Jul 22 2013

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By Jerry O’Brien
7-21-13 Proctor, MN

Four of the Sunday night feature winners at the Proctor Speedway had won previously at the

speedway in 2013. Only Modified feature winner Kevin Eder of Ashland, WI was a first time


Veteran racer Tim McMann of Duluth won his second Late Model main event of the season

as the defending champion tries to repeat. Defending Super Stock champion Scott Lawrence of

Superior added his third feature win of the season to his total and Danny Vang from Brainerd,

MN did the same with his third win of the season at the speedway. In the Pure Stock division

Esten Nelson also recorded his third victory of the season.

The first main event to take to the track was the 20 lap Midwest Modified feature which got

off to a very rocky start as there were three caution flags before the first lap was completed

resulting in four cars registering did not finish in the results column.

Jake Gondik led the first few laps from the outside of the front row over Dan Kingsley, Danny

Vang, Chris Bretting and Cody Carlson. Carlson was in a pack along with Deven VanHouse,

Tyler Luger and Jesse Ogston. Carlson sort of popped out of the pack into the fifth spot with the

others close behind. Gondik continued in the lead while Vang moved around Kingsley to second

as Vang got by Kingsley with VanHouse and Carlson fourth and fifth while Ogston was locked

in a skirmish with Josh Heavirlind for sixth. Vang led at the halfway point over Gondik,

Kingsley, VanHouse, Carlson and Ogston. Vang pulled away from the field as the laps began to

wind down and Kingsley encountered problems with the 68k and pulled into the pits moving

everyone up a spot as Vang crossed the finish line well ahead of Gondik for his third win of the

season while VanHouse, Ogston and Carlson finished in the top five.

The 20 lap Super Stock feature stuttered to the start as John Toppozini spun in turn four. The

second try at a start was successful and Joe Oliver went to the lead after replacing Toppozini on

the pole followed by Shawn McFadden, Tyler Kintner, Donnie Lofdahl and Pat Heikkinen.

Defending champion Scott Lawrence was on the move on the outside, quickly up to fifth from

the fourth row in the first three laps. While Oliver continued to lead, the top groove was working

for Lawrence as he moved up to third while McFadden hassled Oliver for the top spot. The

second caution flag was a Canadian connection as Toppozini from Thunder Bay and Norm

Heiskanen from Sylvan Lake Alberta tangled in turn four with Heiskanen charge with the

incident. At the green Oliver still led but Lawrence annexed second and then used the momentum

on the high side to sail past Oliver to the lead. Once out front Lawrence then began to put some

distance on the rest of the field. Almost unnoticed Kevin Burdick, who was disqualified from the

second heat for an incident with Sevin Salin, had quietly worked his way up to sixth after starting

dead last in the 15th spot. After ten laps, Lawrence held a huge lead over Oliver, McFadden,

Kintner, and Lofdahl. Burdick, a pair of Andys Grymala and LaBarge, Heikkinen and Dan

Yrjanson trailed. Lawrences’ lead got bigger but went away when Lofdahl spun on the back

stretch. He would restart at the rear and make it up to ninth. The restart came with nine laps to go

and Lawrence continue to head the field with Kintner taking over second from Oliver while

McFadden fended off Burdick who was now fifth. Another caution flag appeared two laps later

when debris flew off a car on the back stretch. The restart did not go well as Brian Carl and

Toppozini tangled at the exit of turn four. At the restart Lawrence had little trouble pulling away

from Kintner while further back Burdick overtook McFaden for fourth. Lawrence recorded his

third feature win of the season over Kintner, Oliver, Burdick and McFadden.

It was also 20 laps for the Modifieds and kevin Eder took the lead at the start from the pole

over Neil Balduc, Deven VanHouse and Nick Musel while July 21, Darrell Nelson and Brian

Mikkonen battled for fifth. Balduc got pressure from VanHouse as Nelson won the skirmish for

fifth. Eder had a dozen car lengths on VanHouse who had gotten by Balduc into second. Balduc

then began to fell pressure from Musel for third. Musel finally got past Balduc into third and the

race seemed to settle down with no changes in order to the checkered flag. Eder won his first of

the season at Proctor over VanHouse, Musel, Balduc and Nelson.

The Pure Stocks then came onto the speedway with 17 of the 18 cars ready to do battle for 15

laps. There was a caution flag right away after the start as Rita Anderson spun on the front

stretch. On the second try pole sitter Matt Hammitt took the lead over Mark Korte and Justin

Madsen but Josh Loucks moved to the inside and slipped into third. It was Loucks, Hammitt,

Korte, Craig Horak and Madsen in a tight pack with no clear leader. There was a crash in turn

four between Dustin Follett and Glenn Dammer that brought out the caution flag again. On the

restart with only two laps in, Korte took over the lead over Hammitt but Horak edged into second

with Loucks fourth and Esten Nelson into the top five. At the half way point the front runners

were still in a bunch with Korte still leading by a nose. Horak got by to the lead and the scramble

was on and Hammitt was second, Korte third, Nelson fourth and Follett from the outback to the

top five. Horak was well on his way to his second win of the season followed by Loucks, Follett,

Korte and Nelson in the top five.

