Jun 27 2016

Memberships / Point Funds

Just a reminder to everyone. Track Memberships must be in to Tammy or postmarked by July 10th 2016 for membership for this year. Your membership allows you a voting right at our annual membership meeting and elections October 5th at 7:00 and your voice to be heard one who you would like to have represent you for the upcoming year. Please contact Tammy at 218-428-6116 or mail your $10 membership to

Lakehead Racing Association
PO Box 1069
Proctor MN 55810

Also for drivers the deadline for Point Fund Membership was extended because of the weather in June to July 10th. This will be the final day you are able to join the point fund for this year. Point fund is only $20 and also includes your track membership. So please get a hold of Tammy for this also or have them postmarked prior to July 10th. Thank you all for making Proctor Speedway your place to be on Sunday Nights!!

Dennis McCauley

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Jun 27 2016


Blevin’s String Snapped, Montieth Myers J. Broking Follett Ament Score Wins
By Jerry O’Brien 6-26-16 Proctor, Minn
After an hour’s rain delay, racers found a completely different race track when feature events
finally hit the track. The track was headed toward it’s usual hard, dryslick surface when the brief
shower left the track tacky. Further acerbating things, one of the Northern Vintage Stockcar
Racers full bodied division cars had gone off the third turn and hit the guard rail knocking loose a
section resulting in a lengthy repair. The driver was unhurt and the car was slightly damage.
With the rain gone, a number of workers with help from a goodly number of drivers whipped
the track into shape and racing continued.
The first division to take to the track was the Midwest Modifieds and Andrew Inman took
advantage of the new traction in the track to sail to the lead with Dave Kivi holding second ahead
of Kevin Montieth, Kevin Eder and Dale Suomala, Jr. Eder quickly raced into second over Kivi
and Suomala while Dan Kingsley slipped into sixth. Montieth then got past Inman on the fifth
time around and Eder followed suit the next time around to take second. For the next few circuits
the front five remained Montieth, Eder, Inman, Soumala and Kivi. Montieth began to widen his
lead and the field became strung out. As the laps wore on the order remained the same. With four
or five laps remaining Dan Kingsley cracked the top five after a long battle with Kivi. The event
went flag to flag with with no caution periods. Edeer turned the fastest lap in his effort to track
down Montieth with a lap of 17.200 seconds. It was the first visit this season for Montieth.
Next up it was 20 laps for the Super Stocks and Brian Carl drew the pole flanked by Jeff
Klopstein. Carl grabbed the point but it was Kevin Burdick who has been hot the early part of the
season, who raced into second with Curt Myers and Andy LaBarge third and fourth as they all
got by Klopstein. Myers surged ahead of Burdick and the pair ran off from the pack as Carl,
LaBarge, and Klopstein battled for third. Andy Grymala, Scott Lawrence and first time visitor
Kyle Oman were in a skirmish for position close behind the third place battle. Lawrence moved
up and got inside Klopstein off the top of the second turn and both slid up the track with
Klopstein taking a trip to the ditch bringing out the caution flag. Lawrence was sent to the rear
and Klopstein was restored to his spot. On the restart it was Myers and Burdick pulled away from
LaBarge who raced into third. At the mid point Myers and Burdick had taken their battle way out
front as Klopstein, LaBarge, Carl, Grymala and Oman continued their scrum. The second caution
flag occurred when Kevin Salin got into the wall coming off turn four collecting Lawrence.
Neither car had to retire and Salin was sent to the rear. At the green it was Myers on top over
Burdick, Klopstein, LaBarge and Carl. The final caution flag came out at the half way point on
lap ten when Pat Heikkinen spun and ended up facing the wrong way at the top of turns three and
four. The order remained the same except for the appearance of Keith Koski in fifth until
Lawrence flew around several cars And returned to the top five with four laps left. Myers went
