Jul 27 2015



By Jerry O’Brien, Proctor, MN 7-26-15
A pair of drivers each won their second feature event of the season Sunday
night at the Proctor Speedway. Tyler Kintner and Jody Bellefeuille topped the
open wheel divisions, Kintner in the Midwest Modifieds and Bellefeuille in the
WISSOTA Modifieds.
Sunday night at the Proctor Speedway was designated Armed Forces Night
with free admission for service members with their military I. D. As each division
lined up for their main events they performed the four wide salute with each driver
carrying a small American flag.
The first division to take to the track for their 15 lap main event was the
WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds. On the pole was Scott Herrick with Tyler Luger
on his outside. Luger shot into the lead at the green with Herrick right behind.
Tyler Kintner led Carey LePage and former track champion Danny Vang in the top
five on the initial circuit. Luger stayed in front as Kintner slipped past Herrick for
second as Deven VanHouse got past LePage into fourth. The front triumvirate
pulled away from VanHouse and Dan Kingsley who had entered the front running
top five. The first of a pair of caution flags occurred when newcomer Wyatt
Boyum spun at the bottom of turn four. The race barely resumed with Luger
clinging to the lead over Kintner when the second caution flag flew as Justin
Hammann spun in turn four with a flat tire and dropped from competition. The
restart saw Luger lead off over Kintner as Kingsley capruresd third ahead of Vang
and VanHouse. At the half way point Luger was still in control over Kintner,
Vang, Kingsley and VanHouse in the top five. Jake Gondik, Lance Solem,
Herrick, LePage and Wayne Stricker were in the top ten. Luger was hanging tough
at the head of the pack but Kintner got a run off turn two and raced past Luger
with four laps remaining. One in front Kintner eased away from Luger to take his
second feature of the season at the speedway. Luger, vang, Kingsley and
VanHouse made up the top five. Luger turned the fastest lap during the event with
a lap of 18.086 seconds.
Next the WISSOTA Super Stocks spilled onto the speedway for their 20 lap
main event which started out badly with the first caution flag on lap one as Donnie
Lofdahl stopped in the first turn. At the second try Willie Johnsen decided to
become the high side hustler as he blew from the second row outside to the lead
with Wayne Dale, Kevin Burdick, Shawn McFadden, Pat Heikkinen and Scott
Lawrence in his wake. Heikkinen brought out a quick second caution period with
a spin at the top of turn three. Johnsen held onto the lead at the restart but Burdick
and Lawrence along with Andy Davey and McFadden, Dale and Kevin Salin
scuffled for position. Davey and McFadden skirmished for third while a few
lengths back Dale and Salin battled for fifth. Up front Johnsen began to widen his
lead as Lawrence tried to take second from Burdick. Johnsen found the going
pretty easy as the Lawrence/Burdick battle enabled him to put ten plus car lengths
on the second place skirmish. Johnsen’s big lead disappeared when a caution flag
flew for debris. The green flag reappeared with 11 laps to go and again Johnsen
was able to pull away from Burdick and Lawrence. Lawrence’s high side
momentum began to wear on Burdick enabling him to take over the runner up
spot. Neither driver was able to make much of an inroad into the Johnsen lead and
he went on to win his first feature of the season at the track and his third of the
weekend. Lawrence, Burdick, Davey and Salin finished in the front five. Johnsen
had the fastest lap in the event with a circuit timed at 17.872 seconds.

A small field of WISSOTA Modifieds took the green for their 20 lap main
event. Outside pole starter Greg Chesley led a three wide charge on the first lap
involving Brian Mikkonen and Scott Heikkinen. Unfortunately Heikkinen blinked
first and spun bringing out the caution flag and a complete restart except for
Heikkinen who was sent to the rear. It was still 20 to go at the restart and this
time Chesley grabbed the lead followed by Jody Bellefeuille, Mikkonen, Darrell
Nelson and Jeffery Lien, Jr. Bellefeuille moved to the high side and challenged
Chesley taking the lead as nelson got by Mikkonen and the ever present Deven
VanHouse moved into the top five. As Bellefeuille began to put distance on the
field, Nelson got by Chesley to second and set out after him. Chesley dropped
back into a battle with Nick Musel and VanHouse for fifth. At the mid point
Bellefeuille had a good lead on Nelson, Mikkonen and a newcomer to the top five
in Neil Balduc and VanHouse. With 11 laps complete, the caution flag again flew
for VanHouse. This put Nelson on Bellefeuille’s bumper for the restart but he was
equal to the task and fended Nelson off. As the laps wound down a determined
VanHouse rebounded to third in a battle with Mikkonen. Bellefeuille won his
second feature of the season at the traack over Nelson, Mikkonen, VanHouse and
Nick Musel. Chesley laid down the fastest lap of the event at 17.725 seconds.

