Jul 07 2014

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By Jerry O’Brien 7-6-14 Proctor, MN

It was Open Wheel night at the Proctor Speedway Sunday night featuring

Upper Midwest Sprint Series (UMSS)Traditional and Winged Sprint Cars

along with WISSOTA Modifieds and Midwest Modifieds. A large crowd of

fans crowded into the speedway grandstands for the event on a hot July night.

After all of the qualifying heat races were complete and the track was

groomed, it was time to go racing. The UMSS features were sandwiched in

between the Midwest Modified and Modified features so the first event up

was 20 laps for the Midwest Modifieds. Justin Bassa grabbed the lead on lap

one off turn two but the irrepressible Danny Vang shot out to the point at the

line. Jesse Ogston, Lance Solem and Cody carlson were locked in battle in

the early going. Vang began to extend his lead but a tangle in turn one

involving Dale Soumala and Andy Inman bunched the pack up with three

laps in. Vang jumped out front at the green as Ogston took second over

Solem and Bassa. Deven VanHouse worked his way into the top five as Jake

Gondik worked his way into the top five. Vang’s lead became wider as

Solem grabbed second ahead of Ogston and VanHouse while Carlson and

Gondik battled for fifth. Vang was completely in control but suddenly the

number 47 erupted dumping fluid down into the first turn bringing out the

caution and ending his night. With a dozen laps remaining the restart put

Solem out front and Gondik was in a battle with VanHouse for second.

Gondik took the spot and went for the lead making the pass on Solem. Once

in front Gondik extended the lead and set the cruise control. VanHouse raced

into second and set out after Gondik but ran out of laps as Gondik won his

second straight Midwest Modified feature at the speedway. VanHouse,

Ogston, Dan Kingsley and Solem finished in the top five.

Then it was time to run the 25 lap main event for the Traditional Sprints

which got off to a rocky start as Kevin Bradwell brought out the caution

before a lap could be completed. The next try was better and Chase Viebrock

took the lead over Rob Caho, Jr, Cam Schafer, Alex Peper and Jake Kouba.

With six laps in, Peper spun in turn two bringing out the caution again. On

the restart Viebrock overcooked it and slid high in turns one and two opening

the door for Caho. Viebrock gathered it up and retook the point over Caho

and held on as the halfway point was reached. Behind Viebrock positions

seemed to change every lap as the battle between Mike Mueller, Caho,

Schafer and Bradwell raged. Mueller put on a charge and took the lead from

Viebrock just past the midpoint but a car in the “ditch” off turn three brought

out the caution flag with nine laps remaining. At the green Mueller had a

stranglehold on the lead and held off all comers to take the win. Caho,

Viebrock, Jimmy Kouba who had been waiting in the weeds, and Schafer

were top five finishers.

Next up it was 25 laps for the Traditional Non-Winged Sprints. Pole sitter

Jennifer Eriksen grabbed the early lead but soon gave way to Jerry Richert, Jr

who quickly pulled away. On the prowl was all time UMSS feature winner

Brooke Tatnell looking for his 26th UMSS feature win. Tatnell was working

his way through traffic and quickly made his way to the second spot. It was

there he seemed to stall as he could not make up any ground on Richert.. The

half way point was reached and Richert still had the measure of Tatnell while

Ericksen maintained third ahead of Jared Georges and Jayme Ogston. Richert

was in charge as the laps flew by but then Ericksen’s car erupted in a cloud of

smoke bringing out the only caution flag of the event with four laps

remaining. Richert was looking for a good restart and looking for his 17th

UMSS feature win but it was not to be as Tatnell driving the Number yellow

number 34 belonging to Rick Kobs tracked Richert and executed a perfect

slide job in turn four to take the lead and the win. Richert, Georges, Ogston

and Ryan Bowers finished in the top five. Ogston and Bowers are rookies in

2014. Tatnell won the 26th UMSS feature of his career.

The final feature of the evening was 20 laps for the WISSOTA Modifieds.

