Jun 27 2014

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Lakehead Racing Association Memberships

June 30, 2013 is the last day to purchase point fund memberships and general memberships from Lakehead Racing Association.

General Memberships will be sold by Joann O’Brian on the front stretch at both race tracks or by Jess Bellefeuille in the pits at AMSOIL or the draw booth at Proctor.  ($10)

AMSOIL Point Fund Memberships will be sold by Dennis at the Pit Gate. ($20/CLASS)

Proctor Point Fund Memberships will be sold at the draw booth on Sunday. ($20/CLASS)

If you are unable to purchase memberships at these places please contact jess@proctorspeedway.com prior to June 30th!

SO remember to buy your 2014 association memberships before June 30th to vote in the 2015 board elections on Wednesday October 1st, 2014. Point Fund memberships are voting memberships, too. One vote per driver.

There are 5 spots up for re-election/election. You MUST have a membership to be considered eligible in the election.

Lakehead Racing Association manages both Proctor Speedway and AMSOIL Speedway. BOTH Tracks are effected by this election.

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