on to take his first win of the season at the track. Burdick came close but was never able to quite
make the pass for the lead. Klopstein, LaBarge and Lawrence rounded out the top five.
It seems that things go well for a while, but it seems that at least one division has a horrible
time finishing their feature, this night it was the Modifieds who had all the problems, so much so
that only eight of the original 15 starters were running at t he checkered flag. Danny Vang has
been trying to win a feature here since his move from the Midwest Modifieds to the Big Mods.
He seemed to be on his way as the luck of the redraw put him on the pole. He made the most of it
and shot off turn two at the start to the lead with veteran Paukl Wrazidlo who is making a
comeback this season, sliding into second. Johnny Broking, Deven VanHouse and Jody
Bellefeuille were in hot pursuit on the extremely fast surface. The trouble soon began as E. J.
Hietala and Brian Mikkonen tangled at the bottom of the third turn. Mikkonen was the first out
with front end damage. On the restart the pack boiled into the first turn and apparently Deven
VanHouse got into Darrell Nelson spinning him in the middle of the pack. Zach Pagels who had
just brought out the #12 Modified sailed off the top of turn one and rolled at least twice bringing
out the red flag. Pagels was not injured. The field was nicely realigned but there was a caution
flag on the restart when Vang’s good run ended early as he was judged to have been turned by
second place Bob Broking. Broking was sent to the rear and elected not to continue. Then the
field was set for another try which also did not go well as Jody Bellefeuille spun off turn three
and slid backwards all the way to the guard rail bringing out the caution flag. At the same time
leader Vang took the #47 to the pits leaving Wrazidlo in front at the green. Wrazidlo led Johnny
Broking, Darrell Nelson, Neil Balduc and Heitala. Broking moved up to challenge Wrazidlo and
managed to take the lead. Just past the half way point things settled down and Johnny Broking
held the lead all the way to victory lane. Wrazidlo held off Nelson and Balduc for second and
Heitala finished fifth. Bellefeuille was able to make it back to sixth ahead of Paul Schultz and
Scott Heikkinen, all who were left of the starting field.
Nelson had to hustle to the pits and climb into his Late Model as that feature was up next
scheduled for 25 laps. Kevin Carlson made his first appearance of the season in the purple #79
and got out front from the pole at the start as Aaron Lillo took second ahead of Scott Herrick and
Tim McMann in the early going. Carlson led the first two circuits until Terry Lillo took over the
top spot. Lillo led the next six circuits while Nelson began a march forward from his eighth
starting slot. About nine laps in Nelson was in second and got past Terry Lillo to the lead.
McMann was third, Carlson clung to fourth. The first caution flag appeared when Jeff Massingill
spun off the bottom of turn two. The restart came with eleven laps remaining and from there it
was all Nelson as he led the rest of the way to add to his point lead. Tim McMann got past Terry
Lillo for second and Harry Hanson won another battle getting past into third. Lillo held on ffor
fourth and ninth starting Jeff Provinzino finished fifth. Nelson put together the fastest lap with
one at 16.589 seconds.
The Pure Stocks saved their caution flags for the latter part of their 15 lap go. Rookie driver
Dylan Shelton took the lead at the get go and held off Dustin Follett for the first six laps before
the almost inevitable happened and Follett took the lead. Follett ran away from the field as he
does often and Shelton was able to maintain the second spot until the first caution which was for
Al Rapp who’s car slowed on the front stretch. He tried to exit the track but stalled just past the
exit on pit road in a dangerous spot. Mike Blevins who had been in the third spot used the restart
to swipe second from Shelton. A lap later Annika Hammitt spun her #19A off the bottom of turn
two bringing out the final caution flag. Follett easily maintained the lead over Blevins and
Shelton while further back Jon Hammitt and Randy Graham duked it out for fourth, a battle that
