#68 of Dan Kingsley. Larsen had the lead and Kingsley wanted it as they pulled

away from Ross Siiter, Dan Doran and Neil Balduc. Balduc had visions of a third

straight feature win at the speedway. The pair of 68′s were battling more than a

straight away ahead of the pack but that bulge disappeared when Deven VanHouse

went around in turn four. There was still 14 laps remaining when the green flag

reappeared and Kingsley grabbed the lead. At the half way point Kingsley

maintained the lead over Larsen as Balduc was closing the distance ahead of Siiter

and Justin Oestrich. Suddenly the complection of the race changed as Balduc

slowed in turn four with steam pouring from the car and Larsen also ducked into

the pits, both out of contention. The caution flag appeared for Balduc’s problems

and the restart came with six laps to go. At the restart Oestrich took the lead but

again the caution flag flew as Andrew Inman’s #44 erupted in a cloud of steam.

With five laps to go and 11 cars of 15 remaining, Kingsley managed to hold off

Oestrich on the restart as Danny Vang ran third, Siiter fourth and Jake Gondik

fifth. The final caution flag was for debris on the track setting up a green/white/

checkered finish scenario. Kingsley led off but couldn’t hold back the onslaught of

Oestrich and Vang. Oestrich took the win, Vang was second Kingsley and third. It

was strong runs for both Siiter and Doran as they rounded out the top five.

It was a Hammit family front row for the 15 lap Pure Stock main event with Jon

on the pole and Matt to his outside. Jon got the jump at the start but it was Craig

Horak in the green station wagon who found an opening to the inside and sneaked

into second in the first turn from row four. Dustin Follett, Corey Lonetto and

Glenn Dammer followed him but Horak blasted by Jon Hammitt to take a lead he

would never relinquish. Horak survived a restart after the caution flag for the spin

by Brett Leino in turn four as fellow Grand Marais resident Esten Nelson took

second as Jon Hammitt fell off the pace with an apparent flat left rear tire. Dustin

Follett took second and pushed Horak for the lead. Josh Loucks Nelson and

Dammer were in the top five. Another caution flag flew with three to go and, at the

green flag, Horak drove off to a huge lead and crossed under the checkered flag

for his first feature win. Follett, Loucks, Dammer and Justin Bassa finished in the

top five.

Also on the program Sunday night were the Barnum Speedway 4 Cylinder cars

and it was a pair of brothers from Proctor Wade Zeills and Shawn Zeills finishing

first and second in the feature. Kyle House, Richard Loucks and Jeff Schleski

finished in the top five.

Results Proctor Speedway Sunday July 8

WISSOTA Late Model (12 cars)

Feature (20 Laps) Kyle Peterlin Hibbing; Tim McMann Duluth; Kevin Carlson

Hermantown; Harry Hanson Eveleth; Aaron Lillo Duluth; Jeff Massingill

Keewatin; Joey Ogston duluth; Jeff Sayler Hastings; Jim Morris Hibing; Tod

Frank Mellen DNF Robbie Cooper South range; Jay Kintner Hibbing

UMSS Sprints (15 cars) Feature (20 laps) Brooke Tatenll Forest Lake ; Jerry

Richert, Jr. Forest Lake; Chris Graf Glencoe; Sye Anderson Brainerd; Tony Kaus

Bloomington; Anna Kouba Lino Lakes; Tom Nicholl Hermantown; Leigh Thomas

duluth; Kevin Bradwell Luck; Katrina Sautbine Superior DNF Ryan Wilson

Superior; Jared Goerges Brainerd; Andy Jones Princeton; James brody Prior Lake

DNS Scott Brody Prior Lake

Heat 1: Graf; Wilson; Thomas; J. Brody; Bradwell; Sautbine

Heat 2: Jones; Tostenson; Kaus; Nicholl; Kouba

Heat 3: Tatnell; S. Brody; Richert; Goerges; Anderson

Challenge Race #1: Jones; Goerges; Wilson; Anderson; S. Brody; J. Brody;


Challenge Race #2: Richert; Tatnell; Thomas; Tostenson; Graf; Kouba Nicholl;


WISSOTA Super Stock (14 cars)

Feature Andy Davey Hibbing; Scott Lawrence Superior; Tyer Kintner Hibbing;

Nick Oreskovich Mason; Brian Carl Duluth; Ronnie Malecki Superior; Pat

Heikkinen Eveleth; Willie Johnsen, Jr. Superior; Dan Yrjanson Carlton DNF

Kevin Salin Iron; Donnie Lofdahl Proctor; Al Rapp Saginaw; Ashley Smith South


Heat 1: Davey; Salin; T. Kintner; Malecki; Johnson; Carl DNF Yrjanson

Heat 2: Lofdahl; Lawrence; Bellefeuille; Oreskovich; Rapp; Heikkinen; Smith

WISSOTA Midwest Modified (18 cars)

Feature: (Results unofficial as of press time due to teching issues) Justin Oestrich

Elk River; Danny Vang Brainerd; Dan Kingsley Superior; Ross Siiter Duluth; Dan

Doran Hermantown; Don Scholler International Falls; Jeff Pohjonen Duluth;

Deven VanHouse Silver Bay; Brian Youderin Superior; Loren Inman Proctor;

Jake Gondik Foxboro DNF Josh Heavirland Cloquet; Neil Balduc Bessemer; Dan

Larsen Hermantown; Andrew Inman Hermantown DNS Dustin Scott Rosemount;

Guy Gaskill Duluth; Eric Gadach Deer Park

Heat 1: Oestreich; Larsen; Siiter; Heavirlanf DNF Vang; Gaskill; Scott; Pohjonen

DQ L. Inman

Heat 2: VanHouse; Balduc; Kingsley; A. Inman; Gondik; Youderin; Doran DNF

Scholler DQ Gadach

Pure Stock (26 cars)

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