Aug 19 2013

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By Jerry O’Brien 8-19-13 Proctor, MN
Sunday night August 19th was the much anticipated and postponed American Cancer Society
Relay For Life Race Against Cancer. The event was very successful, though the numbers are not
finalized, the total raised is in the neighborhood of $11,000. This was the sixth year of the Race
Against Cancer and the monies raised for ACS is around $70,000.

With all the rain outs early in the year only six races were held that counted toward the track
point championships and all of them came to a head on this Sunday. Darrell Nelson of
Hermantown, MN pulled off another double championship season winning both the Late Model
and Modified titles. Superior’s Scott Lawrence defended his 2012 title winning five of six
features. Danny Vang made his trips east from Brainerd, MN count as he won the Midwest
Modified track championship and Glenn Dammer of Duluth won the Pure Stock crown by a
scant three points. All results are unofficial at this writing. For the official standings see the
Proctor Speedway website.
With 76 cars on hand in the five divisions, there were enough cars in each division for two
heats in each. When qualifying was finished, the first feature to roll onto the speedway was for
the WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds.
Chris Bretting got a good jump at the start but a caution flag for a spinning Jori Hughes set the
tone for the event which had five caution flags in the 20 lap race. The second caution flag came
while trying to get in that first lap when Andrew Inman spun collecting four cars. When they
finally got going, it was Dan Kingsley who was in the thick of the points race, got off to a good
start with Vang and Mack Estey in hot pursuit along with Deven VanHouse and Josh Heavirland.
Vang vaulted to second as the top three pulled away from the rest. Jesse Ogston who had started
ninth moved past heavirland into the top five at this point. Caution flag number three flew when
Vang and Kingsley collided in turn three, a hit and spin with Vang charged with the incident.
Unfortunately Vang’s car was damaged and he fell from competition. The restart came with ten
laps remaining and Kingsley still in front. VanHouse took to the top shelf and the high side
momentum took him into the lead. Estey and Heavirland were third and fourth while Jake
Gondik moved into the top five. The fourth caution flag necessitated another restart and
Gondik’s run came to an end with the fifth caution flag as he got caught up in a first turn incident
with Adam Shinn and Inman. The race went the rest of the way without further incident as the
leaders were slinging around the high side. VanHouse, Kingsley; Estey, Ogston and Heavirland
finished in the top five. Vang’s point lead was large enough to survive the DNF and he won the
championship by 11 points over VanHouse.
The WISSOTA Super Stocks were up next and this one did not begin well as pole sitter Andy
Labarge spun in the first turn right in front of the 16 car field. Miraculously everyone missed him
but his chances for another feature win were greatly diminished as he was sent to the tail of the
field. The next try went better and Kevin Burdick popped out of the field on the favored high side
into the lead with Joe Oliver right on his bumper. Andy Grymala, Jim Campbell and Scott
Lawrence in a bunch. Donnie Lofdahl took an unintended trip off turn three bringing out the
second caution flag. On the restart with Burdick and Oliver leading, Lawrence moved upstairs
going into third looking for second but Dan Yrjanson’s caution flag stopped that effort
momentarily. At this point only four laps were recorded. The restart saw Lawrence resume his
quest and he moved around Oliver to the lead, a move that was stalled when Lofdahl and
LaBarge went around in turn three. Lawrence restarted at the point, protected the inside in the
first turn then went back to the momentum and pulled away while Burdick was dealing with
Shawn McFadden, Jr who has been on a tear lately. Appearing in the top five in fourth for the
first time was Wayne Stricker who had started 15th and quietly worked his way into contention
Oliver fell to fifth. Lawrence was still strong in the high groove though Burdick showed signs of
inching closer. He could get no nearer than a couple of car lengths as Lawrence won his fifth
feature of the season at the speedway and defended his 2012 crown by McFadden, Burdick and
Oliver who finished in a three way tie for second in the final standings. In the actual feature the
top five were Lawrence, Burdick, Stricker, Oliver and Brian Carl.
Darrell Nelson held a four point lead in the WISSOTA Modified standings entering the final
points race of the season. Jeff Broking and Jody Bellefeuille shared the front row for the 20 lpa
main event and it was Bellefeuille who used the high groove to take the lead at the outset over
Broking, Ryan Aho, Neil Balduc and Brian Mikkonen. Nelson was on the move also working the
outside line. As Bellefeuille extended his lead Broking and Aho moved to the outside. Aho dived
to the inside of Broking in turn one but couldn’t make the pass. With no caution flags thus far,
the half way point was quickly reached with the top five the same except for Nelson who won his
battle with Mikkonen and took fifth. Broking moved in on Bellefeuille, found some bite on the