Hammitt won. It was the first win of the season for Follett and Blevins’ streak was over. Up to
this night Blevins had swept all four of the previous events at the track.
The longer than usual night wound up with a ten lap main event for the Hornet division. For
the first time this season there were enough of them for two heats and a pretty entertaining
feature. Derek Ament made his first trip to the speedway a good one as he led the feature from
start to finish. Hunter McDougall ran in second for the first three laps with Aaron Bernick third
and David Beckwith fourth. Ament took the win with George second Bernick third, McDougall
fourth and newcomer Chris McClain in fifth.
Proctor Speedway Results 6-26-16 (95 cars)
WISSOTA Late Model (13 cars)
Feature (25 laps)
Darrell Nelson Hermantown; Tim McMann Duluth; Harry Hanson Eveleth; Terry Lillo Duluth;
Jeff Provinzino Hibbing; Aaron Lillo Proctor; Geroge Ledin Grand Rapids; Kevin Carlson
hermantown; Trevor Wilson Superior; Scott Herrick Proctor; Robbie Cooper South Range; Tim
Lillo Superior DNF: Jeff Massingill Keewatin
Heat 1: Nelson; T. Lillo; Hanson; A. Lillo; Provinzino; Wilson; T. Lillo
Heat 2; Massingill; McMann; Herrick; Carlson; Ledin; Cooper
WISSOTA Modified (15 cars)
Feature (20 laps)
Johnny Broking Grand Rapids; Paul Wrazidlo Duluth; Darrell Nelson Hermantown; Neil Balduc
Bessemer; E. J. Hietala Cloquet; Jody Bellefeuille Duluth; Paul Schultz Grand Rapids; Scot
Heikkinen Eveleth DNF: Deven VanHouse; Rick Cannata Hibbing; Dany Vang Deerwood; Bob
Broking Grand Rapids; Zach Pagels Ashland; Brian Mikkonen Iron River; Kevin Eder Ashland.
Heat 1: Vang; B. Broking; Nelson; Wrazidlo; Schultz; Eder; Hietala DNF: Cannatas
Heat 2: J. Broking; Balduc; Bellefeuiille; VanHouse; Mikkonen; Heikkinen; Pagels
WISSOTA Super Stocks (18 cars)
Feature (20 laps)
Curt Myers Cameron; Kevin Burdick Proctor; Jeff Klopstein, Jr. Tomahawk; Andy LaBarge
Keewatin; Scott Lawrence Superior; Willie Johnsen, Jr. Superior; Keith Koski Chisholm; Kyle
Oman Chisholm; Andy Grymala Superior; Jim Campbell Two Harbors; Brian Carl Duluth;
Ronnie Malecki Superior; Pat Heikkinen Eveleth; Matt Hammitt Cloquet DNF: Kevin Salin Iron;
Keith Corcilius Phillips; Adam Shinn Duluth DNS: Kurt Becken Ostego
Heat 1: Grymala; Lawrence; Carl; Oman; Salin; Johnsen, Jr; Malecki; Campbell DNF: Shinn
Heat 2: Burdick; Myers; Klopstein, Jr; LaBarge; Koski; Heikkinen; Becken; Corcilius; Hammitt
WISSOTA Midwest Modified (23 cars)
Feature (15 laps)
Kevin Montieth Thunder Bay; Kevin Eder Ashland; Andrew Inman Hermantown; Dale Suomala,
Jr. Hermantown; Dan Kingsley Superior; Dave Kivi Thunder Bay; Deven VanHouse Silver Bay;
Josh Heavirland Cloquet; Jeremy Lindquist Ashland; Brady Jokinen Mellen; Tyler Hudack
Ashland; Ross Siiter Cloquet; Craig Lofdahl Duluth; John Kallas Hurley; Mike Jacques Thunder
Bay; Alex O’dell Chisholm; Gunner Peterson Drummond DNF: Robert Hyde Ashland; Dan
Doran Cloquet; Matt Deragon Ashland DNS: Junior Anderson Duluth; Jeff Forseen Mt. Iron;
Brad Hanson Mt. Iron
Heat 1: VanHouse; Kivi; Suomala, Jr; Lindquist; Jokinen; Hyde DNF: Anderson DNS: Kallas
Heat 2: Montieth; Hudack; Heavirland; Siiter; Doran; Jacques; O’Dell; Peterson
Heat 3: Kingsley; Eder; Inman; Hanson; Lofdahl; Forseen DNF: Deragon
WISSOTA Pure Stock (15 cars)
Feature (15 laps)
Dustin Follett Cloquet; Mike Blevins Hibbing; Dylan Shelton Wrenshall; Jon Hammitt Cloquet;
Rand Graham Trego; Cody Herrick Hibbing; Andy Poll Two Harbors; Annika Hammitt Cloquet;
Don Livingston Bayfield; Carter Nelson Hermantown DNF:Casey Hartshorn Duluth; Al Rapp
Saginaw; Jake Nevala Ashland; Joshua Kallas Hurley DNS: Andrew Hanson Iron River
Heat 1: J. Hammitt; Blevins; A. Hammitt; Hanson; Herrick; Nelson; Nevala DNF: Rapp
Heat 2; Follett; Graham; Shelton; Livingston; Poll; Hartshorn DNF: J. Kallas
WISSOTA Hornets (11 cars)
Feature (10 laps)
Derek Ament Barnum; Paul George Princeton; Aaron Bernick Duluth; Hunter McDougall
Duluth; Chris McClain Sandstone; Kaleb Dallmann Brookston; David Beckwith Duluth; Wally
Ament Carlton; Rick Hietala Cloquet DNF: Don Popoe Superior; Andy Lieno Barnum
Heat 1: W. Ament; beckwith; McDougall; Popoe; Hietala; Lieno
Heat 2: George; Dallmann; D. Ament; Bernick; McCain