The final feature for the evening was 25 laps for the Late Models with Tim McMann starting

on the outside of the front row. He jumped into the lead at the green flag and never looked back

as he led every lap for his second win of the season. He was challenged initially by Zach Wohlers

but that fell short as Harry Hanson moved up to work on Wohlers for second allowing McMann

to pull out a healthy lead. The best race on the track was the battle for fourth between Darrell

Nelson and Kyle Peterlin. Peterlin tried everything he could to get by the veteran and that battle

lasted for several laps before Peterlin found an opening to the inside off turn four and made the

pass. While everyone was watching the Nelson/Peterlin skirmish, McMann was blithely cruising

out in front to an easy second feature win of the season. Wohlers, Hansen, Peterlin and Nelson

finished in the top five while Dave Esse, Scott Herrick and Aaron Lillo were the rest of the

finishers as Robbie Cooper did not finish.

Results Proctor Speedway 7-21-13

WISSOTA Late Model (9 cars)

Feature (25 laps) Tim McMann Duluth; Zach Wohlers Pengilly, MN; Harry Hanson Eveleth,

MN; Kyle Peterlin Hibbing, Darrell Nelson Hermantown; Dave Esse Cloquet, MN; Scott Herrick

Proctor, MN; Aaron Lillo Proctor DNF Robbie Cooper South Range, WI

Heat (8 laps) Peterlin; Wohlers; Hanson; Nelson; McMann; Esse; Herrick; Lillo; Cooper

WISSOTA Modified (10 cars)

Feature (20 laps) Kevin Eder Ashland, WI; Deven VanHouse Silver Bay, MN: Nick Musel

Duluth; Neil Balduc Bessemer, MI; Darrell Nelson Hermantown; E. J. Hietala Cloquet; Brian

Mikkonen Iron River, WI; Brad Hanson Mt. Iron, MN; Cory Jorgenson Hermantown; Scott

Heikkinen Eveleth

Heat (8 laps) Nelson; Eder; Balduc; Musel; VanHouse; Mikkonen; Jorgenson; Hanson;

Heikkinen; Hietala

WISSOTA Super Stock (17 cars)

Feature (20 laps)

Scott Lawrence Superior; Tyler Kintner Hibbing; Joe Oliver Superior; Kevin Burdick Proctor;

Shawn McFadden Ashland; Andy LaBarge Keewatin, MN; Andy Grymala Superior; Dan

Yrjanson Carlton, MN; Donnie Lofdahl Duluth; Pat Heikkinen Eveleth; Ronnie Malecki

Superior; Kevin Salin Iron, MN; John Toppozini Thunder Bay, Ont; Norm Heiskanen Sylvan

Lake, Alberta DNF Brian Carl Duluth

Heat 1 (8 laps) Lawrence; Heikkinen; Lofdahl; Grymala; Malecki; Heiskanen; Carl; Yrjanson

Heat 2 (8 laps) Oliver; Kintner; McFadden; Toppozini DNF Salin DQ: LaBarge; Burdick

Midwest Modified (18 cars)

Feature (20 laps) Danny Vang Brainerd, MN; Jake Gondik Foxboro, WI; Deven VanHouse

Silver Bay; Jesse Ogston Duluth; Cody Carlson Superior; Josh Heavirland Cloquet; Andrew

Inman Hermantown; Tyler Luger Iron River; Cory Ziebol Cloquet; Chris Bretting Washburn, WI

DNF: Dan Kingsley Superior; Justin Bassa Hermantown; Joe Vork Cloquet; Rross Siiter Duluth;

Norm Anderson, Jr. Duluth; Dale Soumala Hermantown; Mark Kangas Eveleth DNS Chad

VanDuker Medowlands, MN

Heat 1 (8 laps) Kingsley; Bretting; Kangas; VanHouse; Bassa; Soumala; Vork; Anderson, Jr.

Heat 2 (8 laps) Vang; Gondik; Siiter; Carlson; Ziebol; Luger;Inman DNF: Vanduker; Ogston

Pure Stock (18 cars)

Feature (15 laps) Craig Horak Grand Marais, MN; Josh Loucks Carlton; Dustin Follett Cloquet;

Mark Korte Duluth; Esten Nelson Grand Marais; Matt Hammitt Cloquet; Lucas Carlson Cloquet;

Al Rapp Saginaw, MN: Ryan Madsen South Range; Glenn Dammer Duluth; Jon Hammitt

Cloquet; Jeff Engelmeier Saginaw; Annika Hammitt Cloquet; Dalr Reynolds Cloquet; Rita

Anderson South Range; Maurice Campbell Duluth DNF: Justin Madsen Foxboro, WI; Mike

Sirois Hermantown

Heat 1 (8 laps) Horak; Loucks; Rapp; J. Madsen; Korte; Engelmeier; Reynolds; M. Campbell

DNF: Follett

Heat 2 (8 laps): E. Nelson; L. Carlson; Dammer; M. Hammitt; R. Madsen; J. Hammitt; A.

Hammitt; Anderson DNF: Sirois

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