ Mikkonen; Miemi’
Mostoller; Lofdahl

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