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Jun 14 2016


Get outta the way!!! The MONSTER TRUCKS are coming….and the ground’s already shaking!! It’s the Monster Truck Summer Nationals and Thrill Show…Friday and Saturday, June 17th and 18th at the Proctor Speedway!! …Featuring the one and only BIGFOOT – the king of the monster trucks!. PLUS – see world champ Equilizer…the legendary Heavy Hitter…everyone’s favorite Red Solo Truck…the large-and-in-charge Dawg Pound…and the 4-wheelin’ Midnight Rider – all in one place. …Even the Top Dog Mini Monster Truck will be on hand!! Gates open at 5…meet and greets at 6…and the ground shakes at 7-30 both nights. Get your tickets today to save BIG!!! …Just 15 in advance…20 the nights of the show. Kids 5 to eleven at ten-dollars. Look for Monster Truck Summer Nationals and Thrill Show tickets at Beaner’s Central…NAPA Auto Stores…Benna Ford…and online at TwinPortsNightLife.com. Don’t miss the Monster Truck Summer Nationals and Thrill Show – rain or shine June 17th and 18th. …Presented by the South Saint Louis County Fair and the Proctor Speedway – don’t miss it!

Gates Open 5:00
Meet & Greet 6:00-7:00
Show Starts 7:30

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Jun 13 2016


By Jerry O’Brien 6-12-16 Proctor, MN
With threatening weather looming large in the area, track officials at the
Proctor Speedway hustled to complete the show. It was the final event of four
consecutive nights of Modified races dubbed “The race to the hill”. The four
division second annual King On The Hill program was completed before eight
The Advantage RV Modified Tour drew 28 Modifieds for the $1500 to win
show. Also on the card were the Midwest Modifieds as well as the Pure Stocks
and Hornets.
Qualifying heat races were zipped through quickly in all divisions. The four
Modified heats had familiar names at the front as Johnny Broking feature winner
the previous night at the Hibbing Raceway topped the first, Neil Balduc who ran
so well on Friday at AMSOIL Speedway captured the second, Andy Jones won the
third and local favorite Darrell Nelson was victorious in the fourth. No B Features
were run as Tour officials decided to start all 28 cars in the 40 lap main event.
The two dozen Midwest Modifieds on hand ran three heats won by Travis
Saurer, Mack Estey and Skeeter Estey. Michael Blevins and Andrew Hanson
topped the pair of Pure Stock heats and Paul George was the winner of the lone
Hornet heat.
The first division to take to the track was the WISSOTA Pure Stocks for their
15 lap feature. Andrew Hanson grabbed the lead at the green while Dustin Follett
moved quickly into second with Jon Hammitt and Dylan Shelton in the top five.
Mike Blevins lurked in sixth and soon made his presence felt as he quickly moved
into second by lap two and took over the point the third time around. On lap four
Annika Hammitt went off the top of turn one bringing out the caution. Blevins was
in charge on the restart but a lap later the caution flag appeared for Jon Hammitt in
turn one the victim of a car being pushed into him. The third in a cluster of yellow
flags flew when Annika Hammitt spun causing her second caution flag and
sending her to the pits. From there forward it was all Mike Blevins as he led the
remaining laps to record his fourth sweep of the season at the speedway. Follett
was second ahead of Blevins’ brother Matt Cuhna while Al Rapp was fourth and
Hanson rebounded to fifth.
Officials decided to run the 40 lap Modified feature in case the storms to the
west would hit the speedway. Kelly Estey took the lead from the pole with Johnny
Broking sliding into second. Jody Bellefeuille, Mike Stearns and Darrell Nelson
crowded in behind. Estey was able to star in front for a couple of laps before
Bellefeuille surged to the front and stayed there for many laps. Estey kept the
second spot for seven laps before Nelson made his way past into the spot.
Bellefeuille had the race under control as Nelson tried to track him down. Estey
and Johnny Broking did not let Estey forget they were there and Al Uotinen made
his presence felt as he was in fifth battling back and forth with Neil Balduc. The
event progressed without caution flags and, at the half way point, it was
Bellefeuille, Nelson, Estey, Balduc and Uotinen in the top five. Johnny Broking,
Ashley Anderson, Stearns, Jeremy Nelson and Deven VanHouse weere in the
second five. As the laps progressed, Nelson began cutting into Bellefeuille’s lead