At the green flag outside pole sitter Nick Musel got the hole shot and raced

into the lead across the backstretch followed by Scott Heikkinen, Brian

Mikkonen, E. J. Hietala and Donnie Lofdahl. The first caution flag occurred

when rookie Jeffery Wood slid off turn three. Musel retained the lead at the

green but lost it to Hietala who pulled out a three car length lead. Musel held

onto second but was pressured by Deven VanHouse, Jody Bellefeuille, and

Heikkinen. The field became strung out as the laps wound down until Wood

again went off the track setting up a two lap dash to the finish. On the restart

Bellefeuille made a move on Musel entering turn one, the two clashed and

Bellefuille’s car rode up on Musel’s and they locked together. Both were able

to drive away once the cars were pried apart but Bellefuille was charged with

the incident and sent to the back. Musel was restored to the lead but could not

hold off Hietala who shouldered past to take his second consecutive feature

win at the speedway. VanHouse, Heikkinen and Mikkonen finished top five.

Proctor Speedway Open Wheel night

WISSOTA Modified (10 cars)

Feature (20 laps) E. J. Hietala Cloquet; Nick Musel Duluth; Deven

VanHouse Silver Bay; Scott Heikkinen Eveleth; Brian Mikkonen Iron River;

Cory Jorgenson Hermantown; Zack Drews Duluth; Jody Bellefeuille Duluth

DNF: Jeffery Wood Chisholm; Donnie Lofdahl Duluth

Heat 1: VanHouse; Musel; Bellefeuille; Heikkinen; Drews

Heat 2: Hietala; Jorgenson; Mikkonen; Lofdahl; Wood

WISSOTA Midwest Modified (17 cars)

Feature (20 laps) Jake Gondik Foxboro; Deven VanHouse Silver Bay; Jesse

Ogston Duluth; Dan Kingsley Superior; Lance Solem Duluth; Cody Carlson

Superior; Andy Inman Hermantown; Josh Heavirland Cloquet; Justin Bassa

Hermantown; Chris Bretting Washburn; Jeremy Lindquist Ashland; Dale

Soumala Hermantown; Ross Siiter Duluth DNF: Josh Overn Mahtowa;

Danny Vang Brainerd; Dave Mastell Lino Lakes, MN; Dan Doran


Heat 1: Kingsley; Gondik; Ogston; Solem; Inman; Soumala; Overn; Bretting

DNS: doran

Heat 2: VanHouse; Vang; Bassa; Carlson; Mastell; Heavirland; Lindquist;


UMSS Winged Sprints

Feature (25 laps) Brooke Tatnell Forest Lake; Jerry Richert Forest Lake;

Jared Georges Brainerd; Jamey Ogston Duluth; Ryan Bowers Ham Lake;

Anna Kouba Lino Lakes; Leigh Thomas Duluth; Reed Allex St Cloud DNF:

Jennifer Eriksen Burnsville; Cody Hahn Oak Grove DNS; Davey Heskin St

Michaels; Sye Anderson Brainerd

Heat 1: Georges; Bowers; Allex; Richert; Ogston; Heskin

Heat 2: Hahn; Tatnell; Thomas; Eriksen; A. Kouba

Challenge Race #1: Tatnell; Richert; Bowers; Eriksen; Allex DNS: Anderson

Challenge Race #2: Hahn; Thomas; Georges; A. Kouba; Ogston DNS Heskin

Traditional Wingless Sprints ( 11 cars)

Feature (25 laps) Mike Mueller Stacey; Rob Caho, Jr Wyoming, MN; Chase

Viebrock New Richmond; Jimmy Kouba Byron, MN; Cam Schafer

Glenwood, MN; Jake Kouba Byron; Brad Nelson Brainerd; Scott Brandt;

Mike Walters Lake Elmo DNF: Kevin Bradwell Luck, WI; Alex Peper

Heat 1: Viebrock; Bradwell; Walters; Peper; Nelson; Brandt

Heat 2: Caho, Jr; Schafer; Jake Kouba; Mueller; Jimmy Kouba


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