The WISSOTA Late Models were set for 25 laps as they rolled onto the
speedway led by Stewart Hayward from Calgary Alberta, CN. Hayward jumped
into the lead followed by Kevin Carlson, Cory Jorgenson, Kyle Peterlin, Harry
Hanson and Darrell Nelson. Hayward clung to the lead for a couple of laps before
the pack quit squabbling amongst themselves and headed for the front. Peterlin
blew past Hayward to the lead quickly followed by Jorgenson, Nelson and
Hanson. Peterlin and Nelson skirted the danger zone in the high groove as
Jorgenson and Hanson battled for third and Carlson secured fifth. With no caution
flags to slow the action the half way point was quickly reached with Peterlin
firmly in control. Hanson bested Jorgenson for third and Carlson was entrenched
in fifth. Father and son team Terry and Aaron Lillo came next ahead of last week’s
winner Tim McMann, Zach Wohlers and Hayward. Peterlin was off to a huge lead
and Nelson needed a caution flag as he was not cutting into the lead and he had
Hanson tracking him. Peterlin was in a different zip code as the laps wound down
and went on to win his first feature at the speedway this season. Nelson, Hanson,
Jorgenson and Carlson rounded out the top five. The 17.157 second fastest lap
also belonged to Peterlin.

The evening finished with the 15 lap Pure Stock feature and ten laps for the
Hornet division. Josh Loucks was well on his way to winning his fifth feature of
the season when the last of five caution flags sent that into oblivion as the steering
on the 8L was damaged sending him to the pits. Sophomore driver Andrew
Hanson of Iron River, WI then took control and won his first career main event.
His heat win also gave him his first career sweep. Hanson held off two time ABC
Raceway (Ashland) Pure Stock champion Matt Deragon, Annika Hammitt, Mark
Korte and Jon Hammitt for the win.

Craig Lofdahl won his fourth hornet feature of the season to remained tied with
Josh Loucks for the most feature wins thus far in the season. David Beckwith,
Richard Loucks and Kaleb Dallmann were the final cars running. Jordan carlson
has the dubious honor of recording the first Hornet roll over at the Proctor
Speedway as he turned the #78 on it’s roof at the entranc to turn one. He did not
report any injuries.
There will be no racing at the Proctor Speedway next Sunday as the Twin Ports
Twin 25’s late Model Special will be that day at AMSOIL Speedway.