and Balduc won the battle with Uotinen for fourth. Nelson was finally able to
make his move and cut by Bellefeuille into the lead. Once out front Nelson pulled
away from Bellefeuille and Estey while Balduc and Uotinen renewed their
skirmish for fourth. Nelson went on to a big lead, taking the feature, his first of the
season at the Proctor Speedway. Bellefeuille, Estey, Balduc and Uotinen finished
in the top five. Johnny Broking, Ashley Anderson, Stearns, Jeremy Nelson and
Mack Estey won the 15 lap Midwest Modified feature over his older brother
Skeeter. Mack took the lead from the pole and held off Deven VanHouse and
finally Skeeter for the win. The struggle behind Mack Estey included Josh
Heavirland, Travis Saurer, Dan Kingsley and David Simpson and was broken up
by four caution flags in the first seven circuits. The first came for a single car spin
for rookie Gunnar Peterson in turn four. The next yellow flag came was called on
Jeremy Lindquist and, on the restart, Jared Stricker and Matt Deragon tangled on
the front stretch. That one was hung on Craig Lofdahl. At the midpoint, Mack
Estey held the lead over Saurer, VanHouse, Skeeter Estey and Heaverland. Mike
Jacques spun on his own in turn one bringing out the caution flag. Officials
decided enough was enough and lined up the restart in single file just at the half
way point. The remaining laps clicked off with no more yellow flags with Mack
Estey leading VanHouse, Saurer, Skeeter Estey and Heavirland for a couple of
laps Skeeter Estey began to work his way forward getting by Heavirland, Saurer
and VanHouse in the final laps to finish second.
Paul George won the 10 lap WISSOTA Hornet feature breaking David
Beckwith’s streak of three consecutive sweeps. Beckwith finished second, Don
Popoe and Aaron Bernick were the final finishers. Hunter McDougall did not
Proctor Speedway Advantage RV Modified Tour Results (28 cars)
Feature (40 laps)
Darrell Nelson Hermantown, Jody Bellefeuille Duluth, Kelly Estey Kelly Lake;
Neil Balduc Bessemer; Al Uotinen Superior; Johnny Broking Grand Rapids;
Ashlay Anderson Elk Mound; Mike Stearns Hecla, ND; Jeremy Nelson Rogers,
MN; Deven VanHouse Silver Bay; Andy Jones Princeton; Mike Anderson Colfax;
Matt Leer Bruce; Bob Broking Grand Rapids; Paul Wrazidlo Duluth; Travis
Saurer Elizabeth, MN; Matt Gilbertson Montevideo; Jeff Wood Chisholm; Ken
Hron Nashwauk; Destin Lorimor Superior; Ryan Mikkelson Jamestown; E. J.
Heitala Cloquet; Alex Guthmiller Watertown; Scott Heikkinen Eveleth DNF: Jeff
Broking Grand Rapids; Rick Niemi Eveleth; Danny Vang Deerwood, MN DNS:
Kevin Eder Ashland
Heat 1: J. Broking; Bellefeuille; A. Anderson; Wrazidlo; Hron; J. Broking DNF:
Heat 2: Balduc; Stearns; J. Nelson; M. Anderson; Guthmiller DNF: Eder; Niemi
Heat 3: Jones; K. Estey; Leer; Saurer; Gilbertson; Lorimor; Heikkinen
Heat 4: D. Nelson; Uotinen; VanHouse; Wood; B. Broking; Mikkelson
WISSOTA Midwest Modified (24 cars)
Feature (15 laps)
Mack Estey Hibbing; Skeeter Estey Kelly Lake; Deven VanHouse Silver Bay;
Travis Saurer Elizabeth; David Simpson Thunder Bay; Don Scholler International
Falls; Josh Heavirland Cloquet; Dan Kingsley Superior; Donnie Lofdahl Duluth;
Wayne Stricker Highbridge; John Kallas Hurley; Dale Soumala Hermantown;
Ross Siiter Cloquet; Andrew Inman Hermantown; Norman Anderson, Jr. Duluth;
Cody Miller Side Lake, MN; Jeremy Lindquist Ashland; Craig Lofdahl Duluth;
Gunnar Peterson Drummond; Mike Jacques Thunder Bay DNF: Chad VanDuker
Meadowlands; Jared Stricker Highbridge; Matt Deragon Ashland; Kevin Eder
Heat 1: Saurer; VanHouse; Eder; Scholler; Soumala; C. Lofdahl; Siiter; Jacques
Heat 2: M. Estey; Kingsley; Stricker; D. Lofdahl; Inman; VanDuker; Lindquist;
Heat 3: S. Estey; Simpson; Heavirland; Kallas; N. Anderson; Deragon; J. Stricker;
WISSOTA Pure Stock (12 cars)
Feature (15 laps)
Mike Blevins Hibbing; Dustin Follett Cloquet; Matt Cuhna Hibbing; Al Rapp
Saginaw; Andrew Hanson Iron River; Joh Hammitt Cloquet; Andy Poll Two
Harbors; Carter Nelson Hermantown; Dylan Shelton Wrenshall; Casey hartshorn
Duluth DNF: Tyler Carlson Cloquet; Annika Hammitt Cloquet
Heat 1: Blevins; Rapp; Follett; Cuhna; A. Hammitt DNF: Hartshorn
Heat 2: Hanson; J. Hammitt; Shelton; Poll; C. Nelson; T. Carson
WISSOTA Hornets (5 cars)
Feature (10 laps)
Paul George Princeton; David Beckwith Duluth; Don Popoe Superior; Aaron
Bernick Duluth DNF: Hunter McDougall Duluth
Heat: George; Beckwith; Popoe; McDougall; Bernick