bottom and took over the top spot off turn two. Nelson found himself in the clutches of Kelly
Estey and lost fifth as the white flag appeared. Rick Cannata brought out the only caution flag of
the event spinning on the back stretch setting up a green/white/checkered finish. Broking was
able to hang on for his first feature win of the season at the speedway. Nelson’s sixth place finish
coupled with Deven VanHouse’s 11th place was enough to give Nelson the title by 13 points.
Nelson also held a slight lead over Kyle Peterlin in the WISSOTA Late Model standings. At
the start of the feature Todd Gehl went for broke and took the lead at the initial green flag ahead
of Aaron Lillo while Nelson surged from seventh into third. The caution flag flew for Cory
Jorgenson. The restart saw Nelson outgun Gehl and Lillo and take the lead. Tim McMann and
Terry Lillo were fourth and fifth while Peterlin and Harry Hanson battled for sixth while both
were seeking a way into the top five. Nelson was long gone and had nearly a straight away
advantage. Nelson was just out for a Sunday drive, but that advantage fell by the wayside when
the second caution flag flew when Zach Wohlers turned around in turn two. Nelson maintained
the lead over Aaron Lillo, Gehl and Peterlin. Peterlin leapfrogged into third then into second and
set out to track down Nelson as he needed to win in order to defend his 2012 championship. Turn
three where most of the night’s troubles occurred bit Gehl bringing out another caution period.
The restart came with seven laps to go and Peterlin tried desperately to run Nelson down but
could only get within a couple of car lengths of the leader. Nelson went on to win the feature and
the track championship by six points over Peterlin and 24 over Harry Hanson. Terry Lillo, Aaron
Lillo and Wohlers finished in the feature top five.
The night ended with 15 laps for the Proctor Pure Stocks. Glenn Dammer held a slim lead
over Al Rapp on the final night of competition. Craig Horak won his fourth feature of the season
as Rapp and Dammer waged their own battle further back. Neither were a factor in this battle, but
their skirmish with one another would decide the outcome of the season long war. Four caution
flags jumbled the field throughout the event as Horak took the win over Mike Sirois and Mark
Korte. Rapp finished fourth one spot ahead of Dammer but it was not enough as Dammer held on
to the point lead and won the championship by three points. Dustin follet finished third a distant
48 points off the lead.
Results Proctor Speedway Sixth Annual ACS Relay For Life Race Against Cancer
(76 cars)
WISSOTA Late Model (13 cars)
Feature: Darrell Nelson Hermantown; Kyle Peterlin Hibbing; Terry Lillo Duluth; Aaron Lillo
Proctor; Zach Wohlers Pengilly, MN; Tim McMann Duluth; Scott Herrick Proctor; Robbie
Cooper South Range, WI; Cory Jorgenson Hermantown; Tim Lillo Superior DNF: Todd Gehl
Solon Springs; Harry Hanson Eveleth; T. J. Adams Hayward, WI
Heat 1: Hanson; Cooper; McMann; A. Lillo; Jorgenson; Adams; T. Lillo
Heat 2: Peterlin; Nelson; T. Lillo; Gehl; Wohlers; Herrick
WISSOTA Modified (14 cars)
Feature: Jeff broking Grand Rapids, MN; Jody Bellefeuille Duluth; Ryan Aho Chisholm, MN;
Neil Balduc Bessemer, MI; Kelly Estey Kelly Lake, MN; Darrell Nelson Hermantown; Kevin
Eder Ashland, WI; Brian Mikkonen Iron River, WI; Rick Cannata Hibbing; Nick Musel duluth;
Deven VanHouse Silver bay, MN; E. J. Hietala Cloquet; Cory Jorgenson Hermantown; Scott
Heikkinen Eveleth
Heat 1: Bellefeuille; Estey; Broking; Balduc; Musel; VanHouse; Heikkinen
Heat 2: Mikkonen; Nelson; Eder; Aho; Cannata; Hietala; Jorgenson
WISSOTA Super Stock (16 cars)
Feature: Scott Lawrence Superior; Kevin Burdick Proctor; wayne Stricker Highbridge, WI; Joe
Oliver Superior; Brian Carl Duluth; Shawn McFadden Ashland; Ronnie Malecki Superior;
Trevor Arens Hibbing; Jim Campbell Two harbors, MN; Pat Heikkinen Eveleth; Dan Yrjanson
carlton, MN; John Toppozini Thunder Bay Ont.; Kevin Salin Iron, MN DNF: Andy Grymala
Superior; Andrew LaBarge Keewatin, MN; Donnie Lofdahl Duluth
Heat 1: Lawrence; LaBarge; Grymala; Campbell; Malecki; Salin; Toppozini DNF: Stricker
Heat 2: Arens; Oliver; Burdick; McFadden; Carl; Lofdahl; Yrjanson DNS: Heikkinen
WISSOTA Midwest Modified (14 cars)
Feature: Deven VanHouse Silver Bay; Dan Kingsley Superior; Mack Estey Kelly Lake; Jesse
Ogston Duluth; Josh Heavirland Cloquet; Andrew Inman Hermantown; Jori Hughes Tower, MN;
Adam Shinn Duluth DNF: Jake Gondik Foxboro, WI; Danny Vang Brainerd, MN; Chris Bretting
Washburn, WI; Cory Ziebol Cloquet DNS: Justin Bassa Hermantown; Tyler Luger Iron River
Heat 1: Vang; Heavirland; Gondik; Bretting; Ogston; Ziebol DNF: Hughes
Heat 2: VanHouse; Estey; Kingsley; Inman; Shinn DNF: Bassa; Luger
Proctor Pure Stock (19 cars)
Feature: Craig Horak Grand Marais, MN; Mike Sirois Hermantown; Mark Korte Duluth; Al
Rapp Saginaw, MN; Glenn Dammer Duluth; Dustin Follett Cloquet; Matt Deragon Ashland;
Gary Campbell, Sr; Annika Hammitt Cloquet; Esten Nelson Grand Marais; Matt Hammitt
Cloquet; Rita Anderson South Range; Devin Reynolds Cloquet; Brandle Pupp Ashland; Ryan
Madsen South Range DNF: Maurice Campbell Duluth; Jon Hammitt Cloquet; Lucas Carlson
Cloquet; Austin Blom Saginaw
Heat 1: Rapp; Follett; Dammer; Korte; Horak; Campbell, Sr; Anderson; Madsen DNF: Carlson;
A. Hammitt
Heat 2: Nelson; Sirois; J. Hammitt; Deragon; Pupp; M. Campbell; Reynolds DNF: Blom; M.

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