Results Proctor Speedway 7-26-15
WISSOTA Late Model (14 cars)
Feature (25 laps): Kyle Peterlin Hibbing; Darrell Nelson Hermantown; Harry
Hanson Eveleth; Cory Jorgenson Hermantown; Kevin Carlson Hermantown; Terry
Lillo Duluth; Aaron Lillo Proctor; Tim McMann Duluth; Zach Wohlers Pengilly;
Dave Esse Cloquet; John Toppozini Thunder Bay; Stewart Hayward Calgary, AL;
Tim Lillo Superior DNF: Robbie Cooper South range
Heat 1: Carlson; A. Lillo; Hanson; Hayward; T. Lillo; cooper; Esse
Heat 2; McMann; Peterlin; Nelson; Jorgenson; Wohlers; T. Lillo DNF: Toppozini
WISSOTA Modified (7 cars)
Feature (20 laps): Jody Bellefeuille Duluth; Darrell Nelson Hermantown; Brian
Mikkonen Iron River; Deven VanHouse Silver Bay; Nick Musel Duluth; Neil
Balduc Bessemer; Jeffery Lien, Jr. Mora; Scott Heikkinen Eveleth; Greg Chesley
Heat: Chesley; Mikkonen; Bellefeuille; Heikkinen; Nelson; Lien, Jr; Balduc DNF:
WISSOTA Super Stock (13 cars)
Feature (20 laps): Willie Johnsen, Jr. Superior; Scott Lawrence Superior; Kevin
Burdick Proctor; Andy Davey Hibbing; Kevin Salin Iron; Wayne Dale Biwabik;
Donnie Lofdahl Duluth; Marcus Dunbar Marinesco; Ronnie Malecki Superior;
Keith Koski Hibbing; Pat Heikkinen Eveleth; Brian Carl Duluth DNF: Shawn
McFadden Ashland
Heat 1: Johnsen, Jr.; Burdick; Dale; Koski; Heikkinen; Carl DNF: Malecki
Heat 2: Lawrence; Davey; McFadden; Salin; Dunbar; Lofdahl
WISSOTA Midwest Modified (15 cars)
Feature (15 laps): Tyler Kintner Hibbing; Tyler Luger Iron River; Danny Vang
Ironton; Dan Kingsley Superior; Deven VanHouse Silver Bay; Jake Gondik
Foxboro; Carey LePage Culver; Scott Herrick Proctor; Lance Solem Duluth;
Wayne Stricker Highbridge; JR Anderson Superior; John Kallas Hurley DNF:
Wyatt Boyum International Falls; Justin Hammann Cloquet DNS: Willy
Thompson Hibbing
Heat 1: Kintner; Vang; Stricker; LePage; Kallas DNF: Solem; Thompson
Heat 2: VanHouse; Luger; Kingsley; Herrick; Gondik; Anderson; Boyum
Pure Stock (13 cars)
Feature (15 laps): Andrew Hanson Iron River; Matt Deragon Ashland; Annika
Hammitt Cloquet; Mark Korte Duluth; Jon Hammitt Cloquet; Kevin Getchell
Cloquet; Andy Poll Two Harbors; Shaina Rapp Saginaw; Carter Nelson Duluth
DNF: Devin Reynolds Cloquet; Mike Sirois Hermantown; Josh Loucks Carlton;
Erik Pederson Alborn
Heat 1; A. Hammitt; Sirois; Korte; Loucks; J. Hammitt DNF: Nelson; Deragon
Heat 2: Hanson; Reynolds; Pederson; Rapp; Poll DNF: Getchell
Hornets (6 cars)
Feature: Craig Lofdahl Duluth; David Beckwith Duluth; Richard Loucks
Wrenshall; Kaleb Dallmann Brookston DNF: Jordan Carlson Duluth DNS: Kyle
LeDoux Duluth
Heat: Lofdahl; Beckwith; Ledoux; Loucks; Carlson Dallmann
Northern Vintage Stockcar Racers (13 cars)
Full Bodied Feature (12 laps): Thomas godfrey bacus; Sonny VanWilgen
Hollandale; Bobby LePage Hermantown; Paul Dolphy Mounds View; Mike Kelly
Spooner; Mike Hudyma Duluth DNS: Joe Thompson Cloquet
Heat: Allan Keske Zimmerman; VanWilgen; Godfrey; Dolphy; Thompson;
LePage; Kelly
Super Modified ( 9 cars)
Feature (12 laps): Ken Sabby River falls; Mike Bjorkland Sandstone; Dennis
Olson Braham; Tomas Langlois Duluth; Kevin Lipsky New Richmond
Heat: Lipsky; Olson; Bjorkland; Sabby; Scott Kalbow Sandstone; Wally
Stoltzman Hugo; Langlois; David Stone Red Wing; George Shields Cameron