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May 23 2016


By Jerry O’Brien Proctor, MN 5-22-16
Once again clear sunny skies greeted fans atop Thompson Hill at the Proctor
Speedway for their third consecutive race program of the season. A total of 91 race
cars in the six WISSOTA sanctioned divisions were on hand thanks to an
intermission addition of a late arriving Aaron Lillo’s Late Model.
Qualifying heats were quickly dispensed with, and, after a brief intermission
for some track grooming, the six features commenced with 15 laps for the
Midwest Modifieds.
The first main event got off to a rough start as Mack Estey took a spin down the
front stretch ending up at the bottom of turn one. Estey was sent to the rear.
Another caution flag quickly ensued when Matt Deragon and several other cars
tangled in turn three resulting in a DNF for Deragon. The third time was the charm
as Tyler Kintner raced to the lead followed by Tyler Vernon, Dan Kingsley and
Kevin Eder. Kintner camped out in the lead for all fifteen circuits but numerous
caution flags kept the wolves close on his heels. For several laps as Kintner raced
at the point, Vernon, Eder, Kingsley Josh Heavirland, Skeeter Estey and Duane
Dunbar squabbled amongst themselves for position. That squabble came to a head
when Vernon spun out in turn four bringing out caution number three. Vernon
dropped from competition at this point with four laps complete. The restart failed
as several cars tangled in turn one with the incident hung on Don Craig. Kintner
held onto the lead with Edner now in second ahead of Kingsley Skeeter Estey and
Heavirland. Dunbar, Donnie Lofdahl and Deven VanHouse joined in the fun but
another caution flag for the stalled car of Brady Jokinen in turn two. The restart
came at the half way point with Kintner firmly in control trailed by Eder,
Kingsley, Skeeter Estey and Dunbar in the front five. Heavirland, VanHouse,
Mack Estey and Craig Lofdahl trailed. Nothing changed amongst the top five for a
couple of laps until Donnie Lofdahl spun down in the first turn with damage in the
rear suspension. The restart came with four laps to go and was single file aas this
was the fifth caution period. Kintner continued on point over Eder, Skeeter Estey
and Dunbar. The caution flags were not finished flying as Brady Jokinen stalled in
turn four and was sent to the pits for causing two cautions. As the yellow flag had
replaced the white, it would be a two lap shootout for the win. Kintner was equal
to the task and recorded the win in his first visit to the track of the season. Eder,
Skeeter Estey, Kingsley and VanHouse weere the front five finishers. The fastes
lap of the race was turned on the third lap by Kintner at 19.109 seconds at an
average of 70.6 mph.
Next up were the WISSOTA Super Stocks with 14 cars slated to start the 20 lap
main event. Brian Carl started on the pole and held the lead for the first three laps
holding off several cars until sixth starting Kevin Burdick worked his way forward
and took over at the head of the pack. Burdick then proceeded to hold off all
comers the rest of the way for the win. Carl hung on to second for nine laps as
Willie Johnsen, Jr, Ronnie Malecki, Keith Koski, Scott Lawrence, Pat Heikkinen,
Andy LaBarge, Tristan LaBarge and Jeff Klopstein all battled for position. While
all this was going on, Burdick drove off to nearly a half lap lead only to have the
distance he had built up com crashing down as Johnsen, Jr spun in turn turn four
trying to pass Carl for second. The restart came with thirteen to go and proved to
be the only caution of the event. At this point Burdick had defending track
champion Lawrence on his bumper and Heikkinen had annexed third ahead of
Carl and Andy LaBarge in the top five. Burdick was able to hold off Lawrence,
