By Jerry O’Brien

8-1-13 Proctor, MN

Skeeter Estey drove to an early lead from the pole in the 20 lap Midwest Modified feature

ahead of point leader Danny Vang, Dan Kingsley while Jake Gondik battled with Mack Estey for

fourth and fifth. Skeeter Estey, Kingsley and Vang distanced themselves from the rest until Kyle

Inman’s car erupted in a cloud of steam going down the front stretch. Inman was able to limp off

the track but stalled on the pit road bringing out the caution flag with five laps recorded. On the

restart Skeeter Estey moved out to a ten car length lead while Kingsley was busy holding off

Vang. Ninth starting Deven VanHouse moved in on Gondik for fourth and took the position. The

top seven cars pulled away from Chris Bretting who led a gaggle of cars in a battle for eighth.

Skeeter Estey was in complete control of the race and went on to win his first feature of the

season at the speedway. Kingsley, VanHouse, Vang and Gondik finished in the top five.

It was 25 laps for the WISSOTA Late Models and Harry Hanson raced off turn two into the

lead from the outside of the front row over Zach Wohlers, Kyle Peterlin and Darrell Nelson.

Hanson drove off to a huge lead while Petrelin, Nelson and Wohlers skirmished for second.

Nelson burst free into second and began to slowly close on Hanson who had pushed the set

button on his cruise control. Just at the half way point with Hanson way off in the distance, the

first and only caution flag of the race flew when Dave Esse backed off the third and fourth turns

in a big lazy loop. Now Hanson was in reach of the rest as the green flag flew with 14 laps

remaining. Hanson tried his best but Nelson was not to be denied and took over the point.

Hanson maintained second over Peterlin, Wohlers and Aaron Lillo driving Matt Sorenson’s

number 94. As Nelson took his turn in the lead, Hanson was feeling pressure from Peterlin who

got by into second. Nelson won his second feature of the season over Peterlin, Hnson, Wohlers,

Lillo and Esse while Robbie Cooper dropped out.

Al Rapp fresh off a big win at the Pure Excitement 25 Pure Stock special the previous night

used his pole position starting spot to lead every lap of the Pure Stock main event. The field was

never far behind him, however as four caution flags as well as several tries at a

green/white/checkered finish kept the masses close. Matt Hammitt raced in the lead pack the

entire race and wound up second ahead of Lucas Carlson, Glenn Dammer and newcomer Cody

Herrick in the top five. Justin Madsen finished sixth after spinning and falling a lap down at the

beginning of the race.

A surprised Shawn McFadden, Jr suddenly found himself leading the 20 lap WISSOTA Super

Stock main event Sunday night at the Proctor Speedway. McFadden was cruising along alone in

second place behind leader Andy Davey who, in turn, was way out in front when suddenly Davey

fell off the pace giving up the point to McFadden. Davey fell back to fifth place at the checkered

flag behind point leader Scott Lawrence, Joe Oliver and Kevin Burdick second through fourth.

Davey began the feature from the pole and quickly raced off to a commanding lead over

McFadden who started on the outside pole. Burdick, Donnie Lofdahl and Lawrence ran in the top

five and were soon joined by Joe Oliver. Lofdahl fell back and Oliver and Lawrence caught

Burdick as the three put on the best race of the event for the third spot. At this point it appeared

Davey had things well in had but then dropped like a rock back to fifth. With no caution flags to

close up the pack, McFadden was left with a big lead and an easy win as there were not enough

laps left for him to be caught by Lawrence who had inherited second after making a strong inside

move off the second turn to get past Oliver and Burdick. Oliver got by Burdick for third in the

closing laps.

The final feature of the evening was for the WISSOTA Modifieds with Kelly Estey jumping

out to the lead from the pole at the initial green flag. E. J. Hietala, Deven VanHouse, Jeff

Broking and Brian Mikkonen ran in the top five. Broking moved into second as justin jones spun

in turn one bringing out the first of two caution flags. Estey was in control of the event over

Broking as VanHouse made the pass into third. Darrell Nelson had worked his way up to sixth

after starting at the rear as he did not finish the heat. The second caution flag appeared when nick

Musel slowed off turn two and stopped. He was sent to the pits due to a missing front bumper.

Nelson got a good run off turn two and made the push into fourth as VanHouse battled his way

past Broking into second and closed to within three car lengths of Estey but ran out of laps and

had to settle for second. Further back Cory Jorgenson got by Mikkonen to round out the top five.

Results Proctor Speedway 8-11-13 (67 cars)

WISSOTA Late Models (8 cars)

Feature (25 laps) Darrell Nelson Hermantown, MN; Kyle Peterlin Hibbing, MN; Harry Hanson

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