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Jul 22 2015

Salute The Troops Sunday July 26th

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Jul 20 2015


By Jerry O’Brien 7-19-15 Proctor, MN
McMann And Lawrence Continue Weekend Tear
Matt Leer of Bruce, WI secured the $2300 “Big Check” and the title “King On
The Hill” as he won the WISSOTA Modified main event at the Proctor Speedway
Sunday night. Leer led all 30 laps to take the win.
Tim McMann continued his streak with a strong run in the 25 lap WISSOTA
Late Model main event taking his second feature win of the weekend.
Scott Lawrence also continued his streak as he also won his second Super
Stock feature of the weekend.
Leer lined the #30 Modified on the outside of the front row and shot to the
high side and into the lead at the initial green flag. Pole sitter Jeff Broking, Deven
VanHouse, Destin Lorimor, Darrell Nelson and Steve Stuart provided the initial
competition but two laps in Ken Hron found his way off turn three bringing out
the first of four caution flags that occurred in the first ten laps. The restart saw
Leer continue leading on the high line over Broking who was trying to make the
low side work. Lorimor made his way to third with VanHouse and Nelson in the
top five. The second caution flag for the stalled car of Zach Pagels soon appeared.
The restart came with 24 laps remaining and Leer continued to lead as Nelson took
a turn in second trailed by Jeff Broking, VanHouse and Stuart. Two more laps
were completed before Johnny Broking went off the top of turn three to avoid a
spinning Jesse Glenz. Jeff Broking had a run at Leer on the restart with Nelson
third on the restart. Stuart was still in the mix and Lorimor regained a spot in the
top five. A third of the way through Ken Hron again found himself off the track
this time in turn four. As he was the cause of two caution flags he was eliminated
from competition. Now with 20 laps remaining things seemed to settle down and
the competitors got to some serious racing as a number of drivers attempted to
move forward. Leer was bent on capturing the King On The Hill crown and stuck
to the high groove where his momentum kept him in the lead as other drivers
worked on making the bottom line work. Leer led Nelson, Jeff Broking, Lorimor
and Stuart. Kevin Adams had worked his way into contention breaking into for
fourth with Lorimor and Stuart. Up front Leer was cruising along with a three
quarter straight lead on Nelson as he prepared to enter lapped traffic. Nelson gaVE
chase but didn’t cut into Leer’s lead much. Jeff Broking was third, Stuart fourth
and Adams fifth. Stuart took third ahead of Jeff Broking and Adams as other
players began to make their presence felt including Johnny Broking, Lorimor,
Bobby Broking, Kevin Eder, VanHouse, Al Uotinen Greg Chesley, Jeff Wood and
Nick Musel. Leer was determined to stay out front and fended off all comers for
the big payday. Nelson, Stuart, Adams and Jeff Broking were top five finishers.
Dave Esse was first to the corner at the green flag as the WISSOTA Late
Models began their 25 lap journey to the checkered flag. Tim McMann, Terry
Lillo and John Kaanta were close, but it was McMann who went to his favored top
groove and swung by Esse on the top as Kaanta went to third past Lillo and Jeff
Massingill stepped into the top five. With four laps in the books, the first caution
flag flew when Robbie Cooper spun off turn four. At the restart McMann
stubbornly clung to the top side and kept the lead against all comers. Meanwhile
the track surface began to show two distinct grooves with the high line just a tick
faster. Kyle Peterlin joined the gang in the top five and ran side by side with
Kaanta for third as Nelson rebounded back into fifth. McMann’s lead began to
widen but Cory Jorgenson slipped off turns three and four bringing out caution
flag number two. At the green flag McMann was still the class of the field as Esse,
Nelson and Peterlin went three wide for second just ahead of Kaanta. At the half