Heikkinen and Andy LaBarge for the win but Jeff Klopstein grabbed fifth passing
LaBarge on the final lap. Burdick also turned the fastest lap at 19.443 seconds at
an average of 69.4 MPH.
The WISSOTA Modifieds rolled onto the track next for a 20 lap feature with
13 cars set to go. Neil Balduc raced into the lead from the outside the front row
with last week’s winner Bob Broking dogging his heels. Paul Wrazidlo, Jody
Bellefeuille and Johnny Broking in the mix. That group was joined by Darrell
Nelson, Kevin Eder and Mitch Cannata. The caution flag appeared when debris
was spotted on the track in the form of a coil spring from one of the competitor’s
car. The restart saw Balduc still in charge over Bob Broking, Bellefeuille, Johnny
Broking and Eder. The second caution flag flew when Johnny Broking’s mount
failed with seven laps in the books. Balduc was in control until the half way point
when a determined Eder grabbed the lead only to have the caution flag thrown
when Danny Vang and E. J. Heitala tangled in turn four. Going back to the last
completed lap put Balduc back in the lead with eleven laps to go. Balduc was
hounded by Bob Broking for the next three laps and Broking was able to make the
pass. Broking led the next couple of laps looking for his second straight feature
win, but, on the white flag Balduc was able to sweep around the outside and take
the win. Bob Broking, Eder, Darrell Nelson and Bellefeuille finished in the top
five. Broking ran the fastest lap of the race on lap three while chasing Balduc at
71.1 mph in 18.989 seconds.
The 25 lap Late Model feature saw Jeff Provinzino spin and tangle with Tim
McMann and Riley Matthews in turn two. Provinzino was sent to the rear and the
restart saw pole sitter Scott Herrick take the lead with Terry Lillo, Todd gehl, Kyle
Peterlin and McMann. Gehl spent a lap in second before Lillo took the spot back.
Darrell Nelson raced into third with Jeff Massingill fourth and Gehl and McMann
dueling for fifth. Nelson got past Herrick for the lead with Massingill Lillo,
McMann and Aaron Lillo ran in the top five. With no caution flags slowing the
action the half way point was reached. Little changed in the top five with the order
remaining Nelson, Massingill, Herrick and Terry Lillo, with a smoking Peterlin
supplanting McMann in fifth. Nelson took the win over Massingill, T. Lillo,
Peterlin in fourth and Herrick hanging on for fifth. Nelson recorded the sweep and
the fast time on lap ten with a circuit at 18.623 and 72.5 mph.
The WISSOTA Pure Stock fifteen lap feature quickly got down to a battle
between brothers Mike Blevins and Matt Cunha. Cunha took the lead at the outset
from the outside of the front row over Andrew Hanson, Dustin Follett, Devin
Reynolds and Mike Blevins in the top five. Blevins quickly worked his way to
third behind Follett, then took second and set out to chase down his brother. The
two put on a classic duel with Cunha who held him off past the half way point as
no caution flags slowed the action. Follett, Hanson and Reynolds held sway in that
order behind the brother battle which raged eight laps before Blevins got past
Cunha. The first of two caution flags flew with three laps remaining when Tyler
Carlson stopped in turn four. The order stood at Blevins, Cunha, Follett, Reynolds,
Hanson, Al Rapp and Tim Carlson. The restart saw an immediate caution flag as
the car of Andy Poll stopped at the exit of turn two setting up a
green/white/checkered finish. Blevins held on over Cunha, Follett, Rapp and
Hanson. It was the third sweep in a row for Blevins at the speedway this season.
Racing for the night finished with a ten lap feature for the WISSOTA Hornets.
David Beckwith was on track to emulate Mike Blevins aas he was going for his
third sweep in a row also. He had half of what he needed with the heat win but had
to win the feature to complete the sweep. Beckwith started the main event third
inside the second row but pole sitter Kyle House grabbed the early lead and battled
with Derek Ament. The two traded the lead before Beckwith could track them
down. He tried his best, getting past Ament but was unable to make the winning
pass leaving House to break the string with the win. Newcomer Paul George
finished third and Richard Loucks rounded out the top five.
Results Proctor Speedway 5-22-16
WISSOTA Late Model (13 cars)
Feature (25 laps) Darrell Nelson Hermantown; Jeff Massingill Keewatin; Terry
Lillo Duluth; Kyle Peterlin Hibbing; Scott Herrick Proctor; Tim McMann Duluth;
Asron Lillo Proctor; Riley Matthews Murillo, ON; Todd Gehl Solon Springs; John
Toppozini Thunder Bay; Robbie Cooper South Range DNF: Jeff Provinzino
Hibbing DNS: Tim Lillo Superior
Heat 1: Nelson; Gehl; Herrick; Peterlin; Matthews; Toppozini
Heat 2: T. Lillo; Massingill; Provinzino; McMann; Cooper; Tim Lillo
WISSOTA Modified (13 cars)
Feature (20 laps) Neil Balduc Bessemer; Bob Broking Grand Rapids; Kevin Eder
Ashland; Darrell Nelson Hermantown; Jody Bellefeuille Duluth; Paul Wrazidlo
Duluth; Danny Vang Ironton; Mitch Cannata Hibbing; Deven VanHouse Silver
Bay; E. J. Heitala Cloquet; Scott Heikkinen Eveleth DNF: Johnny Broking Grand
Rapids; Jeff davis Devlin, ON
Heat 1: Bellefeuille; Cannata; Wrazidlo; Vang; Davis Heikkinen
Heat 2: J. Broking; Balduc; Eder; Nelson; VanHouse; Heitala
WISSOTA Super Stock (14 cars)
Feature (20 laps) Kevin Burdick Proctor; Scott Lawrence Superior; Pat Heikkinen
Eveleth; Andy LaBarge Keewatin; Jeff Klopstein, Jr Tomahawk; Tristan LaBarge
Kelly Lake; Ronnie Malecki Superior; Willie Johnsen, Jr. Superior; Brian Carl
Duluth; Keith Koski Hibbing; Kevin Salin Iron; D. J. Keeler Superior; Adam
Shinn Duluth DNF: Keith Corcilius
Heat 1: heikkinen; A. LaBarge; Lawrence; Carl; T. LaBarge; Keeler; Shinn
Heat 2: Johnsen Jr; Burdick; Malecki; Salin; Klopstein, Jr; Corcilius
WISSOTA Midwest Modified (26 cars)
Feature (15 laps) Tyler Kintner Hibbing; Kevin Eder Ashland; Skeeter Estey kelly
Lake; Dan Kingsley Superior; Deven VanHouse Silver Bay; Mack Estey Hibbing;
Duane Dunbar Marenisco; Josh Heavirland Cloquet; Craig Lofdahl Duluth; Dan
Doran Hermantown; Jeremy Lindquist Ashland; John Kallas Hurley; Alex O’Dell
Chisholm; David Kivi Thunder Bay; Don Craig Thunder Bay; Junior Anderson
Duluth; Darren Zorich DNF: Brady Jokinen; Ross Siiter Duluth; Donnie Lofdahl
Duluth; Tyler Vernon Ashland; Cody Miller Side Lake; Matt Deragon Ashland
DNS: Chad VanDuker Meadowlands; David Simpson Thunder Bay; Kevin
Montieth Thunder Bay
Heat 1: Heavirland; Eder; Dunbar; D. Lofdahl; Mikker; Jokinen; Craig; Lindquist
DNF: Kallas
Heat 2: Kingsley; M. Estey; Kintner; C. Lofdahl; Deragon; Siiter DNF: Zorich;
Simpson; Montieth
Heat 3: Vernon; S. Estey; VanHouse; Doran; Kivi; Anderson; Miller DNF:
WISSOTA Pure Stock (15 cars)
Feature (15 laps) Mike Blevins Hibbing; Matt Cunha Hibbing; Dustin Follett
Cloquet; Al Rapp Saginaw; Devin Reynolds Cloquet; Tim Carlson Superior; Jon
Hammitt Cloquet; Annika Hammitt Cloquet; Jason Simonson Superior; Carter
Nelson Hermantown; Casey Hartshorn Duluth; Andy Poll Two Harbors DNF:
Dylan Shelton Wrenshall; Tyler Carlson Cloquet
Heat 1: blevins; Follett; Reynolds; T. Carlson; Shelton; A. Hammitt; Poll;
Heat 2: Cunha; Hanson; J. Hammitt; Hartshorn; Nelson DNF: Ty. Carlson; Rapp
WISSOTA Hornets (10 cars)
Feature (10 laps) Kyle House Cloquet; David Beckwith Duluth; Derek Ament
Barnum; Paul George; Richard Loucks Carlton; Kaleb Dallmann Brookston;
Aaron Bernick Duluth DNF: Joe Martin Wilmar DNS: Don Popoe Superior
Heat: Beckwith; D. Ament; George; Martin; House; W. Arment; Dallmann;
Bernick; Loucks DNF: Popoe

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