way mark McMann was still in control as Peterlin took second with Esse third,
Nelson fourth and Kaanta fifth. Massingill, Terry Lillo, Harry Hanson, Aaron Lillo
and Kevin Carlson ran in the top ten. McMann’s momentum kept him in the lead
with the challenge coming from Peterlin who ran in his tire tracks. With six
circuits remaining a second spin by Cooper brought out the caution flag for a final
time. On the restart Peterlin dived to the bottom and snatched the lead away in a
bold move. Unfazed the veteran McMann roared back and took back the point
with two laps to go. A last ditch effort by Peterlin off the fourth turn came up short
and McMann won his second feature of the weekend and third of the season.
Peterlin was second and the scramble behind yielded a third for Nelson, fourth for
Massingill and fifth for Kaanta.
The 20 lap Super Stock feature started off badly with a caution flag on the first
try as Ronnie Malecki went off the top of the first turn. The next try was even
more disastrous as a clash between Brian Carl and Donnie Lofdahl in Joe Vork’s
#7JV resulted in a violent crash for Lofdahl who was uninjured but the car was
badly damaged. The restart saw Andy LaBarge take the lead from the pole with
Kevin Salin in hot pursuit. Scott Lawrence, Shawn McFadden and Marcus Dunbar
were close behind. Salin edged to the lead as LaBarge began to slip back. Now it
was Lawrence in hot pursuit of Salin. The second caution period came when Pat
Heikkinen went off the top of turn one. Salin led at the green with Lawrence
second, McFadden third, Andy Dave fourth and LaBarge fifth. They came off turn
two in a jostling bunch and Davey was forced off the track. By the time he had
regained control he wound up eighth. Salin and Lawrence were in a tight battle up
front with Salin leading in the top line. Lawrence dived to the bottom in turn one
and shot to the front off turn two and went on to take the win. Salin, Andy
Grymala, Willie Johnsen, Jr and Dunbar rounded out the top five. Davey was able
to rebound to finish sixth.
It was Lawrence’s second win of the weekend and second straight at the
The Midwest Modifieds had, frankly, a horrible 15 lap feature with nine
caution flags and only 13 of 22 running at the finish. Mack Estey hung on to the
lead to take his first win of the season at the speedway that ended up a green/white
checkered finish over Canadian driver Kevin Montieth. Dan Wheeler survived all
the carnage to finish third after starting way back in 19th, Kevin Eder was fourth
and Skeeter Estey was fifth.
The Pure Stocks also had a difficult time with three cautions and six of the 14
cars that started still on the track at the end of fifteen laps. Josh Loucks survived to
win his fourth main event of the season over Lucas Carlson, Jon Hammitt, Mark
Korte and Tyler Carlson. Newcomer Carter Nelson finished sixth the only other
car running at the end.
Craig Lofdahl won his third Hornet feature of the feature over Richard Loucks,
Jordan Carlson, Kyle LeDoux, Kaleb Dallmann and David Beckwith.
Results Proctor Speedway 7-19-15
Inaugural “King On he Hill” WISSOTA Modified special
WISSOTA Modifieds (25 cars)
Feature (30 laps): Matt Leer Bruce; Darrell Nelson Hermantown; Steve Stuart
Ashland; Kevin Adams Cameron; Jeff Broking Grand Rapids; Johnny Broking
Grand Rapids; Bob Broking Grand Rapids; Deven VanHouse Silver Bay; Kevin
Eder Ashland; Al Uotinen Superior; Greg Chesley Duluth; Destin Lorimor
Superior; Jesse Glenz Cadott; Nick Musel Duluth; Jeff Wood Chisholm; Brian
Mikkonen Iron River; Neil Balduc Bessemer; Paul Schultz Grand Rapids; Nikki
Wrazidlo Duluth; Scott Heikkinen Eveleth; Donald Platow Shevlin DNF: Ken
Hron Nashwauk; Zach Pagels Ashland; Kelly Estey Kelly Lake; Jody Bellefejuille
Heat 1: Stuart; Leer; Bellefeuille; Adams; Musel; Balduc DNF: Pagels; Platow;
Heat 2: VanHouse; Lorimor; B. Broking; Wood; Wrazidlo; uotinen; Hron;
Heat 3: Eder, J. Broking; Nelson; Glenz; B. Broking; Schultz; Mikkonen;
WISSOTA Late Model (14 cars)
Feature (25 laps): Tim McMann Duluth; Kyle Peterlin Hibbing; Darrell Nelson
Hermantown; Jeff Massingill Keewatin; John Kaanta Elk Mound; Harry Hanson
Eveleth; Dave Esse Cloquet; Terry Lillo Duluth; Aaron Lillo Proctor; Kevin
Carlson Hermantown; Stewart Hayward Calgary AB; Scott Herrick Proctor DNF:
Robbie Cooper South Range; cory Jorgenson Hermantown
Heat 1: Hanson; Kaanta; Massingill; T. Lillo; K. Carlson; Herrick; Hayward
Heat 2: Nelson; Esse; Peterlin; McMann; jorgenson; A. Lillo; Cooper
WISSOTA Super Stock (15 cars)
Feature (20 laps): Scott Lawrence Superior; Kevin Salin Iron; Andy Grymala
Superior; Willie Johnsen, jr Superior; Marcus Dunbar Marinesco; Andy Davey
Hibbing; Brian Carl Duluth; Spencer Sorenson Duluth DNF: Shawn McFadden, Jr
Ashland; Andy LaBarge Keewatin; Pat Heikkinen Eveleth; Wayne Dale Biwabik;
Donnie Lofdahl Duluth DNS Adam Shinn Duluth
Heat 1: Johnsen, Jr; LaBarge; Davey; McFadden, Jr; Carl; Grymala; Lofdahl;
Heat 2: Lawrence; Salin; Dunbar; Heikkinen; Malecki; Dale DNS: Shinn
WISSOTA Midwest Modified (22 cars)
Feature (20 laps): Mack Estey Hibbing; Dan Wheeler Savage; Kevin Eder
Ashland; Skeeter Estey Kelly Lake; Scott Herrick Proctor; Dan Kingsley Superior;
Andrew inman Hermantown; Deven VanHouse Silver Bay; Tyleer Luger Iron
River; Chad VanDuker Meadowlands; Carey LePage Culver; Josh Overn Barnum
DNF: Mike Jacques Thunder Bay; Jake Gondik Foxboro; Jeff Forseen Mt. Iron;
John Kallas Hurley; Josh Heavirland Cloquet; Jeremy Lindquist Ashland DNS:
Lance Solem Duluth; Norm Anderson, Jr Superior
Heat 1: Kintner; Eder; Luger; Kingsley; VanHouse; Solem; Wheeler; Gondik
Heat 2: M. Estey; S. Estey; Lindquist; Forseen; heavirland; Kallas; LePage
Heat 3: Montieth; Herrick; Inman; Jacques; VanDuker; Overn DNS: Anderson
Pure Stock (15 cars)
Feature (15 laps): Josh Loucks Carlton; Lucas Carlson Cloquet; Jon Hammitt
Cloquet; Mark Korte Duluth; Brett Lieno Moose Lake; Carter Nelson
Hermantown DNF: Andy Poll Two Harbors; Devin Reynolds Cloquet; Mike Sirois
Hermantown; Matt Deragon Ashland; Shaina Rapp Saginaw; Brandle Pupp
Ashland; Annika Hammitt Cloquet DNS: Erik Pederson Alborn
Heat 1: Loucks; Sirois; Poll; Pederson; Reynolds; Leino; L. Carlson DNF: T.
Heat 2; Deragon; Korte; Pupp; J. Hammitt; Rapp; A. Hammitt; C. Nelson
Hornets (6 cars)
Feature (8 laps): Craig Lofdahl Duluth; Richard Loucks Wrenshall; Jordan
Carlson Duluth; Kyle leDoux Duluth; Kaleb Dallmann Brookston; David
Beckwith Duluth
Heat: Lofdahl; Beckwith; LeDoux; Loucks; J. Carlson; Dallmann

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Jul 13 2015


By Jerry O’Brien
5-12-15 Proctor, MN

It was the Fair Races at the South St. Louis County Fairgrounds the home of
the Proctor Speedway. There waas a nice crowd on hand but the car count was
small with only one division having two heat races. Despite the small numbers the
competition was fierce especially the 20 lap Late Model main event. Jeff
Massingill jumped from row two to take the lead in a bold move off turn two on
the first lap. Read the rest of this entry »

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Jun 22 2015



By Jerry O’Brien
6-21-15 Proctor, MN|

As has been the case more often than not, Mother Nature has disrupted a
perfectly laid out plan. Sunday June 21 was supposed to be the finale of the Fast
Lane Motorsports Northern Super Stock Challenge, but with her usual precision
she obliterated the second leg of the series by causing a rain cancellation at the
ABC Raceway in Ashland, WI. The final leg of the three day series will now be
presented Saturday June 27 at ABC Raceway and become the finale.
The opening round drew 29 Super Stocks on Friday June 20 and round two
brought 27 of them to the Proctor Speedway. It was a full program to compliment
the Super Stock Challenge with a total of 99 cars in competition including 24
Midwest Modifieds, one of the largest weekly fields in that division here this
Read the rest of